YouTube Channel Names

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YouTube Channel Names

Finding the perfect name for a YouTube channel has been a real head-scratcher for many YouTubers out there. 

I know YouTubers who waited weeks or months before they started creating content, all because they couldn’t decide on a name for their channel. 

We don’t want that to happen to you. So let’s break down our recommendations and processes to help you choose the perfect YouTube channel name.

How to Brainstorm the Perfect Name for your YouTube Channel

A good channel name needs to be memorable, descriptive, and available across all platforms. But sometimes, you just need a name that sounds cool. Think Coffeezilla, Potato Jet, or even MrBeast. 

It’s all about what resonates with you and your audience. To get to this holy grail of the perfect YouTube name you will need to go through a few tested steps. Here they are.

Step 1: Define Your Niche and Content Focus

Before you can even choose a name, you need to be crystal clear on what your channel is going to be about. Sit down and write out the details:

  • What topics and categories will you cover?
  • Who is your target audience? 
  • What are you helping viewers with or providing them?
  • What makes your content unique?

Really think through your niche, content focus, and the problems you’ll solve for your audience. This will give you direction when it comes to selecting a targeted name. 

Think about adding words that clarify your content or make you stand out. For example, if you’re into filmmaking, you might need to add a word or two to make your channel unique.

Step 2: Brainstorm Keyword Options

Now comes the fun part; brainstorming. Grab a pen and paper and start listing out any word or phrase related to your niche, content focus, or brand. 

Don’t filter yourself here just write down ANY keyword that comes to mind. The goal is to get as many options down on paper as possible. You can refine things later.

If the niche is crowded, add extra words to make the name more unique. For example, ‘Filmmaker’ is already a popular channel name, so you could try ‘Indie Filmmaker Coach’ or ‘Animation Filmmaker Secrets.’

To generate more ideas, use these brainstorming tips:

  • Include your niche or category like ‘Gaming’, ‘Cooking’, ‘Vlogs’ etc. 
  • Try words related to your content style: ‘Comedy’, ‘Challenges’, ‘Reviews’, ‘Reactions’
  • Add words that describe the viewer benefit/outcome like ‘Success’, ‘Confidence’
  • Consider putting your own name or initials like ‘BeastBrothers’, ‘PDPGames’
  • Use channel theme words like ‘Skits’, ‘Beauty’, ‘Finance’ 
  • Check a thesaurus for synonyms of your main keywords

Personal Name or Brand: What’s Your Flavor?

At this point, you’ve also got to decide whether you want to use your name or create a brand name for your channel. 

Think about the topic of your channel. Is it something really personal to you? Maybe you want your name attached to it. Or perhaps you’d rather have a different name for the channel. It’s all about what feels right for you.

Whatever you choose, aim to come up with at least 20-30 keyword options to start. The more the better at this stage.

YouTube Name Generator

You can also use a YouTube channel name generator tool to help with creating name ideas. 

These generators will ask you questions about your channel topic and preferences, then provide name suggestions based on your inputs. 

The generated names can provide fresh inspiration to add to your own brainstormed list.

A YouTuber filming in her kitchen. YouTube channel name unknown

Step 3: Perform Initial Keyword Research 

Now you need to narrow down your list to the most viable options. 

Plug your potential names into YouTube search to see what comes up. If there are already big channels with that name, it’s best to cross it off. You want something unique that you can own.

I’d also search on other platforms like:

  • Google 
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook 
  • TikTok

Look for personal brands or businesses using the same name. The goal is to find something not already saturated across channels. 

At the end of this research step, you should have a shorter list of 5-10 contender names.

Step 4: Check Domain Name & Social Media Availability

This is a crucial step where you’ll be checking that your potential channel name is available as a website domain and as social media handles.

Go to a domain registration sites and search for the `.com` version of each name. See if it’s available for purchase. 

My personal go-to source is Namecheap. They have a reliable service with domains at very reasonable prices.

Even if you don’t plan on launching a website right away, you should register your preferred domain name. Having the .com version of your channel name establishes you as the owner of the brand. It prevents others from taking the domain first.

Owning the dot com domain also allows you to set up a website in the future. As your channel grows, you may want an official site for your brand. Starting with the .com domain ensures you’ll have the ideal URL when that time comes.

If the .com is taken, try other top-level domain extensions like .net or country-specific TLDs like The key is finding an available domain that matches your preferred brand name.

Also check social media sites directly to see if the username is taken. 

You want your channel name to match your domain and social handles. This makes it easier for fans to find and follow you everywhere. If the name is taken, it may be time to go back to the brainstorming phase.

Consistency is also crucial. Having the same name across all platforms makes it easier for fans to find you. So check availability on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook to secure matching usernames.

A service like Domainr can help search domains and social media in one place. Just input your name options and it will check availability across sites. This saves you time instead of having to search individually.

Locking down official branding with a domain and social media accounts establishes you as a serious channel and the owner of your name. It’s an important step before kicking off content creation and promotion.

Step 5: Search The Names on Google 

At this point, you should have a shortlist of 3-5 names that are viable options. 

Next, run each one through a Google search. Scan through the top results and see what comes up. Are they related to another brand or business? Is there anything weird or controversial associated with the name? 

This sniff test can help you rule out any names that seem questionable. You want something clean that you can make your own without confusion.

Step 6: Check Length & Spelling (and Guidelines)

As you get close to deciding, take a hard look at the length and spelling of each name:

Shorter names are better, so aim for 1 to 3 words and under 25 characters in total. 

Try to stay away from confusing spellings or abbreviations, and make sure the channel name is easy to say and spell out loud

YouTube also has trouble with special characters and numbers in names. Stick to simple letters and words. 

Read your contender names out loud a few times. Envision fans searching and typing it often. Go with the option that rolls off the tongue and is simplest to spell.

Oh, and one more thing. Make sure your name doesn’t go against YouTube’s community guidelines. Stay away from swear words and confusing numbers. 

Step 7: Get Opinions & Feedback

Once you’ve narrowed it down to 1 or 2 finalists, ask friends and family members what they think of the names. 

See if the YouTube channel name makes sense to them based on your niche and content. Ask if they find it memorable and catchy. You can even do online polls on social media to gather feedback.

At this point if your shortlist of names have passed all the checks then you can go with your gut to decide which option feels right as your new channel name.

Secure Channels and Launch

Now that you have a name you’re happy with, go ahead and lock down your new name on YouTube.

Create your YouTube channel.

I would also recommend you purchase the matching domain name if available, and claim your social media handles on relevant platforms. 

Spend some time creating a logo and other branding materials for your channel, and upload these on your youTube channel. 

Once all your accounts are set up, it’s time to start cranking out content. Don’t worry about a small subscriber count in the beginning. Focus on providing value and being consistent.

Make sure to stick with your new channel name as you grow. Changing it too often can hurt your brand. 

So there you have it. Choosing a name for your YouTube channel doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way to creating YouTube content in no time. 

YouTube Channel Names for Various Niches

If you’re still stuck and need some help on finding a cool YouTube name for your niches, we have created some name ideas to help you get started with the brainstorming part.

Check out our compilation of YouTube Name Ideas by Niche

Real-Life Examples of Good YouTube Channel Names

Here are some real-life examples of YouTube channel names that stand out for their creativity, relevance, and memorability. Let’s explore why each of these YouTube channel names is effective in our opinion.

PewDiePie: One of the most famous YouTubers, PewDiePie’s name is unique and memorable. The name combines ‘Pew’ (a sound of a laser gun) with ‘Die’ and ‘Pie,’ reflecting his fun and quirky personality. It’s a name that resonates with his gaming and entertainment content.

Tasty: A channel dedicated to food and cooking, the name ‘Tasty’ is simple and directly related to the content. It evokes a sensory experience and makes it clear what viewers can expect.

Vsauce: This educational channel uses a name that piques curiosity. ‘Vsauce’ doesn’t directly relate to any specific word, but it’s catchy and unique. It reflects the channel’s approach to exploring various scientific and philosophical questions.

Unbox Therapy: A channel focused on unboxing and reviewing products, the name ‘Unbox Therapy’ cleverly combines the act of unboxing with the idea of therapy or relaxation. It’s a fun twist that aligns with the channel’s content and approach.

Yoga With Adriene: This channel name is straightforward and tells viewers exactly what to expect. By including her name, Adriene adds a personal touch, making the channel feel more inviting and friendly for those looking to practice yoga.

Good Mythical Morning: Hosted by Rhett & Link, this channel’s name combines the idea of myths and legends with a morning show format. It’s a creative and engaging name that reflects the channel’s blend of humor, entertainment, and exploration of various topics.

CinemaSins: Focusing on movie critiques and humor, ‘CinemaSins’ is a play on words that combines ‘Cinema’ with ‘Sins.’ It’s a clever way to convey the channel’s approach to pointing out flaws or ‘sins’ in popular films.

Simply Nailogical: A channel dedicated to nail art and beauty, the name ‘Simply Nailogical’ is a playful combination of ‘Nail’ and ‘Logical.’ It’s a fun and creative name that aligns with the channel’s artistic and whimsical content.

The Slow Mo Guys: Specializing in slow-motion videos, this channel’s name is clear and descriptive. ‘The Slow Mo Guys’ tells viewers exactly what to expect, and the casual tone fits the channel’s entertaining and experimental style.

Binging with Babish: A cooking channel that recreates dishes from movies and TV shows, the name ‘Binging with Babish’ combines the idea of binge-watching with the host’s nickname, Babish. It’s a unique and engaging name that connects with the channel’s theme.

These examples show us how a well-chosen name can reflect a channel’s content, personality, and target audience. Whether it’s a playful twist on words, a clear description of the content, or a unique and memorable name, these channels have successfully used their names to build a strong brand identity.