Photography Business Name Ideas

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Man in photo studio choosing a name for his photography business

When choosing the best name for your new photography business, or studio, you want something unique and memorable that will help you stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on potential clients. 

In this article I provide various lists of potential photography names for your studio or business.

Whatever your area of specialization, you’re sure to find something that will inspire you.

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Further down I also give some tips for how to choose a unique name for your photography business that is sure to turn heads. In fact here’s a handy list of what you can expect to find in this article.

Just skip right to the relevant sections by clicking on the titles below:

So grab your camera and buck up, because these ideas are sure to give you an edge in creating the perfect name for your photography business journey. 

Ideas for Photography Business Names

  • Click Photography
  • Focal Point Photography
  • Be Seen Photography
  • Reflections Photography
  • Shutterbug Photography
  • Visual Impact Photography
  • Image Makers Photography
  • Image Crafters Photography
  • Moment Capturers Photography
  • Picture Perfect Photography
  • Framed Memories Photography
  • Perfect Shots Photography
  • Captured Moments Photography
  • Sight Lines Photography
  • Visual Journey Photography
  • Image Keepers Photography
  • Light Struck Photography
  • Everlasting Images Photography
  • Lens Art Photography
  • Capture This Photography
  • Flashpoint Photography
  • Picture Me Photography
  • Fotografica Photography
  • Flash Forward Photography
  • Momentum Photography
  • Life Frame Photography
  • Don’t Blink Photography
  • Memory Makers Photography
  • Picture Perfection Photography
  • Illuminated Images Photography
  • Snap Happy Photography
  • Aperture Photography
  • Flash Focus Photography
  • Visual Perfection Photography
  • Focal Flair Photography
  • Image Masters Photography
  • Capture Life Photography
  • Image Landscape Photography
  • Flash Freeze Photography
  • Visual Oasis Photography
  • Frame Matters Photography
  • Image Pro Photography
  • Picture This Photography
  • Photo Ops Photography
  • Aperture Style Photography
  • Moment by Moment Photography
  • Frame by Frame Photography
  • Reflections in Time Photography
  • Captured in Time Photography
  • Shoot to Remember Photography
  • Focus Point Photography
  • Flash Memories Photography
  • Photogenic Photography
  • Photosmith Photography
  • Point & Shoot Photography
  • Picture Perfects Photography
  • Perfect Pose Photography
  • Pixel Perfect Photography
  • Photo Focus Photography
  • Image Capture Photography
  • Aperture Focus Photography
  • Flash of Light Photography
  • Visualize Photography
  • Captured Forever Photography
  • The Art of Seeing Photography
  • Visual Storytellers Photography
  • Camera Creatives Photography
  • Picture This Photography
  • Flash Vision Photography
  • Picture Perfectionists Photography
  • Visual Connections Photography
  • Photo Flair Photography
  • Momentum Photography
  • Forever Images Photography
  • Frame of Mind Photography
  • Flash of Life Photography
  • Photographic Memory Photography
  • Picture This Photography
  • Photographic Excellence Photography
  • Shutter Art Photography
  • Picture Magic Photography
  • Keepsake Photos Photography
  • Image Keepers Photography
  • Photo Art Photography
  • Shutter Vision Photography
  • Visual Reflection Photography
  • Click Creation Photography
  • Captured Memories Photography
  • Eye of the Lens Photography
  • Flashed Photography
  • Photographic Artistry Photography
  • Photo Freedom Photography
  • Image Captures Photography
  • Momentum Photography
  • Flashed In Time Photography
  • Captured Splendor Photography
  • Visual Inspiration Photography
  • Picture Perfectionists Photography
  • Image Pro Photography
  • Photo Expression Photography

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Creative Names for a Photography Business

  •  Shutterbugs Photography
  •  Bright Focus Studios
  •  Picture Perfect Shots
  •  Captured Moments Studio
  •  Snap Happy Pics
  •  InstaFame Photography
  •  Perfect Frame Photographers
  •  Aperture Expressions
  •  Click Away Images
  •  Focal Point Photos
  •  Memory Keepers Photography
  •  PixelArt Producers
  •  Flashing Lights Illuminations
  •  In Focus Designs
  •  Reflections of Life Photos
  • Digital Dreams Productions
  • Frame it For Life Photography
  • Capture It All Media Studios
  • Picture This Creations
  • Studio 45 Photography
  • Luminaire Imaging
  • ImageMasters Photographers
  • On Target Studios
  • Lens Lights Photography
  • Micron Memories Pictures
  •  Exposé Images
  •  Picture Palace Productions
  •  All OccasionsAperture Images
  •  iCreate Digital Media
  •  High Definition Shots
  •  Photogene Creative Company
  •  ReelVision Pictures
  •  InstaKlicks Photography
  •  LifeLong Reflections Photos
  •  PixelArt Producers Plus
  •  Monumental Moments Photo Studio
  •  Flashback Fotos
  •  InstaSnap Captures
  •  Impressions Photography
  • Intelligent Image Design
  • Picture This Creations Pro
  • MegaMind Photography
  • Cinematic Shine Pictures
  • Picture Perfect Reflections
  • Image Architects Production
  • Captured Images Creation
  •  Shutterbugs Unlimited
  •  Photogenic Professionals Studios
  •  Click It and Capture It
  •  Artistry in Aperture Studios
  •  UltraClick Photography
  •  Digital Eye Photo Services
  •  Moments to Remember Photos
  •  Image Masters of the Universe
  •  Reflection of Beauty Photography
  •  Photonders Innovations
  •  Captured Artworks Photos
  •  Picture This Creations Plus
  •  Imagery Producers
  • Infinite Focus Photography
  • Shooting Star Studios
  • Vivid Perspectives Productions
  •  InstaFame Photography Plus
  •  Creative Camera Craftsmen
  •  Pixel Perfect Portraits
  •  EyeSpy Images
  •  Visual Impact Arts Studio
  •  Kaleidoscope Memories Photo Studio
  •  Image Wizards Designers
  •  Pixel Perfect Photography
  •  Snapshot Creations
  •  LiveLife Photographers
  •  Digital Shots and Designs
  •  Imageworks Productions
  •  Artful Solutions Pictures
  •  Reflections of Life Images
  • Shutterbugs Pro
  • EyeCanSee Pic Services
  • Photolife Captures
  • Moment Keepers Photos
  • LensScapes Studios
  • Snapshots For Eternity
  • Focal Point Photo Worskops
  • Visual Expressions Artistry
  • Picture Perfect Reflections Plus
  • Pixel Perfect Photography Pro
  •  Prosumer Photo Solutions
  •  Camera Effects Designers
  •  ShutterKicks Images
  •  Instant Pics Services
  •  Picture This Plus Productions
  •  Exposure Events Photo Studio
  •  Capture All Memories Pictures
  •  Flashing Lights Illuminations Plus
  • Lightshow Photographers
  • Fusion Image Design
  • Eye Candy Photography
  • Digital Dreams Production Plus
  • Photo Magic Portraits
  • Focus on Life Photography

photography studio set up with lights and green screen

Fun Photography Studio Names based on Puns

  • Prints Charming
  • Snap Decision
  • Frame of Mind
  • Developing Story
  • Focus on the Prize
  • Big Picture Perfection
  • Flash of Brilliance
  • Aperture Priority
  • Exposure Expressions
  • Capturing Joy
  • Images in Time
  • Picture This Photography
  • Snapshot Sensations
  • Flash of Insight
  • Shoot to Thrill
  • Picture Perfect Moments
  • Frame of Reference
  • Capturing Life’s Moments
  • Perfect Exposure
  • Shutter Speed
  • Click of a Lifetime
  • Brighten Your Day Photography
  • Capturing the Moment
  • Image Reflections
  • Focal Point Photography
  • Clear Focus
  • Expressions in Time
  • Framed for Life
  • Picture It Photography
  • Captured Memories
  • Flashback Photo
  • Snap Happy
  • Moment Captured
  • Say Cheese Photo
  • The F-Stop
  • Foto Frenzy
  • Unforgettable Moments
  • Photo Op
  • Memory Maker
  • Lens of Life
  • Picture Perfect Solutions
  • Picture Perfection
  • Digital Dreams
  • Captivating Shots
  • Reflections of Life
  • Frame It Up
  • Through the Lens
  • Flash Forward
  • Aperture to Remember
  • Captured Imagery
  • Say Cheese!
  • Photo Finish
  • Click It Photography
  • Memory Lane
  • The Camera Clique
  • Through Your Lens
  • Capture the Moment
  • Picture This!
  • Masterpieces of Memory
  • F-Stop Fotos
  • Life’s Reflections
  • Camera-Ready
  • Picture Me Perfect
  • Aperture Artistry
  • Captured Moments
  • Brighten Your Day
  • Frame It Now
  • Photogenic Solutions
  • Life’s Little Moments
  • Flash Point
  • Foto Fun
  • Photo Phantasy
  • Image Makers
  • Exposure Express
  • Shutter Speed Shines
  • Picture Perfect
  • Perfect Shutter
  • Picture Perfection Express
  • Photo Memories
  • Focus on Life
  • Unforgettable Images
  • Perfect Shot
  • Perfect Frame
  • Captured Reflections
  • Frame It Right
  • Focus on Fun
  • Captured in Time
  • The Perfect Picture
  • Flash Forward Photography
  • Picture Perfect Memories
  • Fotostory
  • Reflections of Time
  • Shutter Shots
  • Flashback Photos
  • Picture This Memories
  • Captured in Light
  • Foto Focus
  • Snapshot Sensations 

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Photography Studio Names

  • Studio Eclipse
  • Illuminate Images
  • Snapshotz
  • Reflexion Photo
  • Reflection Room
  • Lightbox Studios
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Picture Perfect
  • Aperture Art
  • Focus Frame
  • Camera Craze
  • Shutter Shots
  • Photon Express
  • Infinity Imaging
  • F-Stop Images
  • Image Makers
  • Image Works
  • Photo Frenzy
  • Perfect Pix
  • Snap Magic
  • Camera Cloud
  • Exposure Studios
  • Picture Pros
  • Lens Lingo
  • Camera Kaleidoscope
  • Frame Frenzy
  • Captured Magic
  • Frame It Up
  • Beyond the Lens
  • Capture the Moment
  • The Foto Factory
  • Photo-Mania
  • Flash Focus
  • Photon Productions
  • Camera Catch
  • Image Cube
  • Studio X
  • Photo Dynamics
  • Picture Perfection
  • Picture Power
  • Photo Point
  • Camera Corner
  • Snapshot Solutions
  • Focus Factor
  • Moment Maker
  • Shooters
  • Memories Forever
  • Camera Catchers
  • Photo Express
  • Foto Fun
  • Flash Shots
  • Digital Imaging
  • Picture Palace
  • Zoom In
  • Image Explosion
  • Captured Memories
  • Digital Dimensions
  • Camera Creations
  • Flash Frame
  • Image Station
  • Dream Shots
  • Flash Forward
  • Photonic Images
  • Pixel Perfection
  • Framing Solutions

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Real Estate Photography Business Names

  • Real Estate Imaging Solutions 
  • Home Focus Photography 
  • Captured Estate 
  • Home Shot Photography 
  • Dream Estate Photography 
  • Real Estate Visions 
  • Home Vision Photography 
  • Property Portraits 
  • Home Pictures 
  • Estate Images 
  • Real Estate Photo Pros 
  • Home Snapshots 
  • Home Portraits 
  • Estate Capture 
  • Real Estate Photos Inc
  • Real Estate Photos Plus 
  • Perfect Property Photos 
  • Home Scope Photography 
  • Estate Expression 
  • Realty Photo Solutions 
  • Home Picture Perfection 
  • Real Estate Picture Pros 
  • Property Pictures Plus 
  • Home Photo Solutions 
  • Estate Artistry 
  • Real Estate Photo Specialists 
  • Realty Photo Expressions 
  • Dream Home Photography 
  • Property Photo Pros 
  • Real Estate Images Plus 
  • Home Photography Masters 
  • Property Photos Now 
  • Estate Shots 
  • Home Image Solutions 
  • Estate Picture Perfection 
  • Real Estate Photo Pros Inc
  • Realty Pictures 
  • Property Photo Expressions 
  • Real Estate Snapshots 
  • Home Photo Masters 
  • Estate Photo Solutions 
  • Real Estate Captures 
  • Home Photographers 
  • Estate Images Plus 
  • Real Estate Picture Expressions 
  • Property Portraits Plus 
  • Home Photos Now 
  • Estate Shots Plus 
  • Real Estate Photography Pros 
  • Home Snapshots Plus 
  • Property Pictures 
  • Real Estate Photo Solutions 
  • Realty Photos Now 
  • Home Picture Perfection Plus 
  • Estate Images Inc
  • Home Photo Specialists 
  • Property Photo Masters 
  • Real Estate Snapshot Solutions 
  • Home Image Expressions 
  • Estate Captures Plus 
  • Real Estate Pictures Now 
  • Realty Photography Pros 
  • Property Photos 
  • Home Photo Pros Plus 
  • Estate Image Solutions 
  • Real Estate Photos Expressions 
  • Home Snapshots Inc
  • Real Estate Captures Now 
  • Realty Pictures Plus 
  • Property Photo Solutions 
  • Home Picture Masters 
  • Estate Shots Expressions 
  • Real Estate Image Pros 
  • Home Photos 
  • Real Estate Photography Now 
  • Realty Photo Specialists 
  • Real Estate Portraits Solutions 
  • Property Captures 
  • Real Estate Photography Masters 
  • Realty Images Plus 
  • Property Photo Solutions Plus 
  • Home Shots 
  • Estate Image Expressions 
  • Real Estate Photos Now 
  • Home Photography Pros 
  • Property Pictures Expressions 
  • Real Estate Snapshots Plus 
  • Realty Photo Masters 
  • Property Portraits Expressions 
  • Home Image Solutions Plus 
  • Estate Captures 
  • Real Estate Pictures Inc
  • Realty Photos 
  • Property Photo Pros Plus

Baby Photography Business Names

  • Baby Pix
  • Little Lens Babies
  • Tiny Tots Photography
  • Cherishing Memories
  • Snaps of Love
  • Baby Steps Photography
  • Cute Kidz
  • Baby Bliss Photography
  • Newborns & Babies
  • Forever Captured
  • Little Smiles
  • Baby Shots
  • Sweet Memories
  • Precious Moments
  • Baby Bundles Photography
  • Wee Wonders
  • Angelic Photos
  • Baby Expressions
  • Sweet Beginnings
  • Little Ones
  • Baby Love Photography
  • Baby Peeks
  • Infant Illuminations
  • Baby Faces
  • Baby Photobooth
  • Infant Impressions
  • Tiny Toes Photography
  • Little Angels
  • Baby Cuties
  • Photo Magic
  • Little Treasures
  • Newborn Delights
  • Baby Keepsake
  • Little Stars
  • Baby Photo Studio
  • Miracle Moments
  • Baby Celebrations
  • Captured Creations
  • Captured Expressions
  • Little miracles
  • Babyography
  • Joyful Journeys
  • Tiny Wonders Photography
  • Baby Steps
  • Baby Memories
  • Baby Perfection
  • Perfectly Cute
  • Baby Blissfuls
  • Little Grins
  • Newborns & Toddlers
  • Sweet Pea Photography
  • Tiny Toes & Smiles
  • Baby Giggles
  • Baby Treasures
  • Baby Cuddles
  • Infant Reflections
  • Baby Steps Gallery
  • Infant Imprint
  • Precious Little Ones
  • Cute Kiddos
  • Captured Moments
  • Baby Steps & Smiles
  • Baby Portraits
  • Miracle Baby Photography
  • Sweet Embrace
  • Little Love Photography
  • Baby Pics
  • Little Bumps
  • Baby Moments
  • Baby Poses
  • Tiny Joys
  • Baby Masterpieces
  • Cute Posers
  • Little Charms
  • Bouncing Baby Photography
  • Infant Fotos
  • Little Gems
  • Small Wonders
  • Precious Peanuts
  • Babyography Studio
  • Little Legacy
  • Baby Glimpses
  • Baby Bear Photography
  • Little Pearls
  • Sweet Smiles
  • Baby Portrait Studio
  • Baby Photoshoot
  • Lullaby Photos
  • Precious Posers
  • Newborns & Co
  • Baby Expressions Studio
  • Little Buddies
  • Tiny Delights
  • Baby Faces Photography
  • Sweet Smooches
  • Baby Sculptures
  • Infant Keepsakes
  • Tiny Cherubs
  • Baby Shoots Photography

photographers with drones cameras taking aerial pictures

Drone Photography Business Names

Aerial photographs offer a unique perspective that is not possible from the ground, 

Drones offer a number of advantages for aerial photographers, including the ability to capture images from difficult-to-reach or hazardous locations, as well as the ability to capture high-resolution, detailed images from a variety of angles. 

These positive elements should be reflected in the name of any aerial or drone photography business.

Here are a few good names for a Drone photography business.

  • Aerial Images
  • Drone Shots
  • Sky Vision
  • Flying Focus
  • SoarCam
  • High Fly Photography
  • Drone Pix
  • Eye in the Sky
  • Air Capture
  • Sky Captured
  • Sky High Productions
  • Sky Scape
  • SkyCam
  • Drone Capture
  • Air Photography
  • Above the Clouds
  • Drone Photography Services
  • Above the Ordinary
  • Sky Angle
  • Air Photo
  • Drone Focus
  • High Definition Photography
  • Up in the Air
  • Above All
  • World from Above
  • Highfly Photography
  • High Altitude Images
  • Drone Fly
  • DronePics
  • UAV Shots
  • AirVue
  • High Altitude Photography
  • Upview
  • Air-Views
  • Air-Scapes
  • SkyVue
  • Sky-Wide
  • Drone-Vision
  • SkySnapz
  • SkyShots
  • SkyCamz
  • Drone-Focus
  • Sky-Wide View
  • Aerial Sightings
  • High-Altitude Views
  • Up Above Photography
  • Sky-High Images
  • Above the Horizon
  • Air-Captured
  • Sky-High Photography
  • Top-Down Views
  • Sky-High Visions
  • Drone-Eye View
  • High Above Photography
  • Above It All
  • Birds-Eye Photography
  • Fly-By Photography
  • Drone-Scapes
  • High-Altitude Images
  • Drone-Takes
  • High Flyers
  • Aerial Aerial
  • UAV Captures
  • Soaring Shots
  • Sky-Sight
  • Air-Visions
  • Air-Catch
  • Flying Photography
  • Sky-Glimpses
  • High Altitude View
  • Drone-Vision Photography
  • Above the Rest
  • High-Altitude Captures
  • Air-Glimpses
  • Air-Shots
  • Air-Scenes
  • High-Fly Photography
  • Above the Line
  • High-Fly Captures
  • UAV-Scapes
  • High-Fly Visions
  • Sky-Scope
  • Sky-Views
  • UAV-Focus
  • Sky-Focused
  • High Altitude Photo
  • Drone-Scenes
  • UAV-Captures
  • High-Altitude Scene
  • Above the Clouds Photography
  • Sky-High Captures
  • High-Altitude Focus
  • Sky-High Scene
  • Drone-Eye Photography
  • Sky-Captures
  • Air-Photography
  • Top-Down View
  • Above Ground Photography
  • High-Altitude Shots
  • Drone-Scapes Photography

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Nature Photography Business Names

As a nature photographer your are specialized in capturing images of natural landscapes, plants, animals, and other elements of the natural world. Most nature photographers may work in a variety of settings, including wilderness areas, national parks, gardens, and other outdoor locations.

All these characteristics of your nature photography business should be reflected in the name you choose so that potential clients can immediately understand what you can offer.

Here are some ideas of nature photography business names.

  • Nature Captured
  • Earthly Horizons
  • Nature’s Light
  • Nature’s Eye
  • Wild Wonders
  • Natural Wonders Photography
  • Natural Artistry
  • Nature’s Canvas
  • Earthly Wonders
  • Outdoor Images
  • Wilderness Photography
  • Earthly Perspective
  • Nature’s Artwork
  • Natural Beauty Photo
  • Nature’s World
  • Wild Landscapes
  • Natural Lens
  • Nature’s Edge
  • Outdoor Wonders
  • Nature’s View
  • Nature’s Focus
  • Wilderness Light
  • Nature’s Captures
  • Outdoor Retreats
  • Nature’s Captive
  • Natural Wonders Photo
  • Nature’s Light Photography
  • Earthly Beauty
  • Nature’s Wonders
  • Natural Splendor
  • Natural Beauty Images
  • Nature’s Wonders Photography
  • Natural World Photography
  • Nature’s Vision
  • Wild Wonders Photo
  • Nature’s Art
  • Natural Landscape
  • Nature’s Reflection
  • Earthly Visions
  • Wild Images
  • Nature’s Reflections
  • Wilderness Visions
  • Natural Landscapes Photography
  • Nature’s Moment
  • Nature’s Splendor
  • Nature’s Design
  • Earthly Impressions
  • Natural Photography
  • Nature’s Artistry
  • Nature’s Reflections Photography
  • Outdoor Wonders Photography
  • Natural Splendors
  • Nature’s Realms
  • Nature’s Expressions
  • Natural Light Photography
  • Nature’s Images
  • Natural Landscapes Photo
  • Nature’s Beauty
  • Nature’s Artworks
  • Natural Wonders Images
  • Outdoor Reflections
  • Nature’s Vision Photography
  • Nature’s Delight
  • Nature’s Details
  • Nature’s Splendour
  • Nature’s Magnificence
  • Nature’s Majesty
  • Nature’s Lights
  • Wilderness Images
  • Natural Landscape Photography
  • Nature’s Splendors Photography
  • Nature’s Magic
  • Nature’s Reflection Photography
  • Nature’s Picture
  • Outdoor Photography
  • Nature’s Eye Photography
  • Nature’s Curves
  • Natural Wonders Pictures
  • Nature’s Capture
  • Nature’s Images Photography
  • Nature’s Beauty Photography
  • Nature’s Photo
  • Earthly Wonders Photo
  • Nature’s Splendour Photography
  • Nature’s Landscape
  • Nature’s Detail 
  • Nature’s Images Photo
  • Nature’s Brilliant Light
  • Nature’s Perfection
  • Nature’s Paradise
  • Nature’s Illusion
  • Nature’s Palette
  • Nature’s Horizons
  • Nature’s Delights
  • Nature’s Poetry
  • Nature’s Wonders Images
  • Nature’s Masterpiece
  • Natural Wonders Photo Art

Pet Photography Business Names

As a pet photographer you may have expertise in handling and photographing various types of animals that not many other photographers can claim to do.

Your attention to detail, to the needs and behavior of the pets, and the ability to capture the unique personality and characteristics of each pet are characteristics that you can outline when choosing a name for your Pet photography studio.

The following list has various ideas for pet photography business names that might be good for your studio.

  • Purfect Photo Paws 
  • Picture Pawfection 
  • Pawfection Photography 
  • Pet Portraits By Paws 
  • Pet Pic Pros 
  • A Pet’s Best Friend 
  • Fur-tastic Photography 
  • Pet Pics by Design 
  • Pet Photo Studio 
  • The Cat’s Meow Pet Photography 
  • Pawsitively Purrfect Pet Photos 
  • Picture Perfect Pet Photography 
  • Furry Friends Photography 
  • Purrfect Pet Photography 
  • Paw Prints Pet Photography 
  • The Pet Shutterbug 
  • Unleashed Photography 
  • Petography 
  • Paws ‘n Claws Photography 
  • Puppy Prints Pet Photography 
  • The Paw-fect Photographers 
  • Furry Friends Photo Studio 
  • Pupparazzi Pet Photography 
  • Pet Shots Photography 
  • Pet Photo Express 
  • Petography Pros 
  • Furry Friends Forever Photography 
  • Fur Baby Photo Studio 
  • Pet Portraits by Paw 
  • Pet Prints Photography 
  • Bark-tastic Pet Photography 
  • Pet Photos & More 
  • Pet Pix by Design 
  • Pet Pose Photography 
  • Pet Pics Plus 
  • Woof & Meow Pet Photography 
  • Fur Sure Pet Photography 
  • K9 Kapture Photography 
  • Pet Pixies 
  • Pet-tastic Photography 
  • Pet Pal Photography 
  • Pet Portraits by Purrfection 
  • Pet Portrait Professionals 
  • Fur & Fotos Pet Photography 
  • Pet Photography Pros 
  • Furry Friends Photo Shoot 
  • Pet Snaps Photography 
  • Pet Paws Pet Photos 
  • Pet Prints Photographers 
  • Pet Perfection Photography 
  • Pet Photos Plus 
  • Pet Pics Pro 
  • Purr-fect Paws Pet Photography 
  • Pet Photos By Design 
  • Pet Photography by Purrfection 
  • Paw Prints Photography 
  • Pet Portrait Pix 
  • Pet Photo Safari 
  • Pet Photo Shoot 
  • Pet Picture Perfection 
  • Pet Photographers on the Go 
  • Paws & Claws Pet Photography 
  • Pet Pictures Plus 
  • Furry Family Photos 
  • Pet Portrait Masters 
  • Pet Photos of Distinction 
  • Pet Photography Experts 
  • Pet Portraiture by Professionals 
  • Pet Photo Fantasies 
  • Pet Photo Expressions 
  • Fur-tastic Pet Photography 
  • Pet Photos on the Go 
  • Pet Portrait Pros 
  • Pet Portraits by Professionals 
  • Pet Photos & Poses 
  • Pet Photos R Us 
  • Pet Pics Express 
  • Furrific Photos 
  • Pet Photo Safari Studio 
  • Pet Pixies Photo Studio 
  • Pet Photo Perfection 
  • Purr-fectly Pet Portraits 
  • Pet Photography by Professionals 
  • Pet Portraits Plus 
  • Pet Picture Palace 
  • Pet Perfect Pets Photos 
  • Pet Photos Galore 
  • Pet Photos with Perfection 
  • Pet Photo Reflections 
  • Pawsitively Perfect Pet Photography 
  • Pet Photos To Go 
  • Pet Pictures by Purrfection 
  • Paw-fect Pet Photography 
  • Pet Photography Professionals 
  • Pet Photo Pros 
  • Pet Photo Perfectionists

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Wedding Photography Business Names

Wedding photographers are responsible for capturing every important moment and aspect of a wedding, the most special day in a couple’s life and therefore they must inspire trust and confidence that they will produce beautiful and memorable images.

The name of your wedding photography studio must clearly imply that you are a professional and that you specialize in wedding photographers so that clients can rest assured that you are the right photography studio for the job.

Here are some name ideas for wedding photography businesses.

  • Silver Moments Photography
  • A Day to Remember Photography
  • Focus on Love Photography
  • Captured Memories Photography
  • Timeless Treasures Photography
  • Life in Pictures Photography
  • Picture Perfect Photography
  • Love and Laughter Photography
  • Joyful Weddings Photography
  • Capture the Moment Photography
  • Perfectly Captured Photography
  • Visions of Love Photography
  • Love in Focus Photography
  • Perfectly Posed Photography
  • Wedding Bliss Photography
  • Joy and Love Photography
  • Everlasting Memories Photography
  • Capturing the Day Photography
  • Everlasting Love Photography
  • Wedding Magic Photography
  • Dream Weddings Photography
  • Magic Moments Photography
  • Cherished Memories Photography
  • Special Day Photography
  • Sweet Memories Photography
  • Love and Light Photography
  • Picture This Photography
  • Wedding Day Memories Photography
  • Perfect Day Photography
  • Celebrate Life Photography
  • Picture Perfect Weddings Photography
  • Perfectly You Photography
  • Catch the Moment Photography
  • Love Story Photography
  • Moment in Time Photography
  • Forever Love Photography
  • Picture Perfection Photography
  • Wedding Moments Photography
  • Love Captured Photography
  • Lasting Memories Photography
  • Cherish the Moment Photography
  • Sweet Love Photography
  • Joyful Weddings and Events Photography
  • Captured in Time Photography
  • Perfectly Captured Moments Photography
  • Perfectly Captured Weddings Photography
  • Perfectly Captured Memories Photography
  • Memories for a Lifetime Photography
  • Wedding Wonders Photography
  • Forever Captured Photography
  • One Love Photography
  • All About Love Photography
  • Sweet Love Stories Photography
  • Captured Love Photography
  • Weddings and Beyond Photography
  • True Love Photography
  • Eternally Yours Photography
  • Wedded Bliss Photography
  • Happy Weddings Photography
  • Timeless Love Photography
  • Beautiful Memories Photography
  • Cherished Moments Photography
  • Let Love Lead Photography
  • Lasting Moments Photography
  • Love and Joy Photography
  • Love and Happiness Photography
  • Captured in Love Photography
  • Perfectly Wed Photography
  • Life in Focus Photography
  • Laughter and Love Photography
  • Special Moment Photography
  • Memorable Moments Photography
  • Timeless Memories Photography
  • Captured Forever Photography
  • Elegant Weddings Photography
  • Precious Memories Photography
  • Captured Dreams Photography
  • Lasting Love Photography
  • Wedding Memories Photography
  • Magic Moment Photography
  • Cherished Treasures Photography
  • In Love Photography
  • Capturing Love Photography

a food photographer taking shots of food on a table

Food Photography Business Names

Food photographers are specialized in food styling techniques. The client needs to know that these types of photographers are experts in presenting the food in an appealing way for the camera to make the food as appetizing as possible. 

This skill is very unique, and therefore I tried to come up with a list of creative food photography names that capture this element and immediately conveys the area of specialization to potential clients.

  • Food Focus Photography 
  • Delish Delights Photography 
  • Tasteful Shots Photography 
  • Culinary Captures Photography 
  • Flavorful Flashes Photography 
  • Savor the Moment Photography 
  • Gourmet Galleries Photography 
  • Appetizing Images Photography 
  • The Creative Cuisine Photography 
  • Savory Snaps Photography 
  • Bite-Size Pictures Photography 
  • Delicious Details Photography 
  • Food Fantasies Photography 
  • Palate Pleasers Photography 
  • The Epicurean Eye Photography 
  • The Gourmand Gallery Photography 
  • Plate Perfection Photography 
  • Fancy Feasts Photography 
  • Flavorful Splendor Photography 
  • Delicacies Delight Photography 
  • Meals for the Eyes Photography 
  • Visual Vittles Photography 
  • Focused on Food Photography 
  • Alluring Appetizers Photography 
  • Delicious Delights Photography 
  • Feast for the Lens Photography 
  • Aroma Artistry Photography 
  • Savory Scenes Photography 
  • Culinary Creations Photography 
  • Delicioso Images Photography 
  • The Visual Pantry Photography 
  • The Edible Art Photography 
  • The Savory Studio Photography 
  • Dish Flicks Photography 
  • Bite Me Photos Photography 
  • Food for Thought Photography 
  • Yummy Shots Photography 
  • Yumtography Photography 
  • Flavourful Focus Photography 
  • Art of the Meal Photography 
  • Delish Delightz Photography 
  • Tempting Taste Photography 
  • Appetizing Angles Photography 
  • Aromatic Perspectives Photography 
  • Cuisine Captures Photography 
  • Epicurean Expressions Photography 
  • Visuals for the Palate Photography 
  • Savory Sights Photography 
  • Tasty Treasures Photography 
  • Focused Foodies Photography 
  • Gourmand Glimpses Photography 
  • The Bite Gallery Photography 
  • Kitchen Chronicles Photography 
  • Savory Sensations Photography 
  • Taste of the Town Photography 
  • Alluring Appetites Photography 
  • Culinary Visions Photography 
  • Foodie Fotos Photography 
  • Picture Perfect Plates Photography 
  • Eye-Catching Edibles Photography 
  • Flavorful Fotography Photography 
  • Delectable Details Photography 
  • Aesthetic Appetizers Photography 
  • Savory Shots Photography 
  • Gourmet Glimpses Photography 
  • Artistic Eats Photography 
  • Dishy Details Photography 
  • Food for the Eyes Photography 
  • Delightful Dishes Photography 
  • Flavorful Finds Photography 
  • Gourmet Gaze Photography 
  • Palatable Perspectives Photography 
  • Artful Appetizers Photography 
  • The Savory Lens Photography 
  • Edible Expressions Photography 
  • Foodie Photography Photography 
  • Savory Snapshots Photography 
  • Tasty Treats Photography 
  • Visual Victuals Photography 
  • Dishes of Delight Photography 
  • Delicious Dishes Photography 
  • Cuisine Creations Photography 
  • Gourmet Gallery Photography 
  • Focused Feasts Photography 
  • The Gourmet Glance Photography 
  • Mouthwatering Memories Photography 
  • Creative Cuisine Photography 
  • Focused Food Photography 
  • Tasteful Treats Photography 
  • Delectable Dishes Photography 
  • Forkfuls of Flavor Photography 
  • Spectacular Suppers Photography 
  • Munchable Memories Photography

Boudoir Photography Business Names

Boudoir photographers work closely with their clients to understand their specific needs and goals for the photoshoot, and use their technical and creative skills to create images that meet those needs. They must convey trust and make people comfortable due to the intimate nature of the job, but also convey that they will make you look sexy and beautiful.

Here’s a list of creative and inspiring boudoir photography business name ideas to help you find the perfect name for your business.

  • Luscious Lingerie Photography
  • Sensual Simplicity Photography
  • Lavish Lashings Photography
  • Craveable Curves Photography
  • Captivating Couture Photography
  • Boudoir Blooms Photography
  • Seductive Shadows Photography
  • Glamour Glisten Photography
  • Tropical Temptation Photography
  • Naughty Nuances Photography
  • Sexy Shimmering Shots
  • Fancy Femininity Photos
  • Intimate Illuminations
  • Revealing Reflections
  • Perfectly Posh Pictures
  • Charming Charmeuse Photos
  • Ravishing Radiance Photography
  • Lushly Lit Locks Photos
  • Scarlet Sultry Shots
  • Daring Details Photography
  • Alluring Apparel Pictures
  • Flirty Fabrics Photography
  • Glossy Glamour Captures
  • Contoured Curves Captured
  • Boldly Boudoir Shots
  • Romantic Revelations Photography
  • Luxe Lingerie Pics
  • Scintillating Silhouettes
  • Delicately Dyed Images
  • Mysterious Moods Photos
  • Innovative Intimates Pictures
  • Radiant Racy Rays
  • Foxy Femme Fatale Photos
  • Captivating Catwalks
  • Scandalous Snapshots
  • Flawlessly Lit Lace Photos
  • Beauty Beyond Belief Photography
  • Provocative Peaks Photo
  • Alluring Angles Photography
  • Wildly Witty Shots
  • Enticing Evening Elegance Pictures
  • Vivacious Visions Photoshoots
  • Coquettish Corsetry Images
  • Badass Boudoir Pictures
  • Playfully Pretty Poses
  • Enthralling Edginess Captured
  • Dazzling Details Photos
  • Flirty Feminism Photography
  • Sophisticated Sultriness Snaps
  • Ravishingly Refined Rascals Pics

Photography Instagram Names

When coming up with an instagram name, or any social media account name for your photography business, keep in mind that a good account name should be easy to remember and should be relevant to your niche or style of photography.

A shorter name is easier to remember and takes up less space in someone’s feed.

You also want to make sure the name is easy to spell, so that people don’t get confused or frustrated when trying to find your account. Avoid using numbers or underscores as these can be confusing and hard to remember.

By considering these characteristics, I came up with the following list of potential names for an Instagram account of a photographer or photography studio. 

  • Captured_Moments
  • Captured_Light
  • Captured_Images
  • Photo_Adventures
  • Photo_Explorer
  • Photographic_Journey
  • Flash_of_Life
  • Flash_Foto
  • Life_Through_A_Lens
  • Photo_Vision
  • A_Photo_A_Day
  • Photo_Junkie
  • Photo_Mania
  • Picture_Mania
  • Picture_Perfection
  • Photog_Fanatic
  • Photog_Obsessed
  • Photog_Freak
  • Photog_Fever
  • Photog_Frenzy
  • Photog_Fiend
  • Photog_Devotee
  • Photog_Addict
  • Photog_Nut
  • Photog_Fervor
  • Photog_Enthusiast
  • Photog_Lover
  • Photog_Guru
  • Photog_Master
  • Photog_Magician
  • Photog_Maniac
  • Photog_Passion
  • Photog_Obsession
  • Photog_Mania
  • Photog_Pursuit
  • Photog_Quest
  • Photog_Voyage
  • Photog_Vision
  • Photog_Visions
  • Photog_Voyager
  • Photog_Virtuoso
  • Photog_Wizard
  • Photog_Whiz
  • Photog_Wonderer
  • Photog_Wonderland
  • Photog_Wonder
  • Photog_Whizdom
  • Photog_Wonders
  • Photog_Fascination
  • Photog_Fascinator
  • Photog_Fantasy
  • Photog_Fantasia
  • Photog_Fantastic
  • Photog_Fantasyland
  • Photog_Fantastico
  • Photog_Explorer
  • Photog_Expedition
  • Photog_Expeditions
  • Photog_Explorations
  • Photog_Expeditionary
  • Photog_Expeditioners
  • Photog_Expeditioning
  • Photog_Exploratory
  • Photog_Exploration
  • Photog_Explorers
  • Photog_Expedite
  • Photog_Expansive
  • Photog_Expansions
  • Photog_Exquisite
  • Photog_Experience
  • Photog_Experiences
  • Photog_Experimentation
  • Photog_Experiential
  • Photog_Experimenting
  • Photog_Experiments
  • Photog_Exposure
  • Photog_Exposures
  • Photog_Expression
  • Photog_Expressions
  • Photog_Expressions_Of_Life
  • Photog_Expressions_Of_Light
  • Photog_Expressions_Of_Time
  • Photog_Expressions_Of_Nature
  • Photog_Expressions_Of_Beauty
  • Photog_Expressions_Of_Love
  • Photog_Expressions_Of_Joy
  • Photog_Expressions_Of_Peace
  • Photog_Expressions_Of_Hope
  • Photog_Expressions_Of_Art
  • Photog_Expressions_Of_Freedom
  • Photog_Expressions_Of_Creation
  • Photog_Expressions_Of_Inspiration
  • Photog_Expressions_Of_Imagination
  • Photog_Expressions_Of_Soul
  • Snap_Happy
  • ShutterBugz
  • PicturePerfects
  • ClickyChickys
  • FlashFantastics
  • LensLovers
  • ShotsofLighting
  • PhotoClicks
  • Pixcel Pros
  • FocussedFotogs
  • ZoomInFocusOut
  • CapturingKodakMoments
  • Photomasters14
  • ShutterSnapItUp
  • Camerarysors
  • InstaSnappers
  • VisualVisions
  • CapturetheMomentum
  • PicFlashers
  • PhotoFanatics
  • Pic_Takers
  • ImaginaryImages
  • CatchtheLighting
  • PhototographersDreams
  • PicturePerfectsPlus
  • FocalpointFotos
  • CameraZooms
  • CaptureLifeLives
  • EnvisionEnthusiasts
  • SnapGrammers
  • ImageMasters
  • ClickCaptureShare
  • CameraCrazyCritics
  • LensObsessed
  • PixcelPushers
  • LighteningPhotogs
  • CapturingMagic
  • PhotoMania
  • PictureTakeAways
  • FocusFinders
  • FlashySnapShots
  • ZoominOnPhotograhy
  • PhotographyIsFun
  • BetterWithTheLens
  • FilteredFotogs
  • ShootFromTheHipsters
  • PicsForPosterity
  • TheClickers
  • PhotoshootPros
  • ImageMakersByHeart

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Cool Nicknames for Photographers

There are several reasons why a photographer might want to have a cool nickname.

A nickname can help a photographer stand out in a crowded field. With so many photographers vying for attention, having a unique and memorable nickname can help a photographer’s work get noticed.

A nickname can reflect a photographer’s personality or photographing style. A photographer who is known for taking edgy, high-energy photos might choose a nickname that reflects that style, while a photographer who specializes in intimate, candid portraits might choose a nickname that reflects a more subtle approach.

A nickname can be a fun and lighthearted way for a photographer to connect with clients and fans. A catchy or memorable nickname can help a photographer build a personal brand and foster a sense of community around their work.

Ultimately, whether or not a photographer should have a cool nickname is a personal decision and depends on the individual’s goals and style. Some photographers may prefer to use their own name, while others may find that a nickname helps them better connect with their audience and promote their work.

Here are 38 cool nicknames for Photographers and what each can mean:

1. The Shutterbug – A classic nickname for photographers.

2. Lightnin’ Lenses – for the photographer with lightning fast reflexes who never misses a shot.

3. Flash Gordon – For the photographer who is always ready to go into action mode when they get behind their camera.

4. Pixel Ninja – Because nothing escapes the frame of this photographer’s lens.

5. Snapshot Sniper – Accurate and deadly, this photo sniper will make sure you get the perfect picture.

6. Click Master – Simply put, these photographers know how to capture the best moments with ease, every time.

7. Picture Perfect Pete – No matter what scenario he’s in, Pete can always take a photo that’s nothing short of perfect.

8. Zoomin’ Joe – A masterful photographer who can zoom into the perfect spot and make every photo count.

9. Magna-Pic Man – Capturing life with a magnifying glass, this man can make any scene memorable.

10. Camera King Kong – This king will capture moments that no one else could ever get on film.  

11. Flashy Frankie – Known for their love of using flash photography, this photographer always has the best lighting set up for the perfect shot.  

12. Foto Fiend – Always looking for the next challenge, this photographer loves a good creative project and always comes up with something interesting.  

13. The Picture Painter – This photographer can make any photo come to life like a painting.  

14. Clickin’ Annie – A true prodigy when it comes to taking the perfect shot, Annie clicks away and always captures more than just the moment.  

15. Flashman – Always ready for action and equipped with some of the best flashes in town, this photographer knows how to bring out the colors of life. 

16. Image Impressario – This masterful photographer has an eye for detail that no one else does, making his photos stand out from the rest. 

17. Shutter Shock – When you see what this shutterbug is capable of, you’ll be in shock at how amazing the results can be.

18. Frame Maniac – This photographer has an eye for detail and knows how to frame a shot perfectly. 

19. Pixel Prodigy – When it comes to capturing the perfect image, this person is a genius at making all the little details count.  

20. Photo Phanatic – Always passionate about their photography, this fanatical photographer goes above and beyond to get every shot just right.  

21. Flashmeister – A master of light, this photographer knows how to make the brightest colors come through in any photograph!  

22. Snapshot Sammy – Always ready to take the perfect shot, you can count on Sammy to capture any moment with ease and accuracy. 

23. Zoomin’ Zoe – With an eye for detail and a knack for zooming in just right, this photographer never misses a beat when it comes to taking photos. 

24. Memory Maker – This photographer specializes in making sure your memories are captured perfectly so you can look back on them for years to come.  

25. Foto Fabulous – They always have something amazing up their sleeves and know how to bring out the best in any photos. 

26. Image Inventor – A true innovator in the world of photography, this person always manages to find a way to make their photos stand out from the rest.

27. Camera Crusader – A hero with a camera, this photographer stands up for what’s right and makes sure the story behind every photo is heard loud and clear.  

28. Pixel Picasso – Crafting beautiful works of art every time they lift their lens, this photographer has an eye for detail that no one else can match.  

29. Shootin’ Star – This photographer is always on the move and never stops shooting until they get it just right. 

30. Snapshot Sensation – Words don’t do justice for the pictures this sensation produces.  

31. Picture Pro – A master of photography in all its forms, this pro knows how to make every shot perfect and beautiful. 

32. Pixi Power – With her knowledge and skill, this photographer is always ready to take on any photography challenge with ease.  

33. Camera Captor – This photographer always manages to capture the beauty and emotion of any moment in time.  

34. Zoom Zealot – With an eye for detail and a passion for zooming in on the little things, this photographer is always ready to take amazing shots! 

35. Focal Fanatic – Making sure every shot counts, this fanatic knows how to make use of their lens and focuses on getting that perfect photo.  

36. Photo Professor – A true professor in the art of photography.  

37. Picture Prodigy – From outdoor shots to indoor photos, this prodigy has an eye for detail and never misses a beat.  

38. The Photophile – Having a deep love for photography, this photographer is always ready and willing to pick up their camera and capture something special!

How to Name your Photography Business

Does your photography business name matter? I think it does and I’m going to share with you some advice about naming your photography business.

There are two different ways you can name your photography business.

One is just your personal name plus the word photography at the end, while the other would be a generic company name such as Click & Pick photography. 

Naming your Photography Business using Your Personal Name

If your photography business is a small boutique studio, or is just you running around with your camera to wherever the work takes you, then using your own name or nickname will work well. 

This is especially true if you are the only photographer that people are booking personally. If people book you, then they expect to get you as a photographer. 

Using your own name in this case makes the relationship more personal. Customers will immediately know who they’re dealing with, and they know who will come and take their pictures.

If you think about a lot of the most popular photographers you will notice that many brand themselves by using their actual name. 

Having said this, there are a few exceptions to the rule. 

When naming your photography business under your own name you will need to decide whether to use your first name, your first and middle name, your first and last name, or your photography nickname. 

If you have a really complicated or hard to pronounce last name, you might want to consider a shortened version of your name. 

You also want to pay attention to how the name flows in conversation. Say your name out loud and try different combinations and versions of your first, middle and last name. See how this flows in conversation. 

The other thing you want to consider when choosing which version of your name to use is your business name is the search engine optimization impact of your name. 

In other words, when people type your name in Google search, will your business website stand a chance of coming up amongst the first results at the top of Google? 

If your name is very common, or even worse, if your name is the same as some celebrity or famous person, then it will be difficult to rank your photography business website at the top of Google because most results will be taken up by news and articles on the similarly named famous person.

If your name is quite unique, then chances are that when you name your photography business site with your name, it will come up as one of the top results in Google and other search engines.

Using a Generic Photographic Business Name 

There are a few situations where you shouldn’t use your personal name for your photography business. 

First, if you are planning to have a team of photographers and you want a company name that represents everybody rather than just yourself. 

A big pro to naming your company under a generic name instead of your own name, is that it is easier to bring on associate photographers in the business. If you are hoping to grow your photography team in the future it’s a lot less confusing to have multiple photographers at a generic named photography studio. 

By having a generic studio name, people who come in won’t necessarily be expecting you to turn up for the shoot. 

Second reason for not using your personal name is for an exit strategy. Let me explain.

You’re going to be building a photography business, and at some point down the line you might consider selling that business if it becomes successful and you want to cash out. In this case, having your name associated with the business will actually be a negative. 

If you’ve built a really good client base and a really good reputation for your brand, but it’s attached to you personally, with your name, then it makes it very hard to sell that photography business as a separate brand.

Now when going for a generic photography business name, make sure that you choose something that’s not going to be outdated in a few years. Your photography business will hopefully be around for plenty of years, and you want it to be relevant in 20 or 30 years time, and not sound like some old-fashioned photography company.

You must also be careful of limiting yourself within one genre of photography. You might be specialized in one area and want to keep it that way, but you also might change your mind further down the road in your career as a photographer and decide to expand into other genres of photography. 

So even though you might really enjoy shooting wildlife or weddings, putting words associated with wildlife or weddings into your actual photography business name will really limit what you can do and in a few years time. 

This is important to take seriously, not only because you might change your mind about what you want to shoot, but also because you might lose out on opportunities to shoot something really exciting that doesn’t fall into your specialized category.

The name of your business might make the difference between you getting the job or not because people will associate your photography business with just one genre of photography, and they don’t see your brand as being a good fit for the kind of photography that they’re looking for.

Tips for choosing a photography studio name

Here are some further suggestions and tips to keep in mind when trying to name your photography business.

Brainstorm unique ideas: Write down, even if it’s only a sentence or two of how you want your business to be perceived. Use this as a starting point and explore different combinations.

Look back at your past: Think about how photography has been part of your life in the past and how it can inform the name you choose. 

Ask around: Get feedback from family and friends who may have some interesting suggestions. 

Keep it simple: Avoid long names that are difficult to remember, opt for something short, catchy, yet meaningful.  

Avoid using technical photography related words: This could alienate or confuse potential clients who won’t even know what the word means, and might not understand what your business does from the name.  

Use a photography business names generator: If you really get stuck and want some more ideas then try one of the many free business name generators found online. My personal favorite is the business name generator at Namecheap. This generator covers a variety of business names, and it’s directly linked to the domain name database.

Check the name availability: Once you have some potential options make sure they are available in business registries where you are going to be operating. Check for availability also across the various online platforms, such as websites and social media. 

Start by Googling those names on your list and see who else comes up using that name. If it’s another business in the field of photography or videography you want to make sure that you’re not going to be clashing with them. 

So check around and make sure nobody else has already got that name, especially in the field of photography.

Ensure the name is available online: Your photography business will need an online presence, and you want to find a good dot com domain name (or country top level domain name). 

You therefore need to check that the domain name associated with the business name that you’ve come up with is actually available. 

You can do this through one of the many domain name registers found online. I like using since they have an extremely large database and as they’re name implies,  they actually have some of the cheapest domain name prices.

It’s important you make sure the domain name for your photography business website is available before you start moving forward with branding and logos.

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Conclusion on Choosing a Name for your Photography Business

In conclusion, there are a lot of good reasons for using your own name in your photography business but it’s not absolutely essential, and not always ideal.

The main things you want to keep in mind are that you keep the name simple, make it pronounceable, and use a photography name that is easy for people to spell. 

These three elements are extremely important, especially if you want to increase your word-of-mouth references.

While the name you choose for your photography business or studio is important, keep in mind that what matters most is the photos you take, the way you conduct yourself with people and the way that you brand and run your business. 

Choosing a unique name for your photography business can be both exciting and daunting but we hope that with these tips and suggestions, you’re able to find something perfect for you. 

In the end, the most important thing is that you are extremely comfortable and happy with the name you choose for your photography studio. 

So, make it yours. Don’t be afraid to express yourself and make sure you’re proud of the name you choose as it will become your brand identity. 

For more name inspirations of other businesses check out our Business Name Page.


I am a branding and naming consultant with 16 years of experience. I believe in building a strong brand name that identifies your visions and that of your business. A brand identity motivates you and your team to achieve success.