T Shirt Business Name Ideas

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When you’re thinking about choosing t-shirt business name ideas you need to land on a name that represents what your business represents, what you do and also come up with a  t shirt brand name that is attractive to your target audience.

To help you get started I have personally created a list of over 400 Tshirt business name ideas for you to browse through.

Hope this list inspires you to choose the perfect name that goes with your t-shirt business brand identity. 

List of 400 TShirt Business Names and Ideas

  1. Ink & Thread
  2. Inkwell Tees
  3. Prints & Pieces
  4. Rifle Shirts
  5. Shirt Adventurers
  6. Shirt Ambassadors
  7. Shirt Ambassadors of Style
  8. Shirt Architects and Doctors
  9. Shirt Architects and Innovators
  10. Shirt Artisans
  11. Shirt Barons and Buffs
  12. Shirt Boss Ladies
  13. Shirt Bosses
  14. Shirt Castle
  15. Shirt Commanders
  16. Shirt Connoisseurs
  17. Shirt Connoisseurs and Explorers
  18. Shirt Craftsmen and Explorers
  19. Shirt Craftsmen and Sages
  20. Shirt Creators
  21. Shirt Creators and Doctors
  22. Shirt Creators and Visionaries
  23. Shirt Detectives and Apprentices
  24. Shirt Detectives and Specialists
  25. Shirt Emperors
  26. Shirt Emperors and Specialists
  27. Shirt Empire
  28. Shirt Enthusiasts
  29. Shirt Erectors
  30. Shirt Executives
  31. Shirt Explorers
  32. Shirt Generals
  33. Shirt Gladiators
  34. Shirt Gurus
  35. Shirt Gurus and Emperors
  36. Shirt Gurus and Entrepreneurs
  37. Shirt Heroes
  38. Shirt Impressions
  39. Shirt Innovators
  40. Shirt Innovators and Artists
  41. Shirt Innovators and Style Stars
  42. Shirt Inspirers
  43. Shirt Inventors
  44. Shirt Legends
  45. Shirt Maestros
  46. Shirt Maestros and Connoisseurs
  47. Shirt Maestros and Gurus
  48. Shirt Maestros and Revolutionaries
  49. Shirt Maestros of Style
  50. Shirt Magicians
  51. Shirt Maniacs and Pioneers
  52. Shirt Marines
  53. Shirt Mavens
  54. Shirt Mavericks
  55. Shirt Oracles
  56. Shirt Pioneers and Showroom
  57. Shirt Pirates
  58. Shirt Prodigies and Tinkerers
  59. Shirt Professionals
  60. Shirt Prophets
  61. Shirt Revolution
  62. Shirt Revolutionaries
  63. Shirt Sages
  64. Shirt Sages and Pioneers
  65. Shirt Savants
  66. Shirt Showroom
  67. Shirt Showroom and Detectives
  68. Shirt Specialists
  69. Shirt Specialists and Emperors
  70. Shirt Specialists and Magicians
  71. Shirt Storytellers
  72. Shirt Stylists
  73. Shirt Tinkerers and Barons
  74. Shirt Tycoons
  75. Shirt Visionaries and Barons
  76. Shirt Visionaries and Detectives
  77. Shirt Warriors and Adventurers
  78. Shirt Wizards and Mavericks
  79. Shirt Zealots
  80. Shirts & Skins
  81. Tee Agents
  82. Tee Angels
  83. Tee Artists and Adventurers
  84. Tee Buffs and Visionaries
  85. Tee Bureaucrats
  86. Tee Circus Maximus
  87. Tee Craftsmen and Professionals
  88. Tee Craftsmen of Style
  89. Tee Creators and Connoisseurs
  90. Tee Creators and Gurus
  91. Tee Crusaders
  92. Tee Designers
  93. Tee Designers and Artists
  94. Tee Detectives and Masters of Design
  95. Tee Detectives and Rebels
  96. Tee Dreamers
  97. Tee Dynasty
  98. Tee Emperors of Style
  99. Tee Encounters
  100. Tee Experts of Design
  101. Tee Explorers
  102. Tee Explorers and Craftsmen
  103. Tee Fever
  104. Tee Frenzy: Get frisky and create some crazy t-shirts!
  105. Tee Galaxy
  106. Tee Geniuses
  107. Tee Geniuses and Overlords
  108. Tee Geniuses and Savants
  109. Tee Gurus
  110. Tee Gurus and Adventurers
  111. Tee Gurus and Geniuses
  112. Tee Legends
  113. Tee Maestros of Fashion
  114. Tee Magicians
  115. Tee Magicians and Professionals
  116. Tee Makers and Tinkerers
  117. Tee Mania
  118. Tee Maniacs and Explorers
  119. Tee Marvels
  120. Tee Marvels and Wonders
  121. Tee Masters
  122. Tee Masters of Design
  123. Tee Ninjas
  124. Tee Obsession
  125. Tee Palooza
  126. Tee Pioneers
  127. Tee Pioneers and Detectives
  128. Tee Pioneers and Professionals
  129. Tee Pioneers and Vendors
  130. Tee Professionals and Savants
  131. Tee Professionals and Showroom
  132. Tee Rebels and Architects
  133. Tee Rebels and Tinkerers
  134. Tee Revolutionaries
  135. Tee Revolutionaries and Mavericks
  136. Tee Revolutionaries of Fashion
  137. Tee Sages and Commandos
  138. Tee Savants and Maestros
  139. Tee Splendors
  140. Tee Style Stars
  141. Tee Tailors
  142. Tee Time
  143. Tee Tinkerers
  144. Tee Titans
  145. Tee Titans of Fashion
  146. Tee Titans of Style
  147. Tee Town
  148. Tee Vendors
  149. Tee Vibes
  150. Tee Visionaries
  151. Tee Visionaries and Emperors
  152. Tee Visionaries and Innovators
  153. Tee Warriors
  154. Tee Warriors and Explorers
  155. Tee Warriors and Rebels
  156. Tee Wizards and Gurus
  157. Tee Wizards and Rebels
  158. TeeGasm
  159. The Graphic Tee Archive
  160. The Graphic Tee Boutique
  161. The Graphic Tee Boutique
  162. The Graphic Tee Co.
  163. The Graphic Tee Collection
  164. The Graphic Tee Collection
  165. The Graphic Tee Collective
  166. The Graphic Tee Company
  167. The Graphic Tee Co-op
  168. The Graphic Tee Cottage
  169. The Graphic Tee Gallery
  170. The Graphic Tee House
  171. The Graphic Tee Library
  172. The Graphic Tee Museum
  173. The Graphic Tee Shop
  174. The Graphic Tee Shop
  175. The Graphic Tee Society
  176. The Graphic Tee Store
  177. The Graphic Tee Store
  178. The Graphic Tee Studio
  179. The Graphic Tee Vault
  180. The Graphic Tee Vault
  181. The Graphic Tee Workshop
  182. The Print Archive
  183. The Print Boutique
  184. The Print Boutique
  185. The Print Collection
  186. The Print Collection
  187. The Print Collective
  188. The Print Company
  189. The Print Co-op
  190. The Print Cottage
  191. The Print Gallery
  192. The Print House
  193. The Print Library
  194. The Print Museum
  195. The Print Shop
  196. The Print Shop
  197. The Print Society
  198. The Print Store
  199. The Print Store
  200. The Print Studio
  201. The Print Vault
  202. The Print Vault
  203. The Print Workshop
  204. The Shirt Ambassadors of Fashion
  205. The Shirt Apprentices
  206. The Shirt Apprentices and Mavericks
  207. The Shirt Apprentices of Design
  208. The Shirt Architects
  209. The Shirt Architects and Creators
  210. The Shirt Architects and Innovators
  211. The Shirt Architects of Design
  212. The Shirt Architects of Style
  213. The Shirt Archive
  214. The Shirt Barons
  215. The Shirt Boutique
  216. The Shirt Boutique
  217. The Shirt Brigade
  218. The Shirt Buffs of Design
  219. The Shirt Collection
  220. The Shirt Collection
  221. The Shirt Collective
  222. The Shirt Commanders
  223. The Shirt Commandos
  224. The Shirt Commandos of Design
  225. The Shirt Company
  226. The Shirt Connoisseurs and Ambassadors
  227. The Shirt Co-op
  228. The Shirt Cottage
  229. The Shirt Craftsmen of Fashion
  230. The Shirt Creators
  231. The Shirt Creators and Apprentices
  232. The Shirt Designers
  233. The Shirt Designers and Craftsmen
  234. The Shirt Designers and Innovators
  235. The Shirt Doctors
  236. The Shirt Dynasty Kings and Queens
  237. The Shirt Emperors of Design
  238. The Shirt Entrepreneurs
  239. The Shirt Explorers and Connoisseurs
  240. The Shirt Explorers and Innovators
  241. The Shirt Factory
  242. The Shirt Gallery
  243. The Shirt Geniuses
  244. The Shirt Geniuses and Professionals
  245. The Shirt Geniuses of Style
  246. The Shirt Gurus and Masters
  247. The Shirt Heros of Style
  248. The Shirt House
  249. The Shirt Innovators
  250. The Shirt Innovators and Game Changers
  251. The Shirt Kings and Queens
  252. The Shirt Kings and Queens of Style
  253. The Shirt Library
  254. The Shirt Maestros and Tailors
  255. The Shirt Magicians and Masters of Design
  256. The Shirt Magicians and Masters.
  257. The Shirt Magicians of Design
  258. The Shirt Magnates
  259. The Shirt Makers
  260. The Shirt Makers and Masters of Design
  261. The Shirt Makers and Tinkerers
  262. The Shirt Maniacs of Design
  263. The Shirt Maniacs of Style
  264. The Shirt Masters and Heroes
  265. The Shirt Masters and Tinkerers
  266. The Shirt Museum
  267. The Shirt Ninjas
  268. The Shirt Overlords
  269. The Shirt Overlords of Design
  270. The Shirt Pioneers of Style
  271. The Shirt Rebels
  272. The Shirt Revolutionaries
  273. The Shirt Revolutionaries and Creators
  274. The Shirt Sages and Overlords
  275. The Shirt Sages and Storytellers
  276. The Shirt Shed
  277. The Shirt Shop
  278. The Shirt Shop
  279. The Shirt Sleuths
  280. The Shirt Society
  281. The Shirt Sorcerers
  282. The Shirt Store
  283. The Shirt Store
  284. The Shirt Studio
  285. The Shirt Tailors and Buffs
  286. The Shirt Tailors and Professionals
  287. The Shirt Tailors of Design
  288. The Shirt Tailors of Fashion
  289. The Shirt Tailors of Style
  290. The Shirt Tinkerers and Innovators
  291. The Shirt Vault
  292. The Shirt Vault
  293. The Shirt Visionaries
  294. The Shirt Visionaries and Creators
  295. The Shirt Warriors
  296. The Shirt Warriors and Magicians
  297. The Shirt Wizards and Overlords
  298. The Shirt Wizards and Warriors
  299. The Shirt Workshop
  300. The Tee Archive
  301. The Tee Boutique
  302. The Tee Boutique
  303. The Tee Box
  304. The Tee Chamber
  305. The Tee Collection
  306. The Tee Collection
  307. The Tee Collective
  308. The Tee Company
  309. The Tee Co-op
  310. The Tee Cottage
  311. The Tee Den
  312. The Tee Emporium
  313. The Tee Gallery
  314. The Tee House
  315. The Tee Lab
  316. The Tee Library
  317. The Tee Museum
  318. The Tee Shop
  319. The Tee Shop
  320. The Tee Society
  321. The Tee Spot
  322. The Tee Store
  323. The Tee Studio
  324. The Tee Vault
  325. The Tee Vault
  326. The Tee Workshop
  327. The T-Shirt Emporium
  328. Threaded Apparel
  329. T-Shirt Adventurers
  330. T-Shirt Adventurers and Revolutionaries
  331. T-Shirt Ambassadors and Innovators
  332. T-Shirt Architects
  333. T-Shirt Architects and Maestros
  334. T-Shirt Architects and Showroom
  335. T-Shirt Artisans
  336. T-Shirt Artists
  337. T-Shirt Barons
  338. T-Shirt Bazaar
  339. T-Shirt Buffs
  340. T-Shirt Circus
  341. T-Shirt Circus Masters
  342. T-Shirt Commandos and Architects
  343. T-Shirt Commandos and Creators
  344. T-Shirt Commandos and Heros
  345. T-Shirt Connoisseurs
  346. T-Shirt Connoisseurs and Craftsmen
  347. T-Shirt Connoisseurs of Design
  348. T-Shirt Crafters
  349. T-Shirt Craftsmen and Commandos
  350. T-Shirt Designers and Tailors
  351. T-Shirt Detectives
  352. T-Shirt Dynasty
  353. T-Shirt Experiments
  354. T-Shirt Experts
  355. T-Shirt Explorers
  356. T-Shirt Explorers and Visionaries
  357. T-Shirt Explorers and Wizards
  358. T-Shirt Expressions
  359. T-Shirt Festival
  360. T-Shirt Gallery
  361. T-Shirt Geeks
  362. T-Shirt Gurus and Magicians
  363. T-Shirt Heros and Crafters
  364. T-Shirt Journeys
  365. T-Shirt Kingdom
  366. T-Shirt Lovers
  367. T-Shirt Maestros and Tailors
  368. T-Shirt Magician
  369. T-Shirt Magicians
  370. T-Shirt Magicians and Sleuths
  371. T-Shirt Magicians and Storytellers
  372. T-Shirt Makers
  373. T-Shirt Makers and Commandos
  374. T-Shirt Maniacs
  375. T-Shirt Masters
  376. T-Shirt Masters of Fashion
  377. T-Shirt Masters of Style
  378. T-Shirt Mavericks
  379. T-Shirt Mavericks and Architects
  380. T-Shirt Mavericks of Fashion
  381. T-Shirt Mechanics
  382. T-Shirt Mechanics of Style
  383. T-Shirt Miracles
  384. T-Shirt Obsession
  385. T-Shirt Parlor
  386. T-Shirt Pioneers and Gurus
  387. T-Shirt Prodigies
  388. T-Shirt Pros
  389. T-Shirt Revolutionaries and Crafters
  390. T-Shirt Revolutionaries and Magicians
  391. T-Shirt Savants and Prodigies
  392. T-Shirt Showroom
  393. T-Shirt Showroom and Doctors
  394. T-Shirt Studio
  395. T-Shirt Tinkerers and Gurus
  396. T-Shirt Titans of Fashion
  397. T-Shirt Villains
  398. T-Shirt Visionaries and Gurus
  399. T-Shirt Vixens
  400. T-Shirt Warriors and Tinkerers
  401. T-Shirt Wizards
  402. T-Shirt Kings and Queens
  403. T-Shirtology

t shirt business founder working on print name for t-shirt

9 Tee-Shirt Company Names with Catchy Slogans

  1. Shirt Circus: Show off your creative side with wild t-shirts.
  2. Shirt Junkies: For the shirt fanatics out there.
  3. Tee Monsters: Unleash your wacky side.
  4. T-Shirt Wizards: Cast a custom spell with cool t-shirts.
  5. Tee Tribe: Join the tribe 
  6. TeeLicious: Deliciously designed t-shirts for everyone to enjoy.
  7. TeeSplosion: Explosive t-shirt designs.
  8. TeeTales: Shirts that tell a story.
  9. The Teezers: Get teezing with a custom t-shirt.

Tips for Picking Custom T Shirt Business Names

Creating your t-shirt business name is a very important step because you’re establishing the identity of your t-shirt brand. You want to come up with a name that is unique and encompasses the functions and goals of your business operations.

Here are some tips to ensure you pick the best name for your t-shirt business and brand.

Be Descriptive

Pick a name that tells people what your business is and what you sell.

When you’re thinking of a business name think of something that generalizes everything that your business does and what it represents. What words touch with the base of your target audience? 

Brainstorm T Shirt Business Name Ideas using Related Words

Consider words like ‘tees’, ‘shirts’, ‘wear’, ‘apparel’, ‘clothing’ or gear and so on. 

You need to rainstorm these words and phrases and write them down in a list. 

Consider Using Your Nickname

If you’re an influencer or popular in your circle, then consider using your nickname or family name in the t-shirt business name.

Follow the footsteps of popular brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and plenty more by inserting your name into your t-shirt business name.

Use t-shirt company names generator

Make use of the free business name generators you can find online. There are a ton of different tools out there that will help you generate tshirt brand name ideas.

t shirt store displaying t-shirts in different colors with no name printed on them

Specify Your Target Audience and Niche

If your t-shirt business targets a very specific segment of customers, then consider adding your niche into the name, or the title of your ideal customer.

So think about your core target audience, and what your t-shirt line is about and see if you can use relevant words that speak to your target customers.. 

For example, if you’re into streetball you might know the company And1. In streetball, people call their own fouls. So, if you foul somebody you would say ‘And-one’ in the game because they get to shoot a free-throw. So the founders of this company came up with the brand name ‘And1’ that is targeted to streetball players who know exactly what it means and can relate to it.

The Australian founders of the apparel company BillaBong named their company after a body of water. They are a surfing apparel brand after all and they wanted a name that resonates with surfers. 

These are two good examples where the business name is heavily based on who the target customer is and what the brand is about. Then consider what are some of the relevant catch phrases or sayings in that niche.This could really help connect with your core target audience.

Consider Your Location in the Name

Think about adding your geographical location within the name also. 

So, if you are from Knoxville Tennessee, and you’re opening a t-shirt printing company for the local market, then a great name could be Rocky Top Tees, The Big Orange T-Shirt Printing Company, or Big Orange Tees. 

These are names that make sense to your target audience because in Knoxville the UT Football team is highly followed and loved, and the team colors are orange and white, so a name like Big Orange Tees would resonate with the locals and the community that’s going to be buying from you. 

Customers know they’re buying from someone local. They will feel they can trust you. Your products, the t-shirts remind them of home and the name gives them a feeling of comfort and familiarity.

A real example I can name is ‘Sedgwick & Cedar’. This business is based on the origins of early classic hip-hop in 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, which is where the first hip hop jams were born. The founders are from a place called Cedar Park in the Bronx. So, both Sedgwick and Cedar are in the Bronx, and they mashed them together to build their apparel brand name. 

So think about where you’re from and where you live, and if it has a meaning to you which you can include in your t-shirt business name.

Consider Your Future Business Plans

Another thing to consider when choosing a good business name for your T Shirt company is what your future plans for the business are. 

This is part of the strategy planning and research phase, because you don’t want to get boxed in by the t-shirt business name you choose. 

For example, if you choose a name like ‘Girls Rock T-Shirts’ because you are targeting women, then you are limiting yourself to this niche. You can only sell to women because you’ve marginalized yourself in there with the name you chose.  

Do Your Research for DBA

Once you come up with a list of potential t-shirt business names ideas, then you need to do some research.

First off, check the U.S. Patent and Trademark office for registered DBAs. DBA stands for Doing-Business-As, and it’s a register of all the registered business names in your area. 

You want to see if there is anyone who is already doing business with the same name as the one you are considering for your t-shirt business. 

Going for a name that already exists and being used can get you in legal troubles and if you go down this road you will be spending money on legal fees that would be better spent on building your tshirt business instead.

Get the Domain for your Online T-Shirt website

Next step is to check if the website domain name is available for the name that you choose. After all chances are you will be opening an online t shirt store to sell your products from. So, always check the domain name availability for the t-shirt business names you’re considering.

Go to Godaddy or Namecheap.com, two of the most trustworthy domain agents and type in the names you want to check. They will show you if the domain is available for purchase.

See if you can find that name as a dot com, preferably. Having said this, today you will find many different url extensions (TLDs), so you if you really want the name and the dot com is not available you can choose to go for an alternative extension such as dot-net, dot-shop, dot-biz, dot-online, dot-us, etc. 

Whatever domain name you choose, just keep in mind that brand consistency is super important. So whether people are looking for your t-shirt company online, or through social media or any other source of marketing, everything about the brand name is consistent. 

You don’t want to have one name for your store and social handle, for example, and a slightly different name for your domain name, just because you didn’t find the exact domain for your t-shirt business name. 

It needs to be consistent so that customers can easily find you. 

t-shirt business printing name on blue teeshirt

Some Examples of T-Shirt Business Name Ideas using above Tips

Here are some examples of names I came up with by following the above tips,

Florida Dad Gear: this name is a combination of the business location, the customer type and the product description. This is a good name because if you came across this T-shirt company name on an advert, whether you heard it on radio, or saw it on social media, you would know exactly what that company is about. It’s a simple name that ticks the right boxes. 

Mustang Apparel Company: This name contains the niche plus the product description. This name lets customers know exactly what you’re selling.

Pug Love Tees: This t-shirt business name contains the niche plus the product. The niche is pugs and the target customers are people who love pugs. The product is obviously tee-shirts. So, just by seeing this name I immediately realise this company sells t-shirts that are probably pug related.

Still In My Prime Apparel: this could be for people over a certain age, like over forties or fifties who are still very much young at heart and proud of it. 

Final Recap on Choosing a Name for Your T Shirt Business

When coming up with a name for your tee-shirt company, it is important to consider the tone and message that you want your business to convey. 

Creative t-shirt business names should be both memorable and reflective of the brand’s identity. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to choosing a name, whether you choose one of the t-shirt business name ideas listed above, or something else entirely.

Follow my tips and examples and I’m sure you’ll manage to land on the perfect name for your tshirt business. 

Good luck! 

For more inspiration check out our full category of Business Name ideas.


I am a branding and naming consultant with 16 years of experience. I believe in building a strong brand name that identifies your visions and that of your business. A brand identity motivates you and your team to achieve success.