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The Etsy market is booming, with more and more people turning to this e-commerce platform to showcase their handmade goods and creations. If you’re looking for some creative inspiration when it comes to your online Etsy shop you’ve come to the right place!  

I’ve divided up the list of Etsy shop names into categories to make it easier for you to find something that fits your business perfectly. 

Keep reading till the end as we dish out 11 tips to choose the perfect Etsy shop name for your business.

Etsy Shop Names

From cheerful and whimsical, to vintage and elegant, these Etsy shop name ideas will give you the boost of creativity you need to take your shop to the next level. 

Let’s start with some general Etsy shop name ideas: 

1. Fancy Feathers Fashion Boutique 

2. Quirky Quilts and Crafts Emporium 

3. Treasured Textiles & Threads 

4. Gracious Gifts Galore 

5. Whimsy Wool Wonders  

6. Petite Pottery Pieces 

7. Charming Clay Creations  

8. Sweetly Sewn Supplies  

9. Magnificent Macramé Maker  

10. Elegant Embroidery Establishments  

11. Precious Paper Possibilities   

12. Glossy Glitter Goodies Boutique   

13. Gracious Gifts Galore 

14. Pretty For You Pottery  

15. Marvelous Modern Decor 

16. Cheerful Crocheted Creations  

17. Simply Silver Jewels Boutique   

18. Jolly Jewelry Junction 

19. Bountiful Blooms Boutique 

20. Quality Quilting & Crafts  

21. Appealing Apparel Abode 

22. Deliciously Dyed Delights  

23. Chirpy Ceramics and Crafts   

24. Fanciful Fabric Finds Storefront   

25. Handsome Handcrafted Heirlooms Gallery   

26. Refined Retro Jewelry Shop    

27. Nifty Needlework Niche 

28. Fabulous Frames & Finds 

29. Colorful Candle Corner  

30. Cheerful Crocheted Creations   

Wild & Whimsical Etsy Shop Names  

1. Artistic Aroma Shop 

2. Wacky Woodworking Wonders 

3. Fantastic Felt Finds Boutique  

4. Humorous Hobbies Haberdashery   

5. Quirky Quilts and Crafts Emporium   

6. Bright Beaded Bling Storefront  

7. Joyous Jars of Jammin’ Goodness   

8. Glistening Glassware Gallery 

9. Incredible Inventions Abode    

10. Marvellous Miniatures Marketplace  

11. Chirpy Ceramics and Crafts 

12. Magical Merriments Storefront   

13. Joyful Jewels Artisanry  

14. Rustic Rhinestone Revivals   

15. Dazzling Decor Delights    

16. Whimsical Wallpaper Wonders 

17. Silly Sculptures Shop  

18. Surprising Stitchery Sanctuary   

19. Artistic Aroma Apothecary  

20. Incredible Inventions Abode    

21. Enchanting Earthenware Emporium  

22. Jolly Jewelry Junction 

23. Cheerful Charm Creations Storefront   

24. Luxurious Lace & Linens Shop 

25. Fantastic Felt Fashion Boutique  

26. Classy Clay Creations   

27. Joyful Jewels Artisanry    

28. Scrumptious Soaps & Supplies Spot  

29. Nostalgic Notions & Needles  

30. Wacky Woodworking Wonders   

Sophisticated Etsy Shop Name Ideas

1. Splendid Stationery Storefront 

2. Glamorous Gift Gallery 

3. Timelessly Trendy Trimmings Storefront  

4. Exquisite Upholstery Emporium   

5. Sumptuous Soaps & Supplies Shop 

6. Captivating Candles Collection  

7. Stylishly Sophisticated Selections Spot 

8. Precious Paper Possibilities 

9. Charming Clay Creations  

10. Refined Retro Jewelry Shop   

11. Traditional Tea Towels & Tablecloths Shop  

12. Elegant Everyday Essentials Spot   

13. Lavish Leatherwork Luxuries Storefront  

14. Handsome Handcrafted Heirlooms Gallery   

15. Grandiose Gildings & Gems Boutique    

16. Splendid Stationery Supplies Storefront  

17. Gorgeous Glittering Goodies Storefront     

18. Delightful Drapery Designers   

19. Magnificent Macramé Maker   

20. Glamorous Gift Gallery 

21. Timelessly Trendy Trimmings Spot     

22. Delightful Drapery Designers  

23. Tremendous Tabletop Treasures Shop   

24. Sweetly Sewn Supplies    

25. Elegant Embroidery Establishments  

26. Exquisite Upholstery Emporium  

27. Fashionably Fine Fabrics Storefront   

28. Swanky Silver & Stones Boutique    

29. Quality Quilting & Crafts    

30. Grandiose Gildings & Gems Boutique 

Unique Etsy Store Names

1. Magical Merriments Storefront 

2. Rustic Rhinestone Revivals 

3. Terrific Trinket Treasures Shop  

4. Artistic Aroma Apothecary    

5. Amazingly Avant-Garde Apparel Boutique   

6. Clever Custom Creations Storefront  

7. Bright Beaded Bling Storefront    

8. Wild & Wonderful Woodworking Warehouse 

9. Incredible Inventions Abode   

10. Novelty Needlework Niche 

11. Fanciful Fabric Finds Storefront  

12. Fabulous Frames & Finds 

13. Appealing Apparel Abode     

14. Deliciously Dyed Delights   

15. Nifty Needlework Niche  

16. Quirky Quilts and Crafts Emporium   

17. Charming Clay Creations 

18. Colorful Candle Corner    

19. Cheerful Crocheted Creations  

20. Joyous Jars of Jammin’ Goodness   

21. Surprising Stitchery Sanctuary     

22. Fantastic Felt Finds Boutique  

23. Humorous Hobbies Haberdashery    

24. Wild & Whimsical Wallpaper Wonders 

25. Silly Sculptures Shop   

26. Jolly Jewelry Junction 

27. Handsome Handcrafted Heirlooms Gallery   

28. Bountiful Blooms Boutique 

29. Chirpy Ceramics and Crafts   

30. Rustic Rhinestone Revivals   

Vintage Etsy Store Name Ideas

1. Quaintly Creative Collectibles Storefront 

2. Retro Rag Rugs & Ruffles Emporium  

3. Charming Charm Creations Storefront   

4. Nostalgic Notions & Needles   

5. Delightful Décor Depot    

6. Old-Fashioned Finds Boutique   

7. Vintage Velvets Collection    

8. Grand Gilded Goodies Shop     

9. Timeless Treasures Trove  

10. Fabulous Frames & Finds     

11. Antique Apparel Abode  

12. Refreshing Reclaimed Remedies     

13. Distinguished Doilies Display    

14. Alluring Artifacts Emporium   

15. Enchanting Earthenware Emporium 

16. Whimsically Worn Wares Storefront  

17. Nostalgic Notions & Needles    

18. Luxurious Lace & Linens Shop   

19. Jolly Jewelry Junction  

20. Reclaimed Retro Relics     

21. Fabulous Frames & Finds  

22. Sweetly Sewn Supplies      

23. Colorful Creations Corner   

24. Wondrous Woodwork Wonders   

25. Precious Paper Possibilities 

26. Jubilant Jewels Haven    

27. Refreshing Reclaimed Remedies  

28. Traditional Tea Towels & Tablecloths Shop     

29. Grand Gilded Goodies Shop  

30. Magical Merriments Storefront   

Funny Etsy Name Ideas

1. Wacky Wallpaper Whimsies    

2. Eclectic Elegance Emporium  

3. Jolly Jewelry Junction  

4. Cheerful Crocheted Creations   

5. Fabulous Frames & Finds    

6. Marvelous Macramé Masterpieces 

7. Quirky Quilts and Crafts Emporium     

8. Charming Clay Creations 

9. Bright Beaded Bling Storefront      

10. Artistic Aroma Apothecary     

11. Grand Gilded Goodies Shop     

12. Nostalgic Notions & Needles  

13. Colorful Candle Corner   

14. Exquisite Upholstery Emporium    

15. Eccentric Embroidery Establishment 

16. Magnificent Macramé Maker   

17. Wild & Wonderful Woodworking Warehouse 

18. Terrific Trinket Treasures Shop    

19. Refreshing Reclaimed Remedies     

20. Surprising Stitchery Sanctuary  

21. Sensational Soaps & Scents Storefront  

22. Incredible Inventions Abode    

23. Tasteful Textiles Boutique   

24. Zany Zippers & Zest Storefront   

25. Enchanting Earthenware Emporium    

26. Precious Paper Possibilities  

27. Deliciously Dyed Delights    

28. Nifty Needlework Niche   

29. Remarkable Repurposing Retreat 

30. Fanciful Fabric Finds Storefront     

Eco-Friendly Etsy Business Names 

1. Eco-Conscious Knits & Knots Boutique   

2. Quality Quilting & Crafts     

3. Reclaimed Retro Relics    

4. Eclectic Elegance Emporium 

5. Earthy Edges Establishment  

6. Refreshing Reclaimed Remedies   

7. Natural Nurtures & Novelties Shop 

8. Organic Oddities Outlet   

9. Chirpy Ceramics and Crafts  

10. Eco-Friendly Embroidery Emporium    

11. Rustic Rhinestone Revivals     

12. Fabulous Frames & Finds  

13. Refurbished Reborn Relics   

14. Adorable Aromatherapy Artisans Storefront    

15. Appealing Apparel Abode     

16. Wild & Whimsical Wallpaper Wonders 

17. Bountiful Blooms Boutique   

18. Handmade Heaven Haberdashery    

19. Sweetly Sewn Supplies      

20. Sustainable Staples Storefront   

21. Marvelous Macramé Masterpieces 

22. Recycled Resourceful Relics   

23. Alluring Artifacts Emporium    

24. Splendid Scrapbook Supplies 

25. Eco-Friendly Fabrics and Finds Boutique   

26. Handmade Heaven Haberdashery  

27. Creative Candle Collection Boutique    

28. Classically Crafted Collectibles Storefront 

29. Timeless Treasures Trove   

30. Thrifty Textile Thrills Emporium         

Rustic Name Ideas for Etsy Shops

1. Rustic Rhinestone Relics   

2. Refurbished Reborn Relics  

3. Charming Charm Creations Storefront  

4. Vintage Velvets Collection     

5. Old-Fashioned Finds Boutique    

6. Traditional Tea Towels & Tablecloths Shop 

7. Antique Apparel Abode     

8. Nostalgic Notions & Needles   

9. Reclaimed Retro Relics     

10. Quality Quilting & Crafts         

11. Delightful Décor Depot   

12. Fabulous Frames & Finds     

13. Refreshing Reclaimed Remedies  

14. Quirky Quilts and Crafts Emporium    

15. Rustic Revival Rarities  

16. Refined Re-Creations Storefront   

17. Splendid Scrapbook Supplies 

18. Earthenware Emporium   

19. Magnificent Macramé Maker     

20. Creative Candle Collection Boutique        

21. Alluring Artifacts Emporium  

22. Whimsically Worn Wares Storefront     

23. Jolly Jewelry Junction   

24. Cozy Crocheted Creations Shop       

25. Classic Colorful Crafts Corner   

26. Timeless Treasures Trove  

27. Eclectic Elegance Emporium   

28. Wild & Wonderful Woodworking Warehouse 

29. Rustic Rhinestone Revivals     

30. Sweetly Sewn Supplies          

Girly Etsy Store Names   

1. Grand Gilded Goodies Shop    

2. Lovely Lingerie Loft   

3. Beautiful Baskets Boutique      

4. Cheerful Crocheted Creations   

5. Refined Re-Creations Storefront  

6. Exquisite Upholstery Emporium   

7. Charming Clay Creations     

8. Radiant Ribbons Retreat 

9. Appealing Apparel Abode     

10. Delightful Décor Depot     

11. Bountiful Blooms Boutique  

12. Adorable Aromatherapy Artisans Storefront    

13. Enchanting Earthenware Emporium  

14. Chirpy Ceramics and Crafts    

15. Fabulous Frames & Finds  

16. Jolly Jewelry Junction   

17. Sensational Soaps & Scents Storefront   

18. Funky Frills & Fancies Warehouse    

19. Alluring Artifacts Emporium   

20. Precious Paper Possibilities  

21. Posh Purses & Petite Packages Boutique    

22. Whimsically Worn Wares Storefront 

23. Classically Crafted Collectibles Storefront 

24. Deliciously Dyed Delights   

25. Fanciful Fabric Finds Storefront   

26. Natural Nurtures & Novelties Shop   

27. Refreshing Reclaimed Remedies    

28. Marvelous Macramé Masterpieces     

29. Cozy Crocheted Creations Shop      

30. Sweetly Sewn Supplies                 

Tropical Themes Names

1. Tropical Treasures Trove   

2. Colorful Clay Creations     

3. Refreshing Reclaimed Remedies    

4. Exotic Embellishments Emporium   

5. Wonderfully Woven Wares  

6. Recycled Resourceful Relics  

7. Enchanting Earthenware Emporium  

8. Natural Nurtures & Novelties Shop 

9. Quality Quilting & Crafts         

10. Organic Oddities Outlet   

11. Delightful Décor Depot   

12. Spectacular Sculpture Studio     

13. Sea-Spirited Swag Storefront  

14. Fanciful Fabric Finds Storefront  

15. Marvelous Macramé Masterpieces 

16. Refined Re-Creations Storefront 

17. Precious Paper Possibilities   

18. Sustainable Staples Storefront   

19. Beautiful Baskets Boutique     

20. Lovely Lingerie Loft          

21. Jolly Jewelry Junction  

22. Whimsically Worn Wares Storefront   

23. Splendid Scrapbook Supplies  

24. Creative Candle Collection Boutique    

25. Classically Crafted Collectibles Storefront  

26. Fabulous Frames & Finds   

27. Thrifty Textile Thrills Emporium  

28. Charming Charm Creations Storefront   

29. Chirpy Ceramics and Crafts  

30. Sweetly Sewn Supplies             

Boho Etsy Shop Name Ideas 

1. Exotic Embellishments Emporium  

2. Cozy Crocheted Creations Shop     

3. Joyful Jewelry Junction   

4. Sensational Soaps & Scents Storefront    

5. Thrifty Textile Thrills Emporium    

6. Rustic Rhinestone Revivals   

7. Bountiful Blooms Boutique      

8. Refreshing Reclaimed Remedies    

9. Precious Paper Possibilities  

10. Glamorous Gemstone Gallery         

11. Alluring Artifacts Emporium    

12. Classic Colorful Crafts Corner  

13. Magnificent Macramé Maker     

14. Organic Oddities Outlet      

15. Wild & Wonderful Woodworking Warehouse  

16. Delightful Décor Depot   

17. Chirpy Ceramics and Crafts     

18. Funky Frills & Fancies Warehouse  

19. Radiant Ribbons Retreat    

20. Exquisite Upholstery Emporium          

21. Timeless Treasures Trove   

22. Appealing Apparel Abode    

23. Beautiful Baskets Boutique  

24. Cheerful Crocheted Creations   

25. Splendid Scrapbook Supplies     

26. Sustainable Staples Storefront 

27. Sweetly Sewn Supplies   

28. Charming Clay Creations            

29. Refined Re-Creations Storefront  

30. Creative Candle Collection Boutique      

Etsy Crafts Shop Names

1. Grand Gilded Goodies Shop  

2. Timeless Treasures Trove   

3. Magnificent Macramé Maker    

4. Classic Colorful Crafts Corner   

5. Refreshed Re-Creations Storefront  

6. Cheerful Crocheted Creations    

7. Chirpy Ceramics and Crafts     

8. Enchanting Earthenware Emporium   

9. Joyful Jewelry Junction             

10. Grand Gilded Goodies Shop   

11. Colorful Clay Creations  

12. Quality Quilting & Crafts  

13. Fabulous Frames & Finds     

14. Radiant Ribbons Retreat   

15. Deliciously Dyed Delights    

16. Wild & Wonderful Woodworking Warehouse   

17 Exquisite Upholstery Emporium   

18. Thrifty Textile Thrills Emporium 

19. Classically Crafted Collectibles Storefront 

20. Funky Frills & Fancies Warehouse           

21. Sustainable Staples Storefront  

22. Creative Candle Collection Boutique     

23. Alluring Artifacts Emporium   

24. Precious Paper Possibilities      

25. Sensational Soaps & Scents Storefront  

26. Rustic Rhinestone Revivals    

27. Refreshing Reclaimed Remedies     

28. Bountiful Blooms Boutique             

29. Glamorous Gemstone Gallery   

30. Exotic Embellishments Emporium    

Organic Products Shop Names

1. Refined Re-Creations Storefront  

2. Deliciously Dyed Delights            

3. Enchanting Earthenware Emporium     

4. Bountiful Blooms Boutique  

5. Natural Nurtures & Novelties Shop    

6. Quality Quilting & Crafts             

7. Organic Oddities Outlet   

8. Sustainable Staples Storefront      

9. Sweetly Sewn Supplies      

10 Charming Charm Creations Storefront    

11 Grand Gilded Goodies Shop         

12 Refreshing Reclaimed Remedies    

13 Chirpy Ceramics and Crafts  

14 Jolly Jewelry Junction    

15 Colorful Clay Creations    

16 Refreshed Re-Creations Storefront   

17 Exotic Embellishments Emporium    

18 Joyful Jewelry Junction             

19 Thrifty Textile Thrills Emporium     

20 Wild & Wonderful Woodworking Warehouse  

21 Classically Crafted Collectibles Storefront   

22 Appealing Apparel Abode    

23 Precious Paper Possibilities      

24 Creative Candle Collection Boutique     

25 Fabulous Frames & Finds         

26 Sensational Soaps & Scents Storefront   

27 Magnificent Macramé Maker      

28 Exquisite Upholstery Emporium    

29 Delightful Décor Depot  

30 Timeless Treasures Trove             

Glamorous Etsy Shop Names   

1. Glamorous Gemstone Gallery    

2. Radiant Ribbons Retreat   

3. Refined Re-Creations Storefront      

4. Grand Gilded Goodies Shop         

5 Enchanting Earthenware Emporium      

6 Rustic Rhinestone Revivals        

7 Colorful Clay Creations     

8 Appealing Apparel Abode              

9 Sensational Soaps & Scents Storefront      

10 Joyful Jewelry Junction       

11 Wild & Wonderful Woodworking Warehouse   

12 Charming Charm Creations Storefront      

13 Refreshed Re-Creations Storefront       

14 Precious Paper Possibilities     

15 Deliciously Dyed Delights    

16 Exotic Embellishments Emporium     

17 Grand Gilded Goodies Shop   

18 Fabulous Frames & Finds      

19 Classically Crafted Collectibles Storefront    

20 Thrifty Textile Thrills Emporium       

21 Timeless Treasures Trove     

22 Exquisite Upholstery Emporium    

23 Creative Candle Collection Boutique    

24 Refreshing Reclaimed Remedies      

25 Magnificent Macramé Maker   

26 Quality Quilting & Crafts       

27 Bountiful Blooms Boutique    

28 Delightful Décor Depot   

29 Organic Oddities Outlet  

30 Cheerful Crocheted Creations             

11 Tips on Choosing Good Shop Names for Etsy  

Brainstorm Relevant words

I like to open the notes app on my iphone and just jot down any words I can think of that are relatable to my niche or some type of meaning that I want to portray my branding. 

A couple ways of doing that is by obviously researching the category. At the end of the day you can mix and match different words to create combinations

Etsy Shop Name Generator

Some tools that I personally use to help me brainstorm name ideas and start generating some combinations for different words are the Etsy Business Name generators. 

One of them is the name generator from shopify. This is a great free online tool to help you come up with some good options for your Etsy store name. 

When coming up with names for your Etsy businesses, you’ll be trying to come up with numerous relevant terms and phrases, but you might find it challenging to put them together. This Shopify product helps stimulate your creative process.

Just type in different words and phrases, and let the Name Generator populate a list of Etsy store name options for you.

Another good tool I like to use for practicality is the business name generator from Namecheap. This generator is directly linked to a domain name database, which means that once you find a good Etsy store name you can immediately buy the same domain name, if it’s available.

This brings me to my next tip when naming your Etsy store.

Make your Etsy Shop Name SEO Friendly

Your shop name itself actually plays a key role in your search engine optimization success. For example, let’s say that you have the words ‘fine art’ in the name, which is your main product. In SEO, we call this the money keyword, since anyone selling fine art online will want to rank their e-commerce store or etsy store, for this keyword. 

When a potential client searches for ‘fine art’ on, you have a better chance of coming up in the top resulta if you have the keyword itself, ie, ‘fine art’, in the name of your Etsy store.

Avoid using hard to spell names 

You want to make it easy for customers to remember your etsy shop name and to be able to type it out and find it on the internet. If they come across your store and like it but didn’t save it then you want them to be able to remember the name and find it again easily. 

So you definitely just want to make it easier for anyone to search for your Etsy store and you do this by making the name memorable and ebay to pronounce and spell out.

Don’t pick a name that Narrows your Options.

My third tip is not to pick a names that is limited or too specific for your niche. For example, one of my clients had an Etsy shop that was originally doing art prints, and the name of their store had the words ‘Art Prints’ in it. As their Etsy shop grew they wanted to expand into other different categories but it was just harder because the name itself had Art Prints in it, 

Iif you have an idea of how you want to expand your brand in the future then you might want to keep your Etsy store name less specific and choose a name that is still relevant but broader in concept. 

Research the Name you Want to Use

At the very least, when you decide on a name for your Etsy shop, you should do a quick online search. You want to get a good idea on what’s online and what’s on Etsy specifically, just to see if you’re doing something that’s very similar to a competitor. 

I’m not saying that this is a make or break situation, but you want to have an idea of what’s already out there, in case you decide to differentiate yourself by being more unique then you would otherwise think of. 

Purchase the Web Domain Name of your Etsy Store 

This one is optional really, but my advice is to spend the $12 or so it costs to purchase dot com web domain with the same name as your Etsy store. 

You don’t need to actually launch a website in the beginning, but it’s good to own the domain name, just in case you want to expand in the future, then you’ll be happy you bought the domain of your brand name. 

Keep in mind that the domain name industry is cutthroat and as soon as your brand starts becoming popular or successful, people will snatch up the domain name so that they can re-sell it to you at a much higher price.

Keep your Etsy store Name Short and Simple 

I recommend you keep the name between two to four syllables long. This is not a specific naming rule but more of a recommendation based on my years of experience. Sometimes there are exceptions to this rule, but usually you don’t want to make the Etsy store name too long 

Say the Name Out Loud

Before you settle on the name try and say it out loud, or use it in pretend conversation, to

See how it sounds. You might realise it sounds weird when used in certain situations. Sometimes certain combinations of words just don’t sound right when said in a sentence. So you want to make sure that it flows nicely in conversation and on branding material. You also want to get familiar saying the name out loud which will give you a better feeling and assurance before committing to the final name.

Get feedback 

Once you’ve gone through all different steps, and created a list of different names you want to use, the best thing you can do is ask for feedback about your possible Etsy store name. You can start with friends and family and see what they think. Which one of the Etsy store names on your list do they like more? You will be surprised sometimes on what people like and don’t like. 

Take Time to Marinate on it 

You’ve been invested in the naming process for a few days and your brain is about to explode. Before you make your final choice and commit to it, I suggest you detach from the process for a few days and let it marinate. 

In the meantime you might want to think about how you will be developing the brand, the visuals and so on. Does the name you chose fit with these branding ideas, or maybe another name might actually work better. Does it fit with the Etsy store logo you have in mind?

When you give it some time to think about it, sometimes the initial ideas you might have had might not seem such a slam dunk, or on the other hand, the initial name you choose might start feeling more and more right for your store. In any case, the short period of reflection will allow you to commit to the chosen name, or if you’re unsure, make you realize that you need to keep searching for a better name.

I find that very often people jump the gun and commit too quickly to choose their Etsy store name, setting up their gmail, getting everything set up and after a few weeks or even days, they realize that they probably should have gone with a different name. 

So this is an important tip to consider. Just marinate on the name before committing because things change as you start developing and planning the concepts around your Etsy store strategy in more detail. 

Make sure You’re Happy with the Name

This might sound obvious but really, make sure that you’re actually happy with the name you’re choosing. So, at the end of the day this is your store and you are running the show. So your gut feeling needs to be telling you that you are making the right choice. 

Regardless of the feedback from friends and family, or if it’s short and simple, hard or easy to spell, and so on, at the end of day make sure that you settle on a name that you actually like, that you’re actually proud of, and that means something to you.

How to Change Etsy Shop Name

Many people ask me ‘can you change your Etsy shop name?’ Technically Yes, it is possible to change your Etsy shop name. 

You can do so by logging in to your account and navigating to the “Shop Info” page in the Settings section on the left sidebar. 

Here you can update all of your shop information, including your shop name.

However, if you already have a well established clientele who visit your store regularly you need to be careful that you don’t alienate them. So, if you’ve recently launched your Etsy store and want to make a change after a few weeks or months, then that’s a no brainer.

On the other hand, if you’re a well established Etsy store, then the name change should be done responsibly, with a clear strategy on how you will be communicating this name change to your existing clients. You should also consider ways on how to clearly anmounce this name change well in advance so your Etsy clientele can get used to it by the time you change your Etsy shop name.

How to Change your Etsy Shop Name  

Step 1: Log in to your Etsy account.

Step 2: Go to Your Shop > Settings on the left sidebar.

Step 3: Find the “Shop Info” section and click “Edit” beside it.

Step 4: On this page, you can edit or change your shop name. Enter a new name in the “Shop Name” field and click the “Save Changes” button.

Step 5: Your shop name should now be changed! You can also update your shop description, location, payment methods, policies, shipping details and more on this page. 

Once you are done making changes to all other settings, click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page. 

Step 6: Your updated shop name is now live! You can check it by visiting your public Etsy shop page. 

Congratulations, you have successfully changed your shop name on the Etsy platform.

Recap on Choosing Good shop Names for Etsy

We hope this list of creative Etsy shop name ideas helped you find the perfect moniker for your business! Keep in mind that these names are just a jumping-off point and you can always come up with something more unique.

Whether you’re just starting out on Etsy or have been selling handmade goods for years, we’ve got the inspiration you need to help make your business stand out. From cute puns and alliterations to words that evoke a feeling of nostalgia, these names will help you make an impact. Let’s get started! 

Thanks for reading! Have fun and good luck on your Etsy journey. I have helped quite a few people create and set up their first Etsy store. The process can be quite intimidating the first time round, but I can assure you that it’s very simple and if you need some more information then go ahead and check out how to start an Etsy shop on my blog section.

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