Lash Business Name Ideas

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Choosing the perfect name for your lash business can often feel like an overwhelming task. After all, it should be something that stands out, yet also accurately reflects what you offer!

Luckily, with a bit of creativity and brainstorming, you can come up with some good lash business name ideas for your new venture.  

To help get your creative juices flowing take a look at the following lists of lash business name ideas.

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Lash Business Name Ideas

Whether you’re looking for something cute, clever, or catchy, we’ve got you covered with our list of over 350 lash business name ideas. 

Creative Lash Business Names

1. Flutter & Fetter

2. On Fleek Lashes

3. Lash Out Loud

4. Fabulous Fringes 

5. Glam Glue 

6. Curl Up and Dye 

7. Lash It Out 

8. Pretty Peepers 

9. Lash Lush 

10. Get A Lash 

11. Lash Haven 

12. Lashtastic 

13. Flutter Frenzy 

14. Wink N’ Blink 

15. Eye Candy Lashes 

16. Lashing You On 

17. Snap Happy Lashes 

18. Glimmer and Glow Eyelash Bar 

19. Lash & Go 

20. Flutter By Me 

21. Lash’d Up Beauty 

22. The Lash Exchange 

23. Lashed Out Beauties 

24. Fantastic Fringery 

25. Lash N’ Shine Beauty Boutique 

26. Eye-Popping Lashes 

27. Lash Bash 

28. Starlight Lashes 

29. Glitter & Glam Eyelash Bar 

30. Lash Love 

31. Glam Flashes 

32. Eye-Conic Beauty Boutique 

32. Prime Peeper Lash Lounge  

33. Lush Lashes By Design 

34. Fablashes 

35. Lash Queen 

36. Flirt & Fringe Beauty Bar 

37. Lash Up!  

38. Winktastic Lashes 

39. lashLIFT 

40. Glitterati Lashes  

41  Lash Artistry Beauty Bar  

42. Lash Lab 

43. Lash Loft 

44. Flutter Babe Lashes 

45. Lashology Beauty Bar  

46. The Fringe Factor 

47. Lashtastique Beauty Boutique 

48. Lash Me Up 

49. Superficial Lashes & Beauty Lounge  

50. The Lash Line 

51. Lashology Salon 

52. Lash Fanatic Beauty Boutique  

53. Glamour Lashes 

54. Lash Room  

55. Get the Look Beauty Boutique 

56.Lash Lift & Go 

57. Feather My Fringe 

58. Lashez Bar  

59. Lash Boutique 

60. Glitz & Glam Eyelash Bar  

61. Wink Worx 

62. Lashes & Co. Beauty Salon 

63. Flutterista Lash Lounge  

64. Eye Candy Lush Beauty Boutique 

65. Blink & Go Lashes 

66. Sweet Peepers Beauty Bar 

67. Eye Do Lashes 

68. Lash Bash Boutique  

69. Lash Studio 888  

70. Glamderella Eyelash Bar 

71. Flutter & Wink Beauty Spa 

72. Lash Out Beauty Boutique  

73. Pretty Eyes by Design 

74. Fierce & Fabulous Lashes 

75. Lash Escapades Beauty Lounge  

76. Brow and Lash Boutique 

77. Eye Love Lashes 

78. Full Fringe Beauty Bar 

79. The Wink Stop  

80. Glitterati Eyelash Boutique   

81. Lashology Spa & Beauty Bar  

82. Lash Love & Beyond 

83. Lashes by Design 

84. Lash Unlimited 

85. Lash Galore 

86. The Glam Squad Eyelash Salon   

87. Flutter Lash & Brow Studio  

88. Feathered Fling Spa & Beauty Lounge 

89. Lashology & Beauty Bar  

90. Peepers Glamour Lounge 

91. Wink and Blush Beauty Boutique 

92. LashDazzle Lashes 

93. Lashology 101  

94. Flirtatious Fringe Bar 

95. Lash Faves Beauty Boutique   

96. Lash Blush Beauty Studio 

97. Lashtopia 

98. Glam Alley Eyelash Boutique 

99. Lash & Co. Salon   

100. Blink & Wink Beauty Bar 

101. Lash Out of Sight  

102. Lashed Up Beauty Lounge 

103. Peepers Heaven eyelash salon    

104. Lash Obsession Beauty Lounge   

105. EyeDesigns Lash Bar 

106. Lash Haven Spa & Salon  

107. Fringin’ Fierce Beauty Boutique 

108. Wink Worthy Lashes 

109. Luxe Lashes by Design   

110. Lash Loft & Co.  

111. Wink & Shine Beauty Lounge 

112. Lash Bling Boutique  

113. Flutter Perfection Eyelash Bar 

114. Lashtasia Beauty Salon   

115. Lash Love Affair  

116. The Faux Fringe Salon 

117. Luscious Lashes by Design  

118. Lash Divas  

119. Lash Chateau 

120. Pretty Peepers Beauty Bar   

121. Lashed Out & Loving It 

122. Lash Lab Beauty Boutique  

123. The Flutter Shop Eyelash Boutique  

124. Wink’d Beauty Bar 

125. EyeLashExpress 

126. Lash Flair Beauty Bar  

127. Lashtronomy Eyelash Boutique    

128. Lash Obsession Spa & Salon  

129. Fringe Factor Beauty Lounge   

130. Lash Out Loud & Proud 

131. Glamour Galore Eyelash Boutique  

132. Lash Luxury Beauty Salon   

133. Wink Addict Beauty Boutique  

134. Lash Oasis Spa & Lounge 

135. Lashify Me Beauty Bar  

136. EyeDesigns Eyelash Boutique 

137. Lashtastic Beauties 

138. Glitterati Glamour Lashes 

Lash Business Name Ideas in French

1. Lash Magnifique 

2. Les Cils Brillants 

3. La Baie des Cils 

4. Fantaisies de Franges 

5. Les Bien-aimés Cils 

6. Bel Angles des Cils 

7. Frange du Roi  

8. Cils de Luxe 

9. Le Salon des Cils 

10. La Belle et les Bêtes Franges 

11. Ombres aux Cils 

12. Maison de Beauté des Cils 

13. Scintillement des Lames 

14. Lash Villain 

15. Les Cils Étonnants 

16. Lâches et Chics 

17. La Belle Frange 

18. Le Monde des Cils 

19. La Maison des Cils 

20. Oeil Magique  

21. Être Fabuleux Cils 

22. Les Petites Franges 

23. Loving Lashes 

24. La Boutique de Cils  

25. Style Faux-Eyelash 

26. Éclairage des Cils 

27. Oiseau du Paradis Cils 

28. Beauty Lash Factory   

29. Clignotements Furieux 

30. Glamour Winks   

31. Lash Artisanal  

32. Le Studio de Cils 

33. Bienvenue à Frangeville 

34. La Couronne des Cils 

35. Les Yeux Éblouissants Boutique  

36. Les Belles et les Bêtes Franges 

37. La Mode des Cils  

38. Clignotement de Beauté 

39. Oeil Magique Boutique 

40. Le Palais des Cils 

41. Bel Angles des Lames 

42. Voler des Cils 

43. Les Bords des Lames  

44. Lâches et Raffinées Boutique 

45. Belle Frange Magasin   

46. La Maison de Beauté des Faux-Cils 

47. Clignotements Extravagants 

48. Lâches et Chics Salon 

49. Mon Oeil Magique  

50. Les Cils de la Reine Boutique 

Lash and Brow Business names

1. The Lash & Brow Lounge 

2. Lash & Brow Galore  

3. Glamourous Lashes & Brows 

4. Lash and Brow Express   

5. Eye Candy Beauty Bar 

6. Lashology & Brows 

7. Flutter ‘n’ Finesse  

 Beauty Bar 

8. Lash Love & Brow Wow  

9. The Groomed Brows Boutique 

10. Browtastic Beauty Lounge 

11. Wink ‘n’ Nod Beauty Boutique   

12. Beauty with a View Eyelash & Brow Salon  

13. Eyebrow Heaven Salon 

14. Lash & Brow Haven  

15. Wink and Wave Beauty Studio 

16. Eyebrow Expressions Boutique   

17. Lash Out Loud & Brow Bold 

18. Brows ‘n’ Glamour Lounge  

19. Eye Design Beauty Bar & Salon 

20. The Groom Room Lash & Brow Boutique 

21. Eye Love Lashes & Brows  

22. Glamorous Lashes & Brows Salon 

23. Lashology & Eyebrow Haven  

24. Lashtastic Beauty Lounge 

25. Wink ‘n’ Pout Beauty Bar 

26. Perfectly Prepped Brows  

27. Elegant Eye Lash & Brow Studio 

28. Frolic & Flutter Beauty Salon  

29. Glamorous Lashes & Arch Magic Boutique  

30. Fringe Factor Beauty Bar 

31. Lash Squad & Brows ‘n’ Go   

32. Winkology Eyelash & Brow Boutique 

33. Beauty Wow Lash & Brow Boutique  

34. The Eye Spa Lash & Brow Boutique 

35. Lashella Beauty Salon   

36. Brows & Beyond Eyelash & Brow Studio  

37. Perfectly Polished Lashes & Brows   

38. Eye Lust Beauty Bar   

39. Lashvana & Browsnana Beauty Lounge 

40. Lashtastic & Browtastic Beauty Bar  

41. Eye Love Lashes & Arch Obsession Salon 

42. Glamour Pouting Boutique   

43. Lash Flair & Brow Fair Boutique 

44. The Groom Shop Lash & Brow Boutique 

45. Lash Luxury Beauty Studio  

46. Wink ‘n’ Lash Boutique 

47. Arch Me Pretty Eyelash & Brow Salon 

48. Eye Enchantment Beauty Bar   

49. Flutter & Frame Beauty Lounge  

50. Fringe Factor Lash & Brow Boutique  

Lash Tech Business Names

1. Lash Artist 

2. Lashing Divas  

3. EyeCandy Lash Bar 

4. Lashology Boutique 

5. Lash Lounge Pro 

6. Pretty in Lashes  

7. Fluttery Fringes 

8. LuxeLash Studio   

9. Lady Lashes  

10. Lash Affair 

11. Luscious Lashes Pro   

12. Pretty Lash Designers 

13. Winked Out Beauty Bar  

14. Lash Boss Diva 

15. Deluxe EyeLash Extensions 

16. Amazing Eye Lashes 

17. Fabulous Lashers Boutique 

18. Lash Me Beautiful Boutique 

19. The Lash Haven  

20. Lashtastic & Beauteous Boutique 

21. Eye Beauty Pro   

22. Flirtatious Lashes Studio 

23. Lash Goddesses Salon   

24. GlamLash Extensions  

25. Dollhouse Lash Bar 

26. Lashtastic Eyelash Extensions 

27. Eye Winks Boutique   

28. Sweetest Lashes Pro  

29. Pretty in Faux-Eyelash 

30. LaLash Beauty Bar  

31. Fluttery Fringes Boutique  

32. Glam Lash Divas 

33. Lashed by Love Beauty Bar   

34. Lash Haven Pro  

35. EyeLash Palace Boutique 

36. Lash Obsession Boutique  

37. Luxe Lash Extension Studio 

38. Wink It Good Lash & Brow Boutique 

39. The Lash Queen 

40. La Lash Divas 

41. Lashtastic & BeautyCrazy Boutique  

42. EyeDelights Lash Studio 

43. Lashing Out Loud Beauty Lounge  

44. Lash & Brow Elite 

45. Glamorous Lashers Studio   

46. Glitzy Lashes & Brows 

47. Lash it Like a Diva 

48. Winked Out Pro  

49. Fluttered Lashes & Arch Perfection Boutique   

50. Lash Haven Beauty Lounge 

51. Indulgence Lash & Brow Bar  

52. Flirtatious Eyelash Extensions  

53. La Beaute des Cils Boutique  

54. Bronzed Lashes Pro 

55. Lashtopia & Browtopia Boutique 

56. Eye-Lashious Beauty Bar   

57. Diva Doll Lashes    

58. Eyelash Addiction Studio 

59. Glamourous Lash Extensions 

60. Eye-Licious Lash & Brow Boutique   

61. Lashtastic Beauty Lounge 

62. Get Lashed Up!  

63. The Lash Fairy   

64. GlamLash Extensions Studio  

65. Lash Elegance Beauty Bar 

66. Winks & Blinks Eyelash Extension Boutique  

67. Dazzling Eyelash Extensions   

68. Lashtasia Beauty Bar  

69. Lashed Up Luxury 

70. Lash & Brow Goddesses 

71. Deluxe Lashfinity Boutique  

72. GlamLash Divas  

73. Lashology Pro   

74. La’Tress Lashes & Brows 

75. Pretty & Polished Lash Boutique   

76. Eye Envy Lash Lounge  

77. Lashestica Beauty Bar 

78. Lushous Lashes Pro    

79. Eyelash Extravaganza Salon   

80. The Fluttery Faire Lash Boutique 

81. Lash Divas Boutique   

82. Eye Artistry Pro 

83. Lashology Beauty Lounge  

84. Eyelash Emporium Studio 

85. La Doll Lash Bar  

86. Lashed Up Boutique  

87. Pretty In Faux-Eyelashes Boutique 

88. Deliciously Lush Lashes 

89. Lashtastic & Beautique Boutique  

90. Eye-Luscious Lash Lounge   

91. Brows & Beyond Beauty Bar   

92. Lash Me Beautiful Studio 

93. Eyelash Extravaganza Pro  

94. Lashella Lash & Brow Salon  

95. Dollhouse Lash Bar & Beauty Lounge  

96. La Lash Boutique 

97. Eye Amore Lash & Brow Boutique  

98. Lashtastic Eyelash Extensions Studio   

99. Flirtatious Fringes Pro    

100. Glam Lashes & Brows Salon  

Name Ideas for Lash Studio or Lash Salon

1. Lashology Boutique 

2. Lashing Divas Studio  

3. EyeCandy Lash Bar & Beauty Boutique 

4. Winked Out Beauty Bar  

5. Pretty in Lashes Salon   

6. Fluttery Fringes Lash Lounge 

7. LuxeLash Studio   

8. Lady Lashes & Beauty Boutique 

9. Lash Affair Pro  

10. Luscious Lashes Studio   

11. Pretty Lash Designers Salon 

12. Lash Boss Diva & Co  

13. Deluxe EyeLash Extensions Bar 

14. Amazing Eye Lashes & Brows   Pro 

15. Fabulous Lashers Beauty Boutique   

16. Lash Me Beautiful Boutique & Salon 

17. The Lash Haven  

18. Lashtastic & Beauteous Boutique 

19. Eye Beauty Pro Studio  

20. Flirtatious Lashes Studio & Lounge 

21. Lash Goddesses Salon  

22. GlamLash Extensions & Beauty Lounge 

23. Dollhouse Lash Bar & Studio   

24. Lashtastic Eyelash Extensions Boutique 

25. Eye Winks Boutique   

26. Sweetest Lashes Pro  

27. Pretty in Faux-Eyelash Extensions   

28. LaLash Beauty Bar  

29. Fluttery Fringes Boutique  

30. Glam Lash Divas 

31. Lashed by Love Beauty Bar   

32. Lash Haven Pro  

33. EyeLash Palace Boutique 

34. Lash Obsession Boutique  

35. Luxe Lash Extension Studio 

36. Wink It Good Lash & Brow Boutique 

37. The Lash Queen  

38. La Lash Divas 

39. Lashtastic & BeautyCrazy Boutique  

40. EyeDelights Lash Studio 

41. Lashing Out Loud Beauty Lounge  

42. Lash & Brow Elite 

43. Glamorous Lashers Studio   

44. Glitzy Lashes & Brows 

45. Lash it Like a Diva 

46. Winked Out Pro  

47. Fluttered Lashes & Arch Perfection Boutique   

48. Lash Haven Beauty Lounge 

49. Indulgence Lash & Brow Bar  

50. Flirtatious Eyelash Extensions  

51. La Beaute des Cils Boutique  

52. Bronzed Lashes Pro 

53. Lashtopia & Browtopia Boutique 

54. Eye-Lashious Beauty Bar   

55. Diva Doll Lashes        

56. Eyelash Addiction Studio 

57. Glamourous Lash Extensions 

58. Eye-Licious Lash & Brow Boutique   

59. Lashtastic Beauty Lounge 

60. Get Lashed Up!  

61. The Lash Fairy   

62. GlamLash Extensions Studio  

63. Lash Elegance Beauty Bar 

64. Winks & Blinks Eyelash Extension Boutique  

65. Dazzling Eyelash Extensions   

66. Lashtasia Beauty Bar  

67. Lashed Up Luxury 

68. Lash & Brow Goddesses 

69. Deluxe Lashfinity Boutique  

70. GlamLash Divas  

71. Lashology Pro   

72. La’Tress Lashes & Brows 

73. Pretty & Polished Lash Boutique   

74. Eye Envy Lash Lounge  

75. Lashestica Beauty Bar 

76. Lushous Lashes Pro        

77. Eyelash Extravaganza Salon   

78. The Fluttery Faire Lash Boutique 

79. Lash Divas Boutique   

80. Eye Artistry Pro 

81. Lashology Beauty Lounge  

82. Eyelash Emporium Studio 

83. La Doll Lash Bar    

84. Lashed Up Boutique  

85. Pretty In Faux-Eyelashes Boutique 

86. Deliciously Lush Lashes 

87. Lashtastic & Beautique Boutique  

88. Eye-Luscious Lash Lounge   

89. Brows & Beyond Beauty Bar   

90. Lash Me Beautiful Studio 

91. Eyelash Extravaganza Pro  

92. Lashella Lash & Brow Salon  

93. Dollhouse Lash Bar & Beauty Lounge  

94. La Lash Boutique 

95. Eye Amore Lash & Brow Boutique  

96. Lashtastic Eyelash Extensions Studio   

97. Flirtatious Fringes Pro    

98. Glam Lashes & Brows Salon   

99. Eye Candy Lash Studio 

100. The Beauty Lounge   

false eyelash extensions

Tips for Choosing Creative Lash Company Names

There are plenty of things you need to do when starting your own eyelash extensions business, not least, finding the perfect name. However landing on the perfect lash business name doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

With a bit of brainstorming, you’re sure to find a name that reflects your brand and makes it stand out. Just get creative and have fun with it! 

Here are some tips to help you out coming up with unique eyelash business names.  

What Lash Service are You Offering

First, think about the type of lash services you offer. Are you an expert in classic lashes, volume fans, or something else? 

If you specialize in a specific technique, try to incorporate that into your name. This will help potential customers get a good idea of what they can expect from your services when they see the name. 

Brainstorm Eyelash Related Words

Next, take some time to brainstorm lash business name ideas. 

Think of words or phrases that describe your business, such as ‘Lashtastic’, ‘Lashtopia’ or ‘EyeCandy’. 

If you have any catchy taglines, consider using those too. You could also use alliteration or try combining words starting with the same letter, such as ‘Lashy Luxuries’, ‘Lashtacular’ or ‘Eye Enchantress’. 

Lash Business Name Generator

If you’re finding it hard to come up with creative names, then use some of the free tools that are available on the web. These are business name generators, and my favorite two are the ones from Shopify and Namecheap.

Just enter some keywords related to your business and watch the tools generate some creative suggestions in an instant. 

Branding your Lash Business 

Don’t forget to consider the rest of the branding elements related to your lash business. 

How will the name look on signage and business cards, or on a website and social media.

Is it easy to spell and remember?

How does it sound when spoken out aloud? This is important especially if you will be using radio ads.

With a bit of creativity and brainstorming, you can find a lash business name that reflects your brand and stands out from the crowd.

Get Creative

Finally, don’t be afraid to get creative with your lash company names.

You could use puns related to eyelashes, like ‘Fane-tastic Lashes’ or ‘Lash Me Away’. Alternatively, you could draw inspiration from nature. Why not try something like ‘Bold Bamboo Lashes’ or ‘Wild Willow Lashes’? 

Do Not Rush the Naming Decision

Once you have a few lash business name ideas to choose from, take your time deciding which one is best. 

It’s important to make sure it reflects your brand and resonates with your target audience. If you need some help, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from friends and family. 

Concluding Remarks on Naming your Lash Business

Choosing a name for your lash business is no easy feat! With so many amazing ideas, it can be hard to narrow down the perfect one. 

But don’t let that deter you because there are plenty of great lash business name ideas out there. From vague and abstract words like ‘Lash Exchange’ to more specific terms like ‘EyeLove Lashes’, you’re sure to find something that speaks to your brand. 

A good name will help you stand out from the competition and attract new clients. 

Your business name is the first impression clients have of you, so make sure it reflects who you are and what you offer. 

We hope our lists of Lash Business name ideas helps set you on the right path to creating a successful lash business brand. 

Best of luck on creating the perfect name.

For more examples and inspiration check out our full category of Business Name ideas.


I am a branding and naming consultant with 16 years of experience. I believe in building a strong brand name that identifies your visions and that of your business. A brand identity motivates you and your team to achieve success.