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To understand brand names, we first need to define what is a brand.

A brand can be a name, a design, a symbol, or a logo that clearly distinguishes a product, a company or an organization from its competitors, in the eyes of the customer.

Brands are used in business, marketing, and advertising. Name brands are sometimes distinguished from generic or store brands.

Here’s what you can expect to see in this Brands Section of the website:

Guides for Creating a Brand

There are many different ways to create and manage a brand. Some companies hire branding agencies to develop and manage their brands for them. Other companies choose to do it themselves.

The most important thing for any company is to create a strong, positive brand that customers can trust and feel good about.

In this section of the site we create branding guides and knowledge articles for brands in different sectors, to help you get your brand off the ground and known to the world. Or at least your target audience!

Whether you’re a startup taking your first steps in the branding world or an established business looking to rejuvenate your image, our comprehensive guides will help you approach your branding project in the right way.

You will understand the nuances that set great brands apart, and discover actionable strategies tailored for various industries. With insights inspired by industry leaders and branding experts, our content aims to shed light on mistakes to avoid and best practices to follow in your brand creation process.

As part of our naming and branding passion we thought it would be fun to create articles listing and describing some of the most well-known, and less so, brands of the world, in each sector or industry.

So we will be including articles below that explore the most popular industry brands out there, as voted for by consumers themselves, and categorized by the different sectors they represent.

This list keeps getting updated on a regular basis, so make sure to come back for the latest lists of Brands of the World.

What is Brand Value?

A strong brand is important for a company because it can help attract customers, build loyalty, motivate staff, and ultimately make money.

Branding involves a lot of investment in design, launch, and promotion, and it’s important for companies to track the performance of their brand to make sure they are getting a good return on that investment.

This can be difficult because marketing and finance teams often don’t speak the same language, and marketing efforts may not be held to the same financial standards as other parts of the business.

By valuing brands and understanding their financial worth, companies can make better decisions about how to use their branding resources, whether to sell or license their brand, and how to structure their brand portfolio.

Research has also shown that strong brands are often associated with better stock market performance, with highly-branded companies tending to outperform the overall market. By managing their intangible assets, including their brand, companies can tap into the hidden value within their business.

Brand Valuation Rankings

Welcome to our brand research section, where we strive to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the top brands in various industries. Our team of experts carefully analyzes financial data, consumer surveys, and industry trends to compile lists of the top ten most valued brands in each category.

From technology to fashion to automotive, we have all your brand research needs covered. So if you’re looking to make informed purchasing decisions or simply want to stay on top of the latest brand news, be sure to check out our brand research pages.


I am a branding and naming consultant with 16 years of experience. I believe in building a strong brand name that identifies your visions and that of your business. A brand identity motivates you and your team to achieve success.