Exploring the Technology Behind Online Fake Address Generators

Fake address generators are becoming quite popular among internet surfers. This is because there are numerous platforms & websites available online that are restricted to a certain region/country and ask for full details (name, address, and many more) to proceed.

So, to access these kinds of websites, people have started using fake address generators. These are online tools that quickly create real-looking but fake address details for the selected country. 

Due to the popularity of these generators, we have decided why not to explore the technologies that work behind them and increase your knowledge further. 

Technologies That Work Behind Fake Address Generators

There are many programming libraries on which modern fake address generators operate. All those libraries are discussed below. 

1. Fake Library

The name already tells everything – Fake library is a popular library that is available for almost every programming language including Python. It provides developers with several pre-built methods that can be used to generate multiple fake address components. These are:

  • Name of the Person
  • Name of streets
  • Zip Codes
  • Latitude/longitude coordinates

However, it is also important to note that, the fake library also has some limitations. For instance, it only handles the generation of a few address components that we listed above. 

2. Geolocation Libraries

    The geolocation programming libraries are the ones that efficiently handle geographical data and functionalities of fake address generators. Let us explain how. 

    Whenever a user enters a specific region or country in the fake address generator, the geolocation library becomes active and quickly accesses real-time geographical data to create realistic-looking fake address details. 

    It is also available for different programming languages such as Geopy for Python.  

    3. Data Validation Library

    This is an optional programming library – which means some online fake address generators use it while some are not. The primary purpose of the data validation library is to verify the generated fake address to ensure it perfectly meets the real-word address formatting styles or not. 

    4. Internationalization libraries

    Some advanced generators that deal with fake address generation in different languages make use of internationalization libraries. It allows the generators to adopt different locales. Some good examples of these kinds of libraries include:

    5. Randomization Algorithms:

    Apart from libraries, fake address generators usually make use of randomization algorithms. These algorithms generate output results by randomly selecting, a person’s name, street, zip code, etc. according to the selected region or country. 

    The generated result will look completely realistic to the users, but the truth is that it is based on fictional assumptions.  

    Now, we think you will have an efficient idea about the technologies that work behind fake address generators. 

    Real-Time Working of an Online Fake Address Generator

    There is a huge variety of fake address generators that you can find on the internet. All of these are completely free to use and have similar working. You just need to select the country or region and hit the “Generate Address” button. After, a few moments, you will be interacting with fake address details for your selected country/region.   

    However, unlike the working, the results provided by generators can differ, as some generators can provide more address details, while some provide less. 

    To demonstrate all this in a better way, we are going to use a fake address generator by PrePostSEO because it features user intuitive interface and supports several countries. The country we selected was “USA” and the results we got can be seen in the attachment below. 

    As you can see, the tool has generated an excellent fake address that not only includes personal details but also contains fake information about the internet and employment. 

    Final Words

    Fake address generators are an online tool that randomly generates realistic-looking addresses for the selected country or region. These are widely used by internet surfers to access websites, platforms, or forums that ask for personal details to keep browsing. However, not everyone is aware of the technologies they use for address generation. They use Fake Library, geolocation libraries, data validation libraries, internationalization libraries, and randomization algorithms. In this blog post, we have explained all these in complete detail, hope you will find the given information valuable.


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