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What’s in a name? As it turns out, quite a lot. Compelling newsletter names can make all the difference in attracting and retaining readers. 

This post will provide some creative newsletter name ideas, but we will also walk you through the process of choosing the perfect name for your newsletter.

Corporate Newsletters Name Ideas

When coming up with a Corporate Newsletter name, it’s good to consider words that resonate with the corporate environment, the industry you’re in, and the target audience. 

Think about terms that reflect professionalism, innovation, growth, collaboration, and leadership. 

You may want to incorporate industry-specific jargon, company values, or even a touch of humor. 

Wordplay, puns, and just creating new words can add a unique flair to the name, making it memorable and engaging. 

Here are some unique name ideas for Corporate Newsletters. For this list we used a mix of creative naming strategies.

  • Focused Flash
  • Bolder Bytes
  • The Corporate Commons
  • Leading Logistics
  • Seasonal Solo
  • Vivid Verse
  • Buzzworthy Bytes
  • Focused Flashback
  • Brilliant Blurbs
  • Innovative Inserts
  • The Corporate Chronicle
  • Business Bloom
  • Innovate Insights
  • Growth Gazette
  • Corporate Chronicles
  • Market Mingle
  • The Profit Pulse
  • Success Spectrum
  • Team Triumph
  • Leadership Ledger
  • The Boardroom Buzz
  • Strategy Spotlight
  • Enterprise Echo
  • Finance Focus
  • Collaboration Current
  • The Tech Ticker
  • Visionary Voice
  • The Growth Grid
  • Momentum Monitor
  • Industry Innovator
  • Network Navigator
  • The Success Stream
  • Corporate Compass
  • Market Momentum
  • The Insight Index
  • Growth Glimpse
  • The Strategy Sphere
  • Business Breakthrough
  • Corporate Connect
  • The Leadership Loop
  • Innovation Ignition
  • Teamwork Times
  • The Profit Path
  • Success Snapshot
  • Boardroom Brief
  • Strategy Surge
  • Enterprise Explorer
  • Finance Frontier
  • Collaboration Chronicle
  • Tech Triumph
  • Visionary View
  • Growth Guide
  • Momentum Magazine
  • Industry Interface
  • Network Nexus
  • Success Signal
  • Corporate Curve
  • Market Matrix
  • Insight Impulse
  • Growth Gateway
  • Strategy Spectrum
  • Business Beacon
  • Corporate Current
  • Leadership Lighthouse
  • Innovation Insight
  • Teamwork Trail
  • Profit Pulse
  • Success Story
  • Boardroom Bridge
  • Strategy Spark
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Finance Flash
  • Collaboration Compass
  • Tech Talk
  • Visionary Voyage
  • Growth Graph
  • Momentum Milestone
  • Industry Insight
  • Network News
  • Success Shift
  • Corporate Climb
  • Market Mirror
  • Insight Inception
  • Growth Grind
  • Strategy Station
  • Business Boost
  • Corporate Chronicle
  • Leadership Link
  • Innovation Igniter
  • Teamwork Tidings
  • Profit Perspective
  • Success Swing
  • Boardroom Bulletin
  • Strategy Shift
  • Enterprise Echoes
  • Finance Flow
  • Collaboration Cloud
  • Tech Terrain
  • Visionary Vistas
  • Growth Ground
  • Momentum Map
  • Industry Intellect
  • Network Nucleus
  • Corporate Course
  • Market Mosaic
  • Insight Infinity
  • Growth Groove
  • Strategy Summit
  • Business Bridge
  • Corporate Cadence

Educational Newsletter Names

To craft a name for an Educational Newsletter, use words that point to the learning experience, growth, discovery, knowledge, and creativity. 

Think about terms that reflect the educational field, subject matter, student engagement, teacher insights, and academic achievements. Don’t be afraid to experiment with wordplay and puns to create something unique. 

In the end you want to make it appealing to both educators and students. 

Here’s a mix of 136 unique name ideas for Educational Newsletters.

  • Learning Lighthouse
  • Knowledge Nook
  • Creative Classroom
  • Discovery Digest
  • Scholarly Spectrum
  • The Education Explorer
  • Growth Gazette
  • Student Spotlight
  • Teacher’s Tribune
  • The Academic Avenue
  • Wisdom Waves
  • Learning Leap
  • Classroom Chronicles
  • Study Spark
  • The Insight Index
  • Education Elevator
  • Growth Guide
  • Student Success
  • Teacher’s Trail
  • Academic Ascent
  • Wisdom Window
  • Learning Ladder
  • Classroom Connect
  • Study Spectrum
  • The Insightful Intellect
  • Education Engine
  • Growth Grid
  • Student Signal
  • Teacher’s Talk
  • Academic Adventure
  • Wisdom Wagon
  • Learning Loop
  • Classroom Compass
  • Study Station
  • The Intellectual Insight
  • Education Echo
  • Growth Grove
  • Student Spectrum
  • Teacher’s Triumph
  • Academic Atlas
  • Wisdom Well
  • Learning Link
  • Classroom Chronicle
  • Study Surge
  • The Education Edition
  • Growth Gateway
  • Student Story
  • Teacher’s Tidings
  • Academic Avenues
  • Learning Landscape
  • Classroom Cloud
  • Study Sparkle
  • The Education Elevator
  • Growth Graph
  • Student Snapshot
  • Teacher’s Trailblazer
  • Academic Alcove
  • Wisdom Windowpane
  • Learning Luminaries
  • Classroom Current
  • Study Summit
  • The Education Enclave
  • Growth Ground
  • Teacher’s Tapestry
  • Academic Arch
  • Wisdom Whirlpool
  • Learning Launchpad
  • Classroom Cadence
  • Insighticulum
  • Academic Currents
  • Learnspire
  • EduFlash
  • SchooldayZ
  • MagnaEssentia
  • SchoolHerald
  • EducateToday
  • TeachEvoke
  • ThoughtElevators
  • School Glimpses
  • AcadaMinds
  • MindRise
  • ScholarTimes
  • Learn Waves
  • School Signalers
  • EducaScape
  • Edgespire
  • Brillia Emphatica
  • Knowledge Vibes
  • LearnLight Zone
  • EducaForte
  • Academic Updaters
  • MindRiveters
  • Teach Transmitters
  • Enlightening Notes
  • School Bridge
  • SchoolAwareness
  • Eduniverse
  • Insighticosmos
  • Academic Acceleration
  • LearnScapes
  • EducaVibe
  • Scholardome
  • MagnaEducere
  • SchoolAnalytics
  • Enlightening Expressions
  • TeachFlux
  • MindRise Revolution
  • ScholarTide
  • LearnDustry
  • School Signs
  • Educapolis
  • Edgesphere
  • BrilliaFlux
  • KnowledgeFlows
  • Learn Vista Zone
  • EducaElevators
  • Academic Pulse
  • Learn Scapes
  • EducaVisions
  • Scholardomize
  • MagnaEduceed
  • School Advancement
  • Enlightening Effervescence
  • TeachSpire
  • MindRise Connections
  • Scholar Fusions
  • LearnMotion Industry
  • School Buzzes
  • EducaThrive
  • EdgeStreams
  • BrilliaVibes
  • Knowledge Thunderstorm
  • Learn Atmosphere Zone
  • EducaScenes
  • Academic Revolutions
  • LearnRays

These names reflect different facets of the educational world, providing a diverse range of options to choose from. Whether you want to emphasize learning, creativity, student engagement, or teacher insights.

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Community Newsletters

If you’re in the process of naming a Community Newsletter, use words that give the feeling of  connection, engagement, collaboration, and community spirit. 

Words such as ‘united’, ‘together’, ‘community’ or ‘neighborhood’ work well to capture the essence of what your newsletter is all about. You can also explore words with a more modern twist such as ‘alliance’, ‘connect’, or ‘join. 

Think about what terms reflect the essence of the community, its culture, activities, goals, and the bond between its members to make the name memorable and reflective of the community’s identity. 

Here’s our contribution of 95 unique name ideas for Community Newsletters.

  • Community Chronicles
  • Neighborhood Nexus
  • Local Link
  • Connection Compass
  • The Unity Update
  • Town Talk
  • Village Voice
  • Community Current
  • Neighborly Notes
  • The Local Loop
  • Connection Chronicle
  • Town Tidings
  • Village Vistas
  • Community Connect
  • Neighborly Network
  • The Local Ledger
  • Connection Cloud
  • Town Tribune
  • Village Vibrance
  • Community Canvas
  • Neighborly Nook
  • The Local Lighthouse
  • Town Trail
  • Village Vision
  • Community Chronicle
  • Neighborly Nexus
  • The Local Link
  • Connection Current
  • Town Tapestry
  • Village Voicebox
  • Community Cadence
  • United News
  • Connect Chronicle
  • Neighbourhood Times
  • Alliance Voice
  • Together Update
  • Share Storytellers
  • Union Reporter
  • Join Perspectives
  • Neighbourhood Buzz
  • Connect Bulletin
  • United Gatherings
  • Alliance Updates
  • Together Insights
  • Communal Expressions
  • Interconnected Voices
  • Union Forum
  • Share Spotlight
  • Join Networking
  • Communal Chronicles
  • Connect Insights
  • United Stories
  • Alliance Discoveries
  • Together Networking
  • Share Engagement
  • Interconnected Dialogues
  • Union Buzz
  • Join Expressions
  • Collective Dialogue
  • Alliance Forum
  • Connect Breakthroughs
  • United Visions
  • Together Chronicles
  • Communal Reflections
  • Interconnected Updates
  • Union Spotlights
  • Share Gatherings
  • Join Perspectives
  • Communal Involvement
  • Connect Engagement
  • United Discoveries
  • Alliance Reports
  • Together Reflections
  • Share Insights
  • Interconnected Networking
  • Union Voices
  • Join Buzz
  • Communal Forum
  • Connect Chronicles
  • United Discussions
  • Together Newsletters
  • Alliance Reflections
  • Interconnected Perspectives
  • Union Involvement
  • Join Expressions
  • Communal Spotlights
  • Connect Dialogues
  • United Celebrations
  • Together Engagement
  • Alliance Forums
  • Interconnected Stories
  • Union Updates
  • Join Discoveries
  • Communal Reports
  • Connect Newsletters

As you can see, whether you want to emphasize connection, local events, neighborly bonds, or community initiatives, the range of newsletter name ideas can offer a unique way to connect with your community.

Non-Profit Newsletters

When brainstorming names for a Non-Profit Newsletter, consider words that resonate with compassion, mission, impact, volunteerism, community, and positive change. 

What are the organization’s goals and values? Is there one particular project you’re working towards? What is the connection with supporters and volunteers? Think about these aspects to come up with a relevant name that connects with your target newsletter readers and is reflective of your non-profit’s identity. 

Here’s a list of Non-Profit Newsletter names and ideas.

  • MissionMingle
  • CompassionChronicle
  • ImpactInsights
  • Volunteer Voice
  • The Change Channel
  • CommunityConnect
  • ProjectPulse
  • HeartfeltHerald
  • The Giving Gazette
  • MissionMoments
  • CompassionCanvas
  • ImpactIndex
  • VolunteerVistas
  • ChangeChronicles
  • CommunityCurrent
  • ProjectPathway
  • HeartfeltHighlights
  • The Giving Guide
  • MissionMonitor
  • CompassionCompass
  • ImpactInformer
  • VolunteerVibes
  • Change Canvas
  • Community Chronicle
  • Project Pioneer
  • Heartfelt Haven
  • The Giving Grid
  • MissionMosaic
  • CompassionConnect
  • ImpactInsider
  • VolunteerView
  • ChangeChannel
  • CommunityCompass
  • ServeMinds
  • Mission Minded
  • ChangeMakers
  • HelpNow
  • ShareHelpers
  • ImpactVoices
  • Better Worlds
  • TimeGivers
  • Purpose Movers
  • Charity Sunrises
  • MakeChange
  • ReachHighs
  • Commitment Corner
  • ImpactReady
  • CallForHelp
  • Change Makers Hub
  • Action Champions
  • Purposeful Connect
  • Volunteers Unite
  • BetterWorld Seekers
  • Donor Dreams
  • Giving Gears
  • ChangeRings
  • ImpactStories
  • Kindness Carriers
  • Serving Souls
  • HopeMakers
  • MakeAChange
  • Benefit Buddies
  • ImpactHelpers
  • ServeSpeak
  • Power Givers
  • Volunteer Voyagers
  • CallToAction
  • ChoiceChangers
  • Charity Crusaders
  • Giving Hearts
  • Kindness Kompass
  • GivingGrounds
  • Service Station
  • ActionAngels
  • Volunteer Visions
  • Connect The Cause
  • DoGooders
  • HelpingHubs
  • PurposePassion
  • ReachOuters
  • Serve Seeds
  • Commitment Circles
  • Doers Day
  • GiveWay
  • Impact Igniters
  • GivingGlow
  • ShareStrength
  • Voice of Change

When coming up with these name ideas we tried to combine various strategies, and mix different aspects of non-profit work, to provide a diverse range of options. Be it if you want to emphasize the mission, or compassion, impact, volunteerism, or community engagement.

Personal Newsletters

For your personal newsletter, go for words that express your individuality, thoughts, experiences, and connections. What are your interests and hobbies? What is your unique voice? 

Here are some ideas to get you started. 

  • Life Lens
  • Creative Chronicles
  • Thoughtful Tidings
  • Experience Explorer
  • The Personal Pulse
  • Hobby Highlights
  • Mind Mingle
  • Heartfelt Haven
  • The Creative Canvas
  • Life Loop
  • Thoughtful Times
  • Experience Echo
  • Personal Pathway
  • Hobby Herald
  • Mind Moments
  • Heartfelt Highlights
  • The Creative Chronicle
  • Life Lighthouse
  • Thoughtful Trail
  • Experience Edition
  • Personal Pulse
  • Hobby Haven
  • Mind Mosaic
  • Heartfelt Herald
  • The Creative Compass
  • Life Link
  • Thoughtful Tapestry
  • Personal Path
  • Mind Monitor
  • Personal Pioneer
  • EnlightenLife
  • Creative Captcha
  • Life Signals
  • Captured Moments
  • Inner Views
  • Light Stage
  • Bright Notebook
  • Imaginate
  • Letter Logic
  • Reflections Unboxed
  • Vibe Vortex
  • Paths Paved
  • Allure Adventures
  • Analog Expressions
  • Wander Workshops
  • Mind Mirror
  • Trek Throughs
  • Quirky Quest
  • Insight Inspire
  • Fusion Frenzy
  • Unbox Universe
  • Discoveries Daily
  • Wander Wisely
  • Vision Voyage
  • Express Explore
  • Soul Serendipity
  • Inspire Insight
  • Wonder Writings
  • Sense Sprinkles
  • Luminescent Logic
  • Quest Chronicles
  • Dreaming Drafts
  • Spirit Soiree
  • Genuine Glimpses
  • Joy Journeys
  • Voyage Sights
  • Positivity Pen
  • Wordsmithing
  • Journey Journal
  • Ruminations Realm
  • Bright Beginnings
  • Reflection Routes
  • Reminisce Reels
  • Muse Mavericks
  • Vision Vibes
  • Glimpse Gallery
  • Perceptions Passion
  • Life Lore
  • Adventure Ascents
  • Inspire Ideas
  • Soul Stories
  • Creative Curiosity
  • Fantastical Fables
  • Believe Belong
  • Mind Matter
  • Realize Recollect
  • Ideas Illuminations
  • Flair Fables
  • Blissful Blogs
  • Visual Ventures
  • Free Flowings
  • Pen Ponderings
  • Discover Diaries

Funny Newsletter Names

If you want to give your newsletter name a funny twist, think about the humorous angle of your niche and use wordplay and puns. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

  • Gossip Gazette
  • The Witty Weekly
  • Punny Pages
  • Laugh Lines
  • Witty Waves
  • The Jolly Journal
  • Quirk Quest
  • The Laughing Lemon
  • Trendy Tidbits
  • Monkey Mumbles
  • The Bumbling Bee
  • The Nutty Newsstand
  • Witty Weekly
  • Chuckle Chronicles
  • Jest Journal
  • Quirky Quips
  • Grin and Bear It Bulletin
  • WiseCrack Weekly
  • Banter Bulletin
  • Smiles and Styles
  • Jest in Time Journal
  • Wit and Wisdom Weekly
  • Profit and Chuckles
  • Cubicle Chronicles
  • Spreadsheet Snickers
  • Boardroom Banter
  • The Bottom Line
  • CEO Chuckles
  • The Quarterly Quirk
  • The Write Stuff
  • Dorm Room Diatribes

online newsletter showing on tablet

How to Name Your Newsletter

In this section we will show you the process to create a unique and catchy name for your newsletter. 

But before we do so, let me explain why I feel you should take this step seriously and dedicate the right time and energy to come up with the perfect name.

Why Your Newsletter Name Matters

Choosing the right name for your newsletter is not just a matter of aesthetics or personal preference. It’s a strategic decision that can really influence the success of your newsletter.

After all, the name is the thing that a potential reader will see, and will set the tone of what to expect. For example, a newsletter named ‘Tech Titans’ immediately conveys a focus on leading technology companies and innovations. It can attract tech enthusiasts, professionals, and investors.

The newsletter name is also a reflection of your brand’s identity and values. Consider a newsletter from a non-profit organization focused on environmental conservation. A name like ‘Green Horizons’ not only aligns with the mission but also reinforces the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

At the end of the day, the name of your newsletter will be shaping perceptions, and help connect with the right audience. 

How to Choose a Newsletter Name

Now that we understand the importance of choosing the right name, let’s dive into the process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate this process and ensure you don’t forget and of the essential tasks.

Step 1: Define Your Purpose and Audience

The first step is to make sure we understand the core purpose of why we’re launching this newsletter and identify who our target audience is. 

Are you aiming to inform employees, engage customers, or educate students? 

For example, a health and wellness company targeting fitness enthusiasts might focus on names that evoke vitality and well-being, such as ‘Vitality Vibes.’

Step 2: Research and Brainstorm

Next, conduct some research into existing newsletters in your industry. Take note of what types of newsletter names exist.

See what works well, and what doesn’t. 

Step 3: Brainstorm Name Ideas

Now that you have done the preliminary work, it’s time to start brainstorming name ideas. 

Make use of free online tools like mind maps, word associations, or newsletter name generators. 

If you’re part of a bigger team, involve them in the process by having brainstorming sessions with the team. 

Here are some tips for the brainstorming process:

  • Ensure that the name aligns with your brand’s voice, values, and the content of the newsletter. Whether it’s formal, casual, humorous, or professional, consistency is key.
  • A good newsletter name is easy to remember and pronounce. So keep it simple and memorable. Avoid complex words or phrases that might confuse readers.
  • For an online newsletter that will be open to the general public, it’s a good idea to incorporate keywords that reflect the niche or industry of your newsletter. This helps for search engine optimization. In other words, there’s a better chance for your newsletter name to rank higher up in the search engine pages.

Step 4: Check for Uniqueness

Verify that the name is unique and doesn’t conflict with existing trademarks or copyrights. A name that’s too similar to existing brands or publications can lead to confusion and even legal issues. 

Start by searching for existing newsletters, magazines, and publications in your industry or field. You can search in Google and specialized databases in your industry. 

For example, if you’re considering the name ‘Fitness Focus’ for a health newsletter, you’d want to start by doing a Google search for ‘fitness focus newsletter’ to see what comes up and ensure there are no overlaps.

You can also do a search on trademark databases like the USPTO’s Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS), which is the official Trademark database in the USA. This will help you identify if the name is already trademarked. If so, we suggest you consult with a legal professional to understand potential conflicts.

If you plan to have an online presence for your newsletter, then you obviously need to check if the domain name that matches your chosen newsletter name is actually available. This can easily be done by going to any domain name registrar website and searching for the name. 

Another relevant step related to online newsletters is to check on social media platforms to see if the name is already being used as a social media handle. You want to ensure consistency across all online platforms to enhance your brand recognition.

Step 5: Test with a Sample Audience

Gather feedback from a sample audience that represents your target readers. This will allow you to gauge how the name resonates with potential readers. This testing will uncover insights that might not have been apparent to you, at first. 

Here’s how you can test your name: 

Identify Your Sample Audience: Select a group of individuals who represent your target readership. If your newsletter is aimed at young entrepreneurs, you might choose a mix of startup founders, business students, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Create a Survey or Focus Group: Design an online survey or organize focus groups to gather feedback. Here you want to include questions that probe the respondents on how the name makes them feel, what it evokes, and how well it aligns with their perception of the content. 

Provide Context: Before you begin asking for their feedback, you need to share a brief description of the newsletter’s content, purpose, and target audience to provide context for the names being tested. This helps participants evaluate the name in the right context.

Analyze Feedback: Collect and analyze the feedback to identify trends, preferences, and potential issues. Here are some important aspects you should be looking for:

  • Common themes and reactions. Is there something that really stands out as a common response by most participants? 
  • What emotions does the name raise with the sample audience? A name that evokes positive emotions and aligns with the reader’s expectations can create a strong connection.
  • Is the name clear and easily understood by the target readers? If you’re naming a science and technology newsletter, a name like ‘Quantum Queries’ might resonate with a scientifically literate audience but could be confusing for a general readership.

Take time to reflect on the feedback, both positive and negative, and then consider what adjustments might be needed.

Step 6: Reflect and Refine

Now that you went through all the steps, you probably have quite a lot of information, and a list full of potential names for your newsletter. It’s time to take a step back and evaluate the information. 

Compile all the information, feedback, and observations you’ve gathered throughout the process. Look at the big picture and identify patterns, consistencies, and discrepancies.

Evaluate if the potential names on your list align with your initial goals, brand identity, and target audience. Eliminate any names which do not. 

Next, consider the emotional impact of the names you have left. How do they make you feel? How did they make your sample audience feel? A name that evokes the right emotions can create a deeper connection with readers.

Based on the insights gathered, identify areas where refinement or adjustments might be needed. Perhaps a name needs a slight tweak to make it more memorable, or maybe a different variation will enhance clarity.

Create a list of pros and cons for the remaining names on your shortlist. This exercise can help you see the strengths and weaknesses of each name more clearly.

If you find yourself stuck or uncertain, consider seeking additional opinions from colleagues, mentors, or even professional naming experts. Sometimes, a fresh perspective can provide unique insights.

It’s also important to allow yourself time for reflection, especially if you’ve been completely devoted to this process. Allow yourself time to step away from the process for a bit. Sometimes, distance can bring clarity and confidence in your decision.

Step 7: Make the Final Decision

Choose the name that best resonates with your purpose, audience, and brand. To help you with this final step, here are a few exercises you can do.

Visualize the Name in Action: Imagine the chosen name as part of your newsletter’s design, header, email subject line, and social media posts. How does it look and feel? Visualization can provide a tangible sense of how the name will integrate with your overall presentation.

Assess Alignment with Core Criteria: Revisit the core criteria that guided your process, such as brand alignment, resonance with audience, uniqueness, and emotional impact. Ensure that the final name meets all these essential benchmarks.

Consider Long-Term Viability: Think about the future of your newsletter and how the name might evolve with it. Is the name flexible enough to withstand the test of time and grow with your content and audience?

Acknowledge Any Reservations: If you have any lingering doubts or reservations, acknowledge them and assess their significance. Sometimes, a minor concern can be addressed with a slight tweak, while other times, it might be a sign to reconsider.

Once you’ve thoroughly evaluated the final contenders, make the decision with confidence. Trust the process you’ve followed and take a moment to celebrate this milestone. 

With the final name in hand, prepare for the launch of your newsletter. Consider announcing the name to your audience, 

Real-Life Examples of Good Newsletter Names

Below are some real-life examples of good newsletter names. Let’s take a look at these and understand why their name work perfectly for the type of newsletter.

The Hustle‘: This newsletter name is catchy and energetic, reflecting the content’s focus on business, entrepreneurship, and motivation. It appeals to readers looking for insights and inspiration in the business world.

The Skimm: A daily newsletter that breaks down the top news stories, ‘The Skimm’ is a clever play on words that suggests a quick overview or summary. It’s a fitting name for a newsletter that aims to provide concise and easily digestible news.

Morning Brew: This name is inviting and casual, creating an image of enjoying a morning coffee while catching up on the latest business news. It’s a great example of how a name can set the tone for the content and connect with the reader’s daily routine.

The Daily Carnage: Targeted at marketers, this name is bold and attention-grabbing. It conveys the competitive nature of the marketing industry and promises insights into the latest trends and strategies.

Robinhood Snacks: A financial news newsletter from the investment platform Robinhood, this name is playful and engaging. It suggests bite-sized information that’s easy to consume, aligning with the newsletter’s goal of making financial news more accessible.

NextDraft: This name cleverly plays on the idea of a ‘next draft’ in writing and the concept of drafting the next big news story. It’s a fitting name for a newsletter that provides a daily roundup of the most interesting news from various sources.

Brain Pickings: A newsletter that explores creativity, literature, and art, ‘Brain Pickings’ is an intriguing name that invites readers to explore deeper thoughts and ideas. It’s an example of how a name can reflect the intellectual and thoughtful nature of the content.

The Ann Friedman Weekly: Named after the writer and journalist Ann Friedman, this personal newsletter reflects the author’s voice and perspective. It’s an example of how using a personal name can create a connection between the writer and the readers.

These examples demonstrate how a good newsletter name can be creative, reflective of the content, engaging to the target audience, and aligned with the brand’s voice and values. 

Whether it’s a clever play on words, a casual and inviting phrase, or a bold and attention-grabbing title, the name sets the tone for the reader’s experience and can be a key factor in attracting and retaining subscribers.


Choosing the perfect name for your newsletter is both an art and a science, a blend of creativity and strategy that goes beyond mere words. 

Through the myriad of name ideas and the detailed guide shared in this post, we hope to have helped you embark on a pathway to create the perfect name for your newsletter.

For more name idea inspirations check out our other categories here.


I am a branding and naming consultant with 16 years of experience. I believe in building a strong brand name that identifies your visions and that of your business. A brand identity motivates you and your team to achieve success.