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Are you looking for a great Magician name to take your career to the next level? Choosing the right name is essential for any magician. It needs to be unique and memorable, but also have a certain flair that will make you stand out from the crowd.

In this post I have prepared a whole list of names that will hopefully inspire you to come up with the perfect name for your Magician persona. 

Don’t stop at these suggestions however. Further below I also give out some tips to help you come up with the Magician name for your stage presence.

Magician Names and Ideas

Here are a few name ideas and the reasoning behind each one.

1. Habra Cadabra: It’s fun, short and often the first thing people think of when they hear the word “magician”. 

2. The Great Mysto: A great name for a more experienced magician.

3. Magic Mike: Perfect for an edgier performer. 

4. Merlin the Magnificent: A classic, timeless name to capture the spirit of an old-fashioned showman.

5. Sorcerer Supreme: For those who wish to convey a sense of power and superiority with their stage presence. 

6. Professor Presto: An intellectual kind of magic that could be used to entertain and educate at the same time! 

7. Amazing Alakazam: Fun, playful and full of potential for mind-bending illusions. 

8. Raven the Illusionist: A dramatic name with a touch of mystery to help capture audience attention. 

9. The Wizard Delamorte: A mystical sounding name that could be used to evoke images of an ancient, wise magician. 

10. Cardoza the Conjurer: Inspired by Houdini himself, this name is perfect for those who practice slight of hand tricks! 

11. Captain Magician: Perfect for those who wish to present their magic show with a bit of flair!

12. Spellbinder Supreme: A powerful and mysterious name that would make any audience member sit up and take notice!  

13. The Magnificent Mystic: A name to capture the true spirit of what a magician is all about – amazement and wonder! 

14. Grand Wizard: Perfect for those who want to give their performance an extra bit of gravitas. 

15. Magician Extraordinaire: For the showman that wants everyone to know they are a cut above the rest!

16. The Illusionist: A classic name, perfect for any performer looking for a timeless identity on stage. 

17. Hocus Pocus: Fun, lighthearted, and instantly recognizable thanks to its many pop culture references! 

18. Magus of Miracles: A wonderfully evocative title that captures both the power and mystery behind every magic trick performed.

19. The Marvelous Maestro: Perfect for a magician who wants to give their performance a touch of class and sophistication. 

20. Mad Magus: A slightly edgier name that captures the wild, unpredictable nature of some magic tricks! 

21. Incredible Ian: For those looking for something with a bit more personality and pizzazz than just plain old “The Magician”. 

22. El Kabong: An homage to the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon character Quick Draw McGraw.  

23. The Magnificent Mystic Maxx: A perfect blend of power and mystery in one name! 

24. Illusionista: A great twist on the classic magician moniker that rolls off the tongue nicely when said aloud. 

25. Wizard of the West: Perfect for a magician who specializes in old-fashioned western tricks! 

26. The Mystic Magister: A great title that captures both the power and mystery of magic. 

27. Master of Mystery: For those magicians wishing to emphasize their mastery over the unknown! 

28. Escapologist Extraordinaire: For those brave performers who specialize in daring escape acts!  

29. The Incredible Shrinking Man/Woman: Perfect for any magician looking to perform size-related illusions and sleight of hand tricks! 

30. Grand Sorcerer Svengali: A mysterious sounding name perfect for a dark, edgy showman.

Those were just some name ideas, and the thought process behind them to get you in the mood. Now here are many more possible magician names to inspire you.

Male Magician Names

  • The Mystical Maverick
  • Drake the Magician
  • The Great Gandini
  • Merlin Jr
  • Professor Presto
  • The Mind Master
  • Master of Misdirection
  • Illusionist Illyasviel
  • MagiMacGyver
  • Sorcerer Sammy
  • Grand Maestro of Magic
  • Wizard Wilbur
  • King of All Conjurers
  • Rhys the Rambunctious Ringmaster
  • Houdini’s Heir
  • Spectacular Steven
  • Señor Sorcery
  • Card-Master Chris
  • Mysterious Marty
  • Fortune-Teller Fred
  • Mystic Max
  • Fabulous Felix
  • Marvelous Marcus
  • Legendary Larry
  • Sorcerer Seth
  • Conjuror Colin
  • Miracle Man Mike
  • Charismatic Charlie
  • The Mysterious Maven
  • Card-Crazy Carl
  • Jolly Jack the Illusionist
  • Enchanting Eddie
  • Magician Mathew
  • The Sly Showman
  • Wondrous Walter
  • Remarkable Randy
  • Delightful David
  • Glamorous Gordon
  • Astute Alex
  • Mystic Manny
  • The Amazing Astaire
  • Magical Mark
  • Gifted Graham
  • Whirlwind William
  • Prestigious Paul
  • Spectacular Sammy
  • Cunning Charles
  • Mysterious Michael
  • Charming Chris
  • Incredible Ian
  • Magical Maurice
  • The Master Manipulator
  • Magician Maury
  • Fantastic Frank
  • Ace of Aces Arthur
  • Jazz-Handed Jamie
  • Diviner Daniel
  • Mesmerizing Mikey
  • Illusionist Ivan
  • Psychic Peter
  • Grandiose Gary
  • Conjurer Craig
  • Sorcerer Steven
  • Astounding Andrew
  • Impressive Ian
  • Magic Man Matt
  • Mystical Marshall
  • Masterful Marvin
  • The Remarkable Randy
  • Magical Meyers
  • Magically Magnificent Malcolm
  • Spellbinding Saul
  • Charismatic Charles
  • Incredible Inigo
  • The Remarkable Ricardo
  • Spell-Caster Sam
  • Hypnotic Harry
  • The Incredible Ingram
  • Magical Markham
  • Stupendous Stephen
  • Illusionist Isaac
  • Magnificent Maximilian
  • The Delightful David
  • Wizardly Warren
  • Mysterious Mitchell
  • Spectacular Steve
  • Conjurer Colby
  • Fabulously Fanciful Felix
  • Magically Magnanimous Matthew
  • Prince of Prestidigitation Patrick
  • Enchantingly Entertaining Eric
  • Cheerfully Charismatic Charlie
  • The Marvellous Magician Marvin
  • Psychic Potter
  • Mesmerizing Mason
  • Grand Gismo of Glamor
  • Spectacular Sean
  • Extraordinary Ellis
  • Mystifying Marcus
  • Cunning Clyde

Female Magician Names

  • The Enchantress
  • Mystique
  • The Amazing Alexa
  • The Great Glamorina
  • The Magnificent Marissa
  • The Spectacular Sorcina
  • The Mystical Miranda
  • The Incredible Inez
  • The Mysterious Margo
  • The Fabulous Felicia
  • The Marvelous Mandy
  • The Miraculous Morgan
  • The Superb Sabrina
  • The Alluring Alyssa
  • The Supreme Sorceress
  • The Grand Gigi
  • The Marvelous Magdalena
  • The Splendid Sabina
  • The Magnificent Maeve
  • The Stunning Stella
  • The Wondrous Wanda
  • The Wondrous Winnie
  • The Fabulous Francesca
  • The Magical Maisie
  • The Marvellous Maya
  • The Spectacular Sylvie
  • The Amazing Anastasia
  • The Mysterious Mimi
  • The Grandiose Gloria
  • The Enchanting Eve
  • The Dazzling Delia
  • The Captivating Celeste
  • The Glorious Gilda
  • The Spectacular Sofia
  • The Powerful Priscilla
  • The Splendid Sophia
  • The Dazzling Daphne
  • The Mesmerizing Monique
  • The Exquisite Eliza
  • The Wondrous Wendy
  • The Miraculous Millie
  • The Masterful Mercedes
  • The Magnificent Marigold
  • The Fabulous Fiona
  • The Majestic Miriam
  • The Phenomenal Penelope
  • The Brilliant Beatrice
  • The Mystical Meg
  • The Superb Selena
  • The Fabulous Felicity
  • The Magical Marla
  • The Incredible Imogene
  • The Magnificent Matilda
  • The Marvellous Mira
  • The Miraculous Mina
  • The Fabulous Frances
  • The Grand Grace
  • The Alluring Alice
  • The Enchanting Eileen
  • The Majestic Minerva
  • The Magical Molly
  • The Mysterious Miranda
  • The Stunning Sasha
  • The Phenomenal Prudence
  • The Mystical Maybelle
  • The Spectacular Sabine
  • The Marvelous Marcella
  • The Splendid Stella
  • The Incredible Ivy
  • The Dazzling Dora
  • The Wondrous Wilma
  • The Magnificent Magdalena
  • The Captivating Clarissa
  • The Mesmerizing Michelle
  • The Magnificent Mabel
  • The Miraculous Mary
  • The Superb Susan
  • The Grandiose Giselle
  • The Amazing Amber
  • The Sensational Sabrina
  • The Superb Susanna
  • The Spectacular Selina
  • The Splendid Sylvia
  • The Exquisite Elsie
  • The Majestic Margaret
  • The Marvellous Marianne
  • The Fabulous Flora
  • The Magical Mabelle
  • The Miraculous Millicent
  • The Wonderful Winnie
  • The Glorious Gwendolyn
  • The Captivating Cora
  • The Marvelous Marissa
  • The Phenomenal Priscilla
  • The Dazzling Diana
  • The Grand Gloria
  • The Stunning Samantha
  • The Enchanting Erica

Funny Magician Names

  • Magic Man Fred
  • Amazing Ace
  • Mystic Max
  • Illusionist Ivan
  • Sorcerer Sammy
  • Spellbinding Steve
  • Supernatural Seth
  • Prestidigitator Preston
  • Wizard Walker
  • Conjurer Caleb
  • Enchanter Ethan
  • Magical Marcus
  • Miraculous Mike
  • Wizardly William
  • Magus Mason
  • Mysterious Mickey
  • Illusionary Ian
  • Mystical Mark
  • Charmed Charlie
  • Mysterio Miles
  • Magickal Mikey
  • Spectacular Sam
  • Mystifier Matthew
  • Magician Morgan
  • Marvelous Maximus
  • Thaumaturge Tyler
  • Spectral Spencer
  • Sorcerous Sammie
  • Magical Murray
  • Enchanting Everett
  • Magus of Mayhem
  • Enchanting Eric
  • Abra-Cadabra-Kid
  • Illusionist Izzy
  • Beguiling Ben
  • Trickster Tom
  • Mystical Manny
  • Spell-Caster Simon
  • Sorcerer Syd
  • Magickal Mason
  • Miracle Maker Marty
  • Master of Magic Mike
  • Wondrous Willie
  • Wizardly Wesley
  • Amazing Andy
  • Illusory Irving
  • Spell-Binder Stuart
  • Mystical Maxx
  • Miraculous Mario
  • Illusion Master Ian
  • Magical Marvin
  • Magus of Mystery
  • Miracle Man Mason
  • Master of Miracles
  • Magic Man Miles
  • Incredible Izzy
  • Wizardly Walter
  • Mystifying Morgan
  • Mystic Mitch
  • Wonder Worker Warren
  • Magickal Matt
  • Spell-Casting Scott
  • Magical Mason
  • Mystic Maximus
  • Magus of Marvels
  • Miracle Maker Michael
  • Sorcerous Simon
  • Mind-Bending Mark
  • Miraculous Magnus
  • Illusionary Isaiah
  • Amazing Al
  • Spellbinding Spencer
  • Spell-Weaving Steve
  • Thaumaturge Tyson
  • Magic Man Mike
  • Magical Mickey
  • Supernatural Syd
  • Master of Magick Mark
  • Miraculous Michael
  • Mysterious Mason
  • Magic Man Max
  • Marvelous Mason
  • Spellbinding Sonny
  • Magickal Miles
  • Spell-Caster Spencer
  • Magical Max
  • Wonder Worker Will
  • Mind-Bending Manny
  • Magnificent Mario

magician with no name performing card trick

How to Come up with Magician Names Ideas

As a magician, your name is a critical part of your brand. It can make the difference between a forgettable performance and one that people will talk about for years to come. That’s why it’s important to choose a name that accurately reflects your personality and style, as well as one that is memorable and easy to find online.

Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect name for your magician act.

Consider your style and personality 

What kind of magician are you? Do you perform grand illusions or sleight-of-hand tricks? Are you serious and mysterious, or light-hearted and fun? Your name should reflect your style and personality, so think about the type of magician you want to be and what kind of name would match that image.

Who is your target audience? Children, adults, or both? Consider the type of shows you’ll be performing and choose a name that appeals to that demographic. For example, if you’ll be performing for children, you may want to choose a name that is whimsical and fun, like “Magic Mikey.”

Find a Unique Magician Name

The first thing to consider when coming up with a magician name is uniqueness. 

It’s important that your magician name stands out from the crowd, so it helps if you can think of something original. 

So, the first step in finding the perfect magician’s name is to consider what kind of magic you want to do and who your target audience is. 

Are you an illusionist, mentalist, or close-up magician? Each type of magic requires a different approach when it comes to selecting a stage name. 

For example, if you’re an illusionist, you may want something mysterious and magical sounding like “The Great Mysterio” or “The Amazing Wizard”. 

If you’re a mentalist, something clever like “Mind Bender” or “Psychic Phenomenon” might work well. 

On the other hand, if you’re a close-up magician, something fun and lighthearted like “The Magical Jester” or “The Card Shark” could be just the right fit.

A unique name will help ensure that your audience remembers who you are after your show has concluded.

Try brainstorming words or phrases that describe your act, for example, if you specialize in card tricks then perhaps ‘Card King’ or ‘Ace of Hearts’ could work well. Once you have some terminology written down, start combining them together to make up a few good magician name ideas. 

Also, consider using puns, alliteration, or other memorable techniques to make your name stand out. For example, “The Amazing Alex” is memorable and easy to recall.

Use Magician Name Generators

Using a magician name generator is an easy and fun way to come up with a name for your magician persona. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can generate thousands of magical names that are perfect for your character. 

Whether you’re looking for something whimsical, mysterious, or powerful, the magician name generator can inspire you with some name ideas.

There are several online tools that generate names based on keywords or themes you provide. These tools can be a useful starting point, but keep in mind that the names generated by these tools may not be unique or memorable.

My personal favorite is the name generator at Namecheap. This generator covers a variety of business and other names, and it’s directly linked to the domain name database.

This means that as soon as you find the right business name for your needs, you can immediately see if the domain name is also available, and buy it directly from there.

Check for Availability

Once you have a few good, and unique magician names in your list, then it pays to check whether or not it’s available across different online platforms. 

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for success. 

Make sure you the social media handle with the magician name you choose, is available on all major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. 

You may also want to check if the domain name for your website is available, so you can establish a strong online brand, (ideally, a dot com website url). This will allow you to create a website to promote your act, or even an online store for selling branded magician products. 

Trademark Your Magician Name

Make sure that the chosen magician name is not already in use by another magician. If you are using a common phrase such as ‘Magic Man’ then chances are someone else may have already taken this name, so it pays to do some research before settling on your magician name. 

Check online directories, such as the International Brotherhood of Magicians, to see if your name is already taken. You may also want to check for trademarks and copyrights to ensure that you’re not infringing on someone else’s intellectual property.

Once you have settled on a unique magician name, I always recommend to register the chosen name under trademark protection laws, so as to make sure you protect it legally. 

Registering the magician name with an approved body or trademark office will ensure that no one else can use it without your permission. 

This is especially important if you plan to tour and perform live shows, or if you intend merchandising your magician name on branded products in the future. This can help protect your magician name from being stolen or used by someone else. It also gives you the right to charge other people who might want to use your Magician brand name for commercial reasons

Get Feedback from Friends and Family.

Once you have a list of a handful of possible names narrowed down, consider getting feedback from friends, family, and fellow magicians, before making a final decision. 

They can give you valuable insight into whether your chosen name is memorable, catchy, and appealing, and also help you figure out which name fits better into your magician image and persona.


When it comes to becoming a magician, one of the most important things you need is an attention-grabbing name. Without a good magician name, your act will be doomed from the start as people won’t take you seriously and they won’t be able to remember you once they’ve seen it. 

Finding the perfect magician name may take some time, but it’s worth investing the effort in order to get people talking about your act. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to coming up with a magician name that will stand out from the crowd and make sure everyone remembers your act.

For more inspiration check out our full category of Artists and Professions Name ideas.


I am a branding and naming consultant with 16 years of experience. I believe in building a strong brand name that identifies your visions and that of your business. A brand identity motivates you and your team to achieve success.