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Coming up with Gym name ideas can be tricky because you want it to reflect the spirit of your space and make existing and potential customers proud to be members. Without the necessary help, choosing the perfect name for your gym can seem like an uphill struggle. 

I hope that this article can give you some direction to get you started.

When it comes down to it, the best gym name is one that inspires people to get up and go – so take your time in choosing something you love. With a bit of creativity and careful consideration, you’ll be able to find a unique and memorable name for your gym in no time.

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Gym Name Ideas To Get You Started

To get some ideas percolating in your head I have put together a list of potential gym names for a few categories to cover the more general fitness businesses or the specific niche gym.

Fun Gym Name Ideas

1. Pumped Up Fitness

2. The Gym Factory 

3. Muscle Monkeys 

4. Sweat Society 

5. Body Benders 

6. Iron House 

7. The Pound Palace  

8. Get Fit Clubhouse  

9. Heroics Athletics   

10. Road to Fitness 

11. Victory Yard  

12. Fast Track Fitness  

13. The Exercise Hall 

14. Shape Up Station 

15. Cutting Edge Workouts 

16. Full Force Gym 

17. Muscle Mania   

18. Rise and Shine Fit Club  

19. Sweat Spot   

20. Maximum Fitness 

21. No Pain Gain Gym  

22. Gladiators Workouts  

23. The Training Yard  

24. Iron Jungle Gym 

25. Pound Palace 

26. Fit Frenzy  

27. Body Craftsmen   

28. Get In Shape Clubhouse  

29. Solid Strength  

30. Conditioning Central 

31. Victory Station 

32. Cardio Camp   

33. Sweat Shack   

34. Muscles & More Gym  

35. Insanity Gym 

36. The Exercise Empire   

37. Power Play Fitness    

38. Weight Room Warriors  

39. Mind & Muscle HQ   

40. Hard Core Games 

41. The Strength Shed  

42. Fight Club Fitness  

43. Elite Training House 

44. Slim Down Station    

45. New Body Gym   

46. Go-Getters Fitness  

47. Beast Mode Athletics   

48. Pump It Up Place

49. Powerhouse Gym   

50. Battle of the Barbells 

51. The Lifting Room  

52. Pump It Up Fitness  

53. Maximum Performance Gym   

54. Sweat Factory   

55. Shape & Strength Studio    

56. High Intensity Athletics    

57. Muscle Mansion        

58. Fearless Fitness   

59. Iron Warriors 

60. Muscle Up Gym  

61. Get Fit Palace    

62. Full Throttle Workouts  

63. The Workout Pit 

64. Motiv8 Gym   

65. Fitness Formula  

66. Pump It Upside Down    

67. Brawn and Brains 

68. The Strength Palace     

69. Flex & Go Gym   

70. Body Beast Training   

71. Muscle House  

72. Pump It Up Arena    

73. Battle Of The Bulge   

74. Heroics Fitness  

75. Core Power Place     

76. Prime Time Training  

77. Hardcore Fitness     

78. Strength & Stamina Gym    

79. Work It Out Fitness 

80. Pump Uptown   

81. The Gym Kingdom 

82. Body Zone   

83. Go Harder Gym  

84. Fit Factor Clubhouse     

85. Iron Will Fitness    

86. Fitness Mechanics   

87. Sweat Shop Gym  

88. Pump It Up Playground    

89. Muscle Maker Gym    

90. The Power Pit 

91. Go Hard or Go Home Gym  

92. Special Forces Fitness     

93. Revolutionize Training  

94. Athletic Attitude 

95. Get Set Go Gym   

96. Strength Asylum 

97. Athletic Edge  

98. The Fitness Frontier     

99. Muscle Master Gym    

100. Push It To The Limit Gym

Badass Gym Names 

If you’re looking to get the heavy hitters to your gym then you need a name that reflects what you’re offering. One of these badass Gym names can be just the thing.

1. The Iron Throne 

2. Wanted Workouts  

3. Full Force Fitness 

4. Heavyweight Training   

5. Sweatbox Gym  

6. No Mercy Gym     

7. Atomic Powerhouse    

8. Fear No More Fitness   

9. Body Mechanics 

10. All Out Workouts   

11. The Gym Of Champions    

12. Tower Of Power  

13. Limitless Fitness 

14. King Kong Fitness     

15. No Pain No Gain Gym  

16. Maximum Overload Training    

17. Supreme Athletics 

18. The Beastmode Zone   

19. Hardcore Haven    

20. The Gladiator Pit   

21. War Room Fitness 

22. Breaking Point Gym  

23. The Pain Palace  

24. Intense Powerhouse    

25. Beat It Gym 

26. Defy Gravity Fitness   

27. Inner Strength Studio 

28. Muscle Factor Training     

29. Unleash The Beast Gym    

30. Demon’s Den Fitness 

31. Go Hard Or Go Home Training  

32. Body Weaponry Fitness   

33. Warrior’s Way Gym 

34. Fight Club Fitness     

35. Push It To The Limit   

36. Almighty Athletics 

37. Anarchy Workouts    

38. The Power Lab 

39. Elite Dynasty Training   

40. Flex Appeal Gym  

41. Conqueror’s Corner    

42. Spartans Of Steel Fitness     

43. Maximum Mayhem Gym 

44. Superhero Strength  

45. Rebel Workouts    

46. Limit Breaker’s Club 

47. Ultimate Training Center   

48. The Gym Of Titans  

49. Hardcore Champions  

50. Legends Of Strength    

51. Rock Solid Fitness 

52. The House Of Pain   

53. Fight For Fitness     

54. Pump It Up Palace    

55. Intense Challenge Gym 

56. Body Shoppe Training Center  

57. The Beast Factory    

58. No Fear Gym 

59. Street Smart Fitness  

60. Warrior’s Sanctuary   

61. Muscle Militia 

62. Rise & Grind Gym     

63. Rigorous Training Solutions   

64. Herculean Health Club  

65. Primal Performance 

66. Iron Fortress Training   

67. The Monstrosity 

68. Overdrive Athletics  

69. Body Ops Gym     

70. Lionheart Fitness    

71. Maximum Capacity Gym  

72. Core Commandos 

73. Iron Authority Fitness   

74. The Muscle Den  

75. Titan’s Training Station    

76. Raw Power Gym 

77. Limitless Possibilities     

78. Unstoppable Fitness   

79. Muscle Mechanics    

80. Iron Temple Training 

81. Hardcore Heat Gym  

82. Iron Horse Workouts    

83. The War Room  

84. Alpha Elite Athletics   

85. Steel Strength Academy   

86. High Impact Gym 

87. Fire & Ice Training Center    

88. Limit Breaker Gym  

89. Rebel Fitness 

90. Punch It Up Place     

91. The Sweat System   

92. Pump It Up Palace  

93. Unbreakable Will Gym    

94. Muscle Madness Workouts 

95. Steel Warriors Fitness   

96. Maximum Overdrive Gym  

97. No Fear Training Center    

98. Power House Of Pain 

99. Intense Evolution Gym  

100. The Fight Factory   

Garage Gym Names Ideas

As a personal trainer, setting up a garage gym can be extremely convenient both for yourself and your clients. Even though this will be a small gym for specific clients, it doesn’t mean you should not be giving your garage gym a cool name.

Here are some ideas for naming your personal garage gym.

1. Garage Gym Nation 

2. Home Fitness Hut   

3. DIY Powerhouse  

4. Iron Works Garage    

5. Domestic Dynamite Training     

6. Basement Brawlers 

7. Limitless Prowess Gym   

8. Underground Monsters   

9. The Pit Of Pain  

10. The Iron Stronghold    

11. Garage Gladiator Gym  

12. No Mercy Fitness 

13. Domestic Domination   

14. Maximum Mayhem Training Center    

15. Pound For Pound Champions 

16. Garage Gods Of Strength   

17. Intense Home Workouts     

18. Underground Beast Mode  

19. The Home Gym Revolution    

20. Man Cave Muscle   

21. Maximum Overkill Gym 

22. Garage Powerhouse  

23. Dominate Your Domain   

24. Breakin’ Barriers Fitness    

25. No Excuses Training Space 

26. Fearless Fitness Factory    

27. Garage Gods Of Iron   

28. Breakthrough Fitness  

29. Home Hardcore Haven    

30. Power In The Pavement 

31. Domestic Demolishers Gym    

32. Total Transformation Training Center 

33. Subway Station Strength   

34. Garage Gains   

35. Barbells & Basement Beats   

36. Iron Throne Garage  

37. Home Is Where The Gains Are    

38. Get It Done Gym 

39. No Ceilings Fitness   

40. Unstoppable Underground Training Center  

41. Kings Of Steel 

42. Domestic Destruction Gym     

43. Limitless Possibilities Home Studio     

44. Iron Closet   

45. Heavy Lifting Haven  

46. Workin’ It Out Garage    

47. Hardcore Home Training  

48. Domestic Domination Station 

49. Maximum Muscle Garage   

50. Underground Gladiators Fitness   

Home Gym Names Ideas

Even your personal home gym deserves a good name. Especially if you have friends and family over. How cool is it that you have a sign with your home gym name showing prominently as people come in.

Here are some ideas of what to name your home gym.

1. Home Gains  

2. Iron Paradise   

3. Total Strength Training 

4. Domestic Dynamite Gym  

5. No Limits Fitness    

6. Maximum Muscle Mansion   

7. Limitless Powerhouse Gym     

8. Pound For Pound Champions Home Studio  

9. King Of The Castle Fitness    

10. Maximum Overkill Home Gym   

11. The Power Pit 

12. Ultimate Dominion Training Space    

13. Dominate Your Domain Gym  

14. Comfort Zone Fitness  

15. Domestic Demolishers Home Studio   

16. Heavy Lifting Haven 

17. Fearless Fitness Factory   

18. Home Hardcore Haven   

19. Limitless Possibilities Home Studio  

20. Pound Palace Gym 

21. Total Transformation Fitness Center    

22. No Excuses Training Space 

23. Primal Power House    

24. Workin’ It Out Home Gym   

25. Get It Done At Home 

26. Man Cave Muscle   

27. Home Is Where The Gains Are  

28. Muscle Madness Gym    

29. Iron Throne Home Studio 

30. Breakin’ Barriers Fitness   

31. Unstoppable Underground Training Center  

32. Cuttin’ it Up Gym  

33. Intense Evolution Home Studio     

34. Pump It Up Home 

35. Power House Of Pain   

36. Rebel Fitness  

37. Alpha Elite Athletics Home Studio    

38. Steel Warriors Fitness     

39. No Fear Training Center  

40. Garage Gods Of Strength 

41. Unstoppable Fitness Mansion   

42. Iron Horse Workouts     

43. Intensity Unleashed Fitness Center    

44. Domestic Domination Station 

45. The Sweat System 

46. Maximum Mayhem Training Center  

47. No Mercy Fitness   

48. Underground Gladiators Home Gym   

49. Garage Powerhouse   

50. Punch It Up Place     

home gym set up

Boxing Gym names

Here are some tough and intimidating names for your boxing gym.

1. The Knockout Gym  

2. Heavy Hitters Boxing Club   

3. Ring Kings Training Center 

4. Dominate Your Domain Gym  

5. Fearless Fighters Club    

6. Pound For Pound Champions Home Studio  

7. Iron Horse Workouts    

8. No Mercy Fitness   

9. Domestic Domination Station 

10. Maximum Mayhem Training Center  

11. Unstoppable Fitness Mansion    

12. No Fear Training Center   

13. Pound Palace Gym 

14. Steel Warriors Fitness     

15. Underground Gladiators Home Gym   

16. The Pit Of Pain  

17. Breaker’s Boxing Arena  

18. Fight Club Fitness 

19. Steel Traps Gym     

20. The Power Pit  

21. Rebel Fitness  

22. The Rumble Room   

23. No Fear Fighting Studio   

24. King Of Kings Boxing Club    

25. Maximum Overkill Home Gym   

26. Alpha Elite Athletics Home Studio        

27. Primal Power House    

28. Cuttin’ It Up Gym 

29. Pound Palace Boxing Club 

30. Intense Evolution Home Studio    

31. The Beat Down Center   

32. Domination Dojo  

33. Fear Factory Fighting Arena   

34. Ring Ready Training Room   

35. Home Hardcore Haven   

36. No Excuses Training Space 

37. Total Strength Training  

38. Home Gains  

39. Iron Paradise 

40. Maximum Muscle Mansion    

41. Beastmode Boxing Gym   

42. Fearless Fighters Boxing Arena 

43. Intensity Unleashed Fitness Center  

44. Heavy Lifting Haven  

45. Unstoppable Underground Training Center   

46. Iron Closet    

47. Home Is Where The Gains Are 

48. Dominate Your Domain Home Gym     

49. Steel City Boxing Club 

50. Conquerors Fight Club   

51. Kings Of Steel 

52. Domestic Dynamite Gym  

53. Total Transformation Fitness Center    

54. Limitless Powerhouse Gym    

55. Pound It Out Place   

56. Maximum Muscle Garage   

57. Heavy Hands Home Studio  

58. Get It Done At Home 

59. Maximum Mayhem Boxing Club 

60. Workin’ It Out Home Gym   

61. Comfort Zone Fitness       

62. Man Cave Muscle   

63. Pound For Pound Champions Boxing Club 

64. Fight Factory Gym  

65. Primal Power Place  

66. Fear Factory Home Studio     

67. Intense Impact Training Space   

68. Iron Palace Home Gym    

69. Alpha Alley Boxing Club  

70. Unstoppable Underground Home Gym    

71. Pound For Pound Fighters Club   

72. Fearless Fitness Factory 

73. Heavy Hands Training Center 

74. The Beat Down Den  

75. No Mercy Fight Club  

76. Iron Boxers Gym     

77. Power House Of Pain      

78. Iron Throne Home Studio  

79. Muscle Madness Gym    

80. Pound Palace Training Center   

81. Maximum Mayhem Home Gym  

82. The Sweat System 

83. No Fear Fight House   

84. Heavy Hitters Home Gym    

85. Garage Powerhouse   

86. Rebel Athletics     

87. No Fear Fitness     

88. Punch It Up Place   

89. Cuttin’ It Up Home Studio 

90. Underground Gladiators Gym   

91. Beastmode Boxers Club  

92. Garage Gods Of Strength      

93. Intense Evolution Gym 

94. Primal Power Palace    

95. No Excuses Fight House    

96. The Pit Of Pain Home Studio  

97. Domestic Domination Place 

98. Steel Traps Training Center   

99. Knockout Gym     

100. Beastmode Boxing Center 

Bodybuilding Gym Name Ideas.

Here are some ideas for names that hard core Gym goers can relate to.

1. Iron Paradise 

2. Steel City Bodybuilding Club 

3. Primal Power House  

4. Maximum Muscle Mansion    

5. Fearless Fitness Factory   

6. Fear Factory Gym  

7. King Of Kings Strength Center   

8. Unstoppable Underground Training Center   

9. Pound Palace Gym 

10. Maximum Mayhem Home Gym  

11. Iron Horse Workouts   

12. Heavy Hands Home Studio 

13. No Mercy Fitness  

14. Pound For Pound Champions Home Studio  

15. The Power Pit    

16. Domestic Dynamite Gym   

17. Comfort Zone Fitness    

18. Alpha Elite Athletics Home Studio   

19. Maximum Overkill Home Gym  

20. Breaker’s Boxing Arena 

21. Maximum Muscle Garage    

22. Intense Impact Training Space   

23. Iron Throne Home Studio  

24. Fight Club Fitness     

25. Kings Of Steel 

26. Beastmode Boxers Club   

27. The Rumble Room   

28. No Fear Fighting Studio   

29. Cuttin’ It Up Gym 

30. Intense Evolution Home Studio    

31. The Beat Down Center   

32. Domination Dojo  

33. Fear Factory Fighting Arena   

34. Ring Ready Training Room   

35. Home Hardcore Haven     

36. No Excuses Training Space 

37. Total Strength Training  

38. Home Gains  

39. Iron Paradise 

40. Maximum Muscle Mansion    

41. Beastmode Boxing Gym   

42. Fearless Fighters Boxing Arena 

43. Intensity Unleashed Fitness Center  

44. Heavy Lifting Haven  

45. Unstoppable Underground Training Center   

46. Iron Closet    

47. Home Is Where The Gains Are 

48. Dominate Your Domain Home Gym     

49. Steel City Boxing Club 

50. Conquerors Fight Club   

51. Kings Of Steel 

52. Domestic Dynamite Gym  

53. Total Transformation Fitness Center    

54. Limitless Powerhouse Gym    

55. Pound It Out Place   

56. Maximum Muscle Garage   

57. Heavy Hands Home Studio  

58. Get It Done At Home 

59. Maximum Mayhem Boxing Club 

60. Workin’ It Out Home Gym   

61. Comfort Zone Fitness       

62. Man Cave Muscle   

63. Pound For Pound Champions Boxing Club 

64. Fight Factory Gym  

65. Primal Power Place  

66. Fear Factory Home Studio     

67. Intense Impact Training Space   

68. Iron Palace Home Gym    

69. Alpha Alley Boxing Club  

70. Unstoppable Underground Home Gym    

71. Pound For Pound Fighters Club   

72. Fearless Fitness Factory 

73. Heavy Hands Training Center 

74. The Beat Down Den  

75. No Mercy Fight Club  

76. Iron Boxers Gym     

77. Power House Of Pain      

78. Iron Throne Home Studio  

79. Muscle Madness Gym    

80. Pound Palace Training Center   

81. Maximum Mayhem Home Gym  

82. The Sweat System 

83. No Fear Fight House   

84. Heavy Hitters Home Gym    

85. Garage Powerhouse   

86. Rebel Athletics          

87. No Fear Fitness     

88. Punch It Up Place   

89. Cuttin’ It Up Home Studio 

90. Underground Gladiators Gym   

91. Beastmode Boxers Club  

92. Garage Gods Of Strength      

93. Intense Evolution Gym 

94. Primal Power Palace    

95. No Excuses Fight House    

96. The Pit Of Pain Home Studio  

97. Domestic Domination Place 

98. Steel Traps Training Center   

99. Knockout Gym     

100. Beastmode Boxing Center 

Women’s gym name ideas

Women’s gyms often serve as a safe space for women to work out in, so you want the right name that captures the spirit of your mission. 

women's gyms should have an identifiable name

To help get your creativity flowing, here are 100 ideas specifically tailored to women’s gyms. 

1. Goddess Fitness 

2. Femme Force Fitness 

3. Fearless Females Fitness 

4. Supremely Strong Women’s Gym 

5. Iron Lady Gym 

6. Lady Lions Fitness Club 

7. She-Ra Strength & Conditioning 

8. Warrior Women Workouts   

9. Girl Power Fitness Center 

10. Moxie Muscle & Motion 

11. Toned Titans Gym 

12. Fabulous Femme Fitness Club 

13. Curves & Conditioning 

14. Brawny Babes Exercise Studio 

15. Fighting Females Gymnastics 

16. Lady Lions Athletics 

17. All-Girl Athletic Association 

18. Women Warriors Gym & Spa 

19. Lady Lions Training Hub  

20. She-Power Training Center 

21. Cosmo Ladies’ Club 

22. Her Fitness Palais  

23. Bodacious Bods Exercise Studio 

24. Femme Force Fitness Academy 

25. Fit Females Athletics Club 

26. Shapely Sisters Fitness Center 

27. Lady Lifters Athletic Club  

28. Lady Powerhouse Athletics Center 

29. Nifty Women’s Gym & Spa 

30. Supersized She-Power Exercise Studio 

31. Femme Focus Conditioning 

32. Fit Femme Fatale Athletics 

33. She-Ra Strength Center 

34. Physique Fantastique Fitness Club  

35. Glamour Girls Athletic Center 

36. She-Force Training Academy  

37. Mighty Women Gym & Spa 

38. Girl Gang Athletics Club  

39. Glitter & Grit Fitness Center 

40. The Femme Authority Gym 

41. Fabulous Females Fitness Club 

42. Wonder Women’s Gym & Spa  

43. She-Power Performance Lab   

44. Lady Lions Strength Academy 

45. Stellar Women’s Exercise Studio  

46. Fighter Femmes Athletics & Wellness 

47. Femme Fitness Frenzy  

48. She-Ra Weight Loss Center 

49. She-Force Workouts & Spa  

50. Women’s Strength & Conditioning Club 

51. Ladies’ Choice Gym & Spa 

52. Female Force Fitness Academy 

53. Awesome Women’s Exercise Club 

54. Fabulous Femme Fitness Center  

55. Mighty Women’s Weight Loss and Training 

56. Lady Lions Fitness Academy 

57. Female Focus Strength & Conditioning 

58. She-Cerberus Gym & Spa 

59. Femme Fatale Athletics & Performance Lab  

60. Girl Gang Strength & Conditioning 

61. Femme Performance Center 

62. She-Ra Fitness Club  

63. Lady Lifters Athletics & Wellness 

64. Glorious Girls Gym & Spa 

65. Babe Brigade Training Hub  

66. Glamorous Gals Gym & Spa 

67. Women Warriors Athletics & Performance 

68. Lady Lions Weight Loss & Training 

69. She-Force Fitness Club  

70. Femme Physique Athletics  

71. Supersize She-Power Gym & Spa 

72. Fierce Females Exercise Studio 

73. Shapely Sisters Gym & Spa   

74. Strong Women’s Performance Center 

75. Shapely She-Power Athletics & Wellness  

76. Diamond Divas Fitness Center 

77. Fabulous Females Gym & Spa  

78. Killer Kurls Exercise Studio 

79. Glamorous Gals Performance Lab 

80. Supremely Strong Women’s Athletics Club  

81. Femme Fatale Fitness Hub 

82. Glitter & Grit Gym & Spa   

83. Lady Lions Training Center  

84. Worthy Women’s Workouts 

85. Bodacious Bods Athletic Club 

86. She-Power Gym & Spa 

87. Femme Focus Conditioning & Wellness  

88. Fighting Females Weight Loss & Training 

89. Fabulous Femme Fitness Academy   

90. Fierce Females Athletics Club  

91. Lady Lions Strength & Conditioning 

92. Nifty Women’s Exercise Center  

93. Killer Kurls Gym & Spa 

94. She-Ra Performance Center 

95. She-Power Weight Loss & Training 

96. Supremely Strong Women’s Exercise Studio 

97. Fabulous Females Athletic Club  

98. Gladiator Girls Gym & Spa  

99. Glitter & Grit Conditioning Center 

100. She-Force Fitness Frenzy 

CrossFit Centre Names

Opening a CrossFit gym? Congrats! I’ve put together this comprehensive list of 100 CrossFit gym names to help inspire you. From witty puns to real words, this list has it all. So read on, and find the perfect name for your gym.

1. CrossTrainers

2. Muscle Madness

3. Pain Palace

4. Death by Burpee 

5. High Intensity Training Zone

6. Go Hard or Go Home Gym

7. The Fitness Factory

8. Body Blast

9. Sweat and Gain 

10. Super Strength Gym 

11. Power Station 

12. InstaFit Gym

13. Fit & Furious 

14. Pump It Up 

15. No Pain, No Gainz  

16. Flex Force Fitness Center  

17. Ironworks Gym 

18. High-Voltage Fitness 

19. The Barbell Club

20. Reebok CrossFit Box

21. Southwest Strength and Conditioning 

22. Sweaty City Fitness Center

23. Grunt & Growl Gym 

24. Oceanside CrossFit  

25. Sweat-A-Lot Gym

26. Pain & Gain CrossFit 

27. Chiseled Fitness Center 

28. Fit Frenzy Gym 

29. Prime Performance Training Center 

30. Iron Will Gym 

31. Get Stronger Fitness Club 

32. The Weight Room  

33. Fitness Asylum 

34. Beast Mode Gym 

35. Bodyworks Fitness Center 

36. CrossFit Revolution 

37. Workout Warriors Gym 

38. Power Up Performance Training  

39. Iron Athletes Fitness Center  

40. Rock Hard Performance Center 

41. Burpee Palace  

42. Fit Lab 

43. Hardcore Gym 

44. Sweat Central 

45. No Limits Fitness Center 

46. The Hangar Gym  

47. Strength & Conditioning Warehouse 

48. The Fit Pit  

49. City Strength and Conditioning Center 

50. Ripped Athlete Training Center  

51. Total Strength and Conditioning Gym

52. Get Fit Now Fitness 

53. Go Hard Sports Performance Center 

54. The Workhouse Gym  

55. PowerLift Training Center 

56. Forged Fitness Center 

57. Sweat City CrossFit Box  

58. Grinder Fitness Center 

59. Out of Breath Gym  

60. Beast Athletics 

61. Redline Fitness Center 

62. The Gladiators Gym 

63. CrossFit Mayhem  

64. Iron House Sports Performance Center 

65. Lean Energy Fitness Center 

66. Cross-X Training Center 

67. Kettlebell Kingdom Fitness Center 

68. Elite Performance Training Center 

69. Tread and Shred Gym 

70. Sweatbox Fitness Club  

71. Pound for Pound Gym 

72. Barbell Athletics  

73. Firebreather’s Gym 

74. Human Performance Warehouse 

75. Get Up & Go Fitness Center   

76. The Box 

77. Muscles for Miles Fitness Center 

78. Barbells & Beyond Gym  

79. Maximum Performance Fitness Club 

80. Ironworks Strength and Conditioning Center  

81. Sweat Nation CrossFit  

82. Lionheart Gym 

83. Adrenaline Rush Performance Center 

84. Crunch Time Fitness Center 

85. Forge Your Own Path Gym  

86. Sweat & Succeed Gym  

87. Top Gun Performance Training Center  

88. Prime Strength & Conditioning Club 

89. No Mercy Fitness Center 

90. Drop the Hammer CrossFit Box 

91. The Base Fitness Center 

92. Endurance House Gym 

93. The Gym Box 

94. Steel Sweat Training Center  

95. CrossFit Militia  

96. Operate at Maximum Capacity Performance Center 

97. Forge Your Fitness Club 

98. Hardcore Workout Zone 

99. Break a Sweat Health Club 

100. Ferocity Fitness Center 

And there you have it, 100 CrossFit gym name ideas to get your creative juices flowing! No matter what you choose, make sure the name is memorable and conveys a sense of power, strength and determination. 

CrossFitness gym with people training

Rock climbing Gym Name Ideas

If you’re looking for a rock climbing gym name, look no further. I’ve compiled an extensive list of 100 ideas that will surely hit the spot, and get you thinking of the perfect name for your gym. 

1. The Climb Zone

2. Boulders ‘R Us

3. Hang Tight

4. Rock Reach 

5. Upwardly Mobile

6. Vertical View

7. Climb Out 

8. Reach The Peak 

9. Climb Up High 

10. Take The Wall 

11. Chalk It Up 

12. Climbing Dynamics  

13. Apex Adventures 

14. Rock-Climb Revolution 

15. Surmount It 

16. Climb Time 

17. Alpaca Heights 

18. Rock District 

19. Stone Summit  

20. High Rocks 

21. Rocky Top Adventures 

22. Rock-a-Climb  

23. Steel Core Climbing Gym 

24. Reach for the Sky 

25. Top Notch Climbing 

26. Reach New Heights  

27. The Wall Zone  

28. Peak Performance 

29. Hang Tough Adventures 

30. Rock-Climb Academy  

31. Grab a Handhold 

32. Reaching the Stars 

33. Boulder Blast 

34. Reach Beyond  

35. Summit Surge 

36. Climb Up and Over 

37. Grasp the Wall 

38. Rock-Climb Xtreme 

39. Hangtime Adventures 

40. Higher Ground Climbing Gym 

41. Keep a Grip on It 

42. Climb-On  

43. Rock Ready 

44. Climb All Day 

45. Sky Rise Gym 

46. Climb It Up! 

47. Hang ‘Em High Adventures 

48. Reach New Levels  

49. Stone Tower Climbing Gym  

50. Grab a Hold and Pull Yourself Up 

51. Rock-It Climbing Gym 

52. Climb High  

53. Hang Out and Climb 

54. Upward Climb Adventures 

55. Reach the Summit 

56. The Wall Warriors  

57. Surmount It All  

58. Rockface Adventures 

59. Reach for the Roof 

60. Hangover Adventures  

61. Reach for the Top 

62. The Rock Ranch 

63. Climb to Success 

64. Chalk It Up and Climb 

65. The Wall Crawlers 

66. Pathway Climbing Gym  

67. Sky-High Adventures 

68. Grab the Wall 

69. Hang On and Climb Up 

70. Gravity Defied Climbing Gym  

71. Summit Adventures 

72. Reach for the Ridges 

73. Dance on the Rocks 

74. The Rock-Climb Shack  

75. Boulder Jumps  

76. Hang-Time Adventures 

77. Climb Higher  

78. Reach the Sky 

79. Vertical Solutions Climbing Gym 

80. High Adventure Climbing Gym  

81. Hold On Tight and Climb 

82. Keep a Grip on It and Climb Up 

83. Scale New Heights 

84. Climb Up and Over 

85. Pull Yourself Up 

86. Reach the Top 

87. Aim High Climbing Gym  

88. Vertical Heights Adventure Park 

89. Hang Tough Challenges 

90. Get A Grip Adventures  

91. Grab a Handhold and Go Up! 

92. Reach Beyond the Sky 

93. Up and Over Adventures 

94. High Rock Climbing Gym 

95. Climb Away  

96. Create New Heights  

97. Take It to The Top 

98. Reach for the Clouds 

99. Hang On, Keep Climbing! 

100. Climb It Up and Beyond! 

Powerlifting Gym Names 

1. Iron Empire 

2. Force Fitness 

3. Heavy Lifting Lounge 

4. Apex Gym 

5. Maximum Building Club 

6. Power Palace 

7. Muscle Avenue 

8. Flex Factory  

9. Strength Station 

10. Bulk Up Center 

11. Beast Mode Gym 

12. Powerhouse Performance 

13. Supersize Training Zone 

14. Form and Fitness 

15. Beast Builder’s Club 

16. Proper Progress Place 

17. The Gains Room 

18. Muscle Mansion  

19. High Power Gym 

20. Training Town Center 

21. Body Building Bazaar 

22. Pump Up Studio 

23. Muscle Mania Gym 

24. Power Pure Perfection 

25. The Weight Room 

26. Grow Your Gains Palace 

27. Pump It Place  

28. Heavy Hitter’s Hut 

29. Bulk Out Bazaar 

30. Fitness Factory Outlet 

31. Ton Up Gym 

32. Max Muscle Mecca  

33. Strength Street Place 

34. Pump Up Palace 

35. Gains Action Arena 

36. Power Playhouse Center 

37. Maximum Muscle Mansion 

38. Bulk Builder’s Bazaar  

39. The Iron Den 

40. Pumping Power Studio 

41. Tone Town Gym 

42. The Beast Builder’s Club 

43. Maximum Gainz Palace 

44. Supersize Training Zone  

45. Strength Station Elite 

46. Power Performance Place 

47. Muscle Empire Bazaar 

48. Bulk It Up Factory Outlet 

49. The Power Palace 

50. Maximum Muscle Palace 

51. Maximize Gains Gym 

52. Bulk Up Bazaar  

53. Get Fit Factory Outlet 

54. Iron House Loft 

55. Beast Builder’s Hut 

56. Strength Stylers Place 

57. Bigger Better Better Gym 

58. Muscle Mansion Elite 

59. The Power Performance Place  

60. Maximum Strength Bazaar 

61. Pump Up Studio Elite 

62. Bulk Up Center Elite 

63. Beast Mode Fitness Factory Outlet 

64. Form and Fitness Elite 

65. Maximum Building Club Elite  

66. Powerhouse Performance Loft 

67. Max Muscle Mansion Elite  

68. Bulk Out Palace 

69. Grow Your Gains Club 

70. The Iron Den Elite 

71. Heavy Lifting Lounge Elite 

72. Strength Street Place Elite 

73. Supersize Training Zone Elite 

74. Maximum Gainz Palace Elite 

75. Pump It Place Elite 

76. High Power Gym Elite 

77. The Beast Builder’s Club Elite  

78. Training Town Center Elite 

79. Tone Town Gym Elite 

80. Muscle Action Arena Elite  

81. Body Building Bazaar Elite   

82. Muscle Mansion Max Elite  

83. Muscle Mania Gym Elite 

84. Power Pure Perfection Elite 

85. Proper Progress Place Elite 

86. Pumping Power Studio Elite 

87. Gains Room Elite  

88. Maximum Strength Bazaar Elite   

89. Iron Empire Loft Elite 

90. Form and Fitness Plus Elite 

91. Bulk Up Bazaar Elite  

92. Force Fitness Elite 

93. Apex Gym Elite   

94. The Weight Room Elite 

95. Flex Factory Elite 

96. Muscle Avenue Elite 

97. Pump Up Palace Elite 

98. Beast Mode Gym Plus Elite  

99. Maximum Building Club Plus Elite 

100. Bulk Builder’s Bazaar Plus Elite  

Boutique gym name ideas

Here are one hundred boutique gym name ideas for your boutique gym.

1. Iron Strength Gym 

2. Fitness Agents 

3. Muscle Master 

4. Lean and Clean Gym 

5. Breaking Barriers Fitness 

6. Power Up Fitness 

7. Velocity Exercise Studio 

8. Core Fit Club 

9. The Musclery   

10. Hardcore Training Center 

11. The Weight Academy 

12. No Guts, No Glory Gym 

13. The Pump Room 

14. Lean and Mean Fitness Club 

15. Rise Up Workout Studio 

16. Max Muscle Fitness 

17. Shape Up Health Club 

18. Fit Factory 

19. Primal Fitness Center 

20. Beat the Clock Gym 

21. The Sweat Shack   

22. Be Stronger Gym and Health Club 

23. Kicking It Up A Notch Fitness Studio 

24. Brawn & Brains Workout Room 

25. All-Star Athletic Club 

26. Rise and Grind Health Club 

27. Grit Gym 

28. X-Treme Fitness Zone   

29. Complete Body Training Center 

30. The Power Pit Gym & Spa 

31. Muscle Mania Exercise Studio 

32. One Fit Stop Gym & Spa   

33. Chiseled Fitness Club 

34. Star Training Studios 

35. Iron House Gym & Spa 

36. The Grindhouse Gym & Spa   

37. No Limits Health Club 

38. Body-N-Soul Fitness Center 

39. Attitude of Gratitude Exercise Club   

40. Burn Baby Burn Gym & Spa 

41. Benchmark Fitness Studio   

42. Maximus Health Club 

43. Muscle Mansion Exercise Center   

44. Beast Mode Fitness Center 

45. Get Fit Fast Health Club & Spa   

46. Sweat Equity Athletic Club 

47. 360 Fitness Club   

48. Physique Performance Health Spa 

49. Work Hard Play Hard Fitness Studio 

50. High Impact Exercise Center   

51. Core Strength Gym & Spa 

52. Iron Republic Athletic Club   

53. X-Factor Fitness Center 

54. The Beast House Exercise Room 

55. Maximum Fitness Gym & Spa   

56. Fit For Life Exercise Center 

57. The Iron House Health Club 

58. Iron Surge Gym & Spa   

59. Hot Tamale Strength and Agility Studio 

60. Muscle Up Athletic Center   

61. Get Focused Fitness Club 

62. The Power House Gym & Spa 

63. Warrior Health Club & Spa   

64. Adrenaline Rush Athletic Center 

65. Max Fit Exercise Studio 

66. No Excuses Fitness Club   

67. All Out Fitness Center 

68. Go Hard or Go Home Gym & Spa  

69. Pump It Up Exercise Center   

70. The Iron Pit Gym & Spa 

71. Maximus Fitness Club 

72. Powerhouse Performance Health Club   

73. Body Works Health and Fitness Studio 

74. Mind over Muscle Workout Room   

75. Get Fit Now Athletic Club 

76. Intensity Exercise Studio   

77. Extreme Fitness Center 

78. Fit Station Health Club   

79. Hardcore Gym & Spa 

80. Power and Strength Training Center   

81. Pump Up the Volume Gym & Spa 

82. The Edge Fitness Room   

83. Core Strength Exercise Center   

84. Iron-Clad Performance Center 

85. Pump It Up Fitness Club 

86. Total Body Health and Fitness Studio   

87. Fit As A Fiddle Gym & Spa 

88. Get In Shape Athletic Club   

89. Power Play Fitness Room 

90. The Core Gym & Spa   

91. All Out Performance Center 

92. High Octane Fitness Studio   

93. Pump Up and Go Health Club 

94. Grit and Grind Exercise Room 

95. The Power Pit Gym & Spa   

96. Beast Mode Fitness Gym 

97. Maximum Performance Health Club   

98. Hardcore Training Zone 

99. Physique Factory Fitness Center 

100. The Iron House Exercise Room & Spa   

Dodgeball Gym Name Ideas

To conclude our categories of Gym Names lists, here are 50 name ideas for a very specific niche, the Dodgeball Gyms

1. Airballs Arena 

2. Racketeers’ Riverside 

3. Ace Dodgeballers 

4. Dodging Dynamos 

5. Spikers Sports Club 

6. Rebel Rocketeers 

7. Big Ball Busters 

8. Spiking Stars Academy 

9. Catalysts Clubhouse 

10. Slammers Station 

11. Hotshots Heaven 

12. Flippers’ Field 

13. Smash Society 

14. The Throwing Thunderbolts 

15. Ballers Beachfront Resort 

16. Shark Slingers Clubhouse 

17. Dodgy Divas Den 

18. The Smashers Social Club 

19. Ballerinas Beach House 

20. Nutty Noodlers Academy 

21. Alleyway Aces 

22. Dodgy Devils Den 

23. The Bouncers Bash Palace 

24. Airballers Arts Clubhouse 

25. Slingers Station 

26. Slappers Arena 

27. Rebels Revolution Clubhouse 

28. The Crackpot Chuckers Beach House 

29. Rebounders Retreat 

30. Throwing Tycoons Clubhouse 

31. Ballerinas Bash Palace 

32. Alleyway Aces Academy 

33. Flippers’ Field 

34. Court Crushers Clubhouse 

35. Bouncers Beach House 

36. Smashers Society 

37. Slingshots Slalom Resort 

38. Rambunctious Rebels Clubhouse 

39. The Nutty Noodlers Beachfront Resort 

40. The Alleyway Aces Bash Palace 

41. Rebounders Retreat Clubhouse 

42. Court Crushers Castle 

43. Slingers Station Resort 

44. Spikers Sports Clubhouse  

45. Crackpot Chuckers Bash Palace 

46. Big Ball Busters Beach House 

47. Throwing Tycoons Bash Palace 

48. Dodgy Divas Den Resort 

49. Smashers Social Clubhouse  

50. Hotshots Heaven Academy 

When it comes to choosing a name for your gym, you want something that is going to keep people excited about coming back. You want something catchy and unique, whether it’s funny, intimidating or just downright outrageous. 

With the lists above, you should have plenty of ideas to choose from. 

Having said this, if you still need more inspiration then check out the hundreds of other Gym names below, generated by our very own Namesurfy AI.

How to Choose a Gym Name – Tips and Checklist

To help you out with the process of coming up with gym name ideas for your fitness business, we’ve gathered some tips on how to choose a great name.

Make it Memorable

First, make sure your gym name is unique and memorable. Think about how it will sound when customers say it aloud or type it into a search engine.

Avoid using phrases that are too long, convoluted, or difficult to pronounce. Your gym name should evoke positive emotions, so try to come up with something catchy and upbeat.

Try brainstorming names for your gym by using relevant gym related words and mixing them together. For example, you could use words like “Fitness”, “Power” and “Strong” to come up with a name like “Powerful Fitness Strong.”

Also think of words associated with the type of training you plan to offer: gym, bodybuilding, crossfit, yoga, spinning, etc. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative – your gym name should stand out and be memorable. 

Use Gym Name Generators

If you’re feeling stuck for ideas, you could try using a gym name generator. This handy tool can help you brainstorm potential names and come up with something truly original. 

These free online tools can be a great source of inspiration for naming your gym. 

Just enter some keywords related to your business and the generator will come up with a list of potential names that you could use.

You can also look to famous athletes or sports teams for inspiration. Just make sure your gym name doesn’t infringe on any existing copyrights.

Get Feedback on Your Gym Name Ideas

Once you have some potential names, test them out on friends and family members to gauge how they respond. Try using word of mouth and social media to get feedback on the names you’ve come up with. 

Check Availability

Finally, make sure you do a thorough search of existing gym names and trademarks before settling on one. You don’t want to inadvertently choose a name that another gym is already using.

As with any name, make sure to double-check for availability of the domain and social media handles before making a final decision. 

While it’s important to come up with a unique and memorable gym name, it’s just as important to have an online presence to promote your business. When you’re brainstorming potential names, you want to keep this fact in mind. 

Buy a Relevant Web Domain for your Gym

Any name you choose should have the associated domain name available, and ideally this should be a dot com domain. You don’t want to find the perfect name only to realize it’s taken.

Finding a good domain name for your gym is essential for creating an online presence. A strong domain name will make it easier for customers to find your website and make a positive impression.

When you come up with a few potential Gym names, use a domain availability checker such as GoDaddy or NameCheap to see if they’re actually available. This will save you time and effort in the long run.

When you’ve settled on a great domain name, register it right away! That way no one else will be able to snag your perfect gym name.

Finally, remember that a great domain name can help customers find and access your website more easily, so take the time to choose one that reflects your business well.

Brand Your Gym

Once you have chosen the perfect name, it’s time to get started with your overall gym brand strategy. 

This is an important part of creating a successful gym brand, so make sure you take the time to think it through and get professional help to create a great brand for your fitness business.

Branding your gym involves creating a logo that goes well with the chosen Gym name, and designing graphics that will represent your business in the best light possible. 

When it comes to designing a logo, think of something simple yet memorable. Opt for colors and fonts that reflect the ethos of your gym, and don’t be afraid to get creative!

Branding isn’t just about creating a logo – it also involves developing other graphic elements that will help you market your gym effectively. 

Think of anything from business cards and banners to signs, promotional materials, and even staff uniforms. It’s important to create a cohesive look that can be used both online and offline.

Last but not least, make sure to keep your branding consistent across all of your platforms. This will help you present a professional image and make the most out of your gym’s potential. 

With a bit of creativity and careful consideration, you can create an unforgettable brand. 

unnamed gym with weights

Marketing Your Gym Name and Brand

Once you’ve come up with a great name, designed a logo and developed other graphic elements, it’s time to think about how to market your gym

This will involve creating an effective marketing strategy that will not only reach potential customers but also help retain existing ones. 

Start by creating a website featuring attractive visuals, easy navigation and engaging content. This will help you create an online presence and make it easier for customers to find your gym. 

You can also use social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to advertise your gym and connect with potential customers.

Another great way to market your gym is by using influencers or partnering with fitness-related businesses. These partnerships could involve anything from sponsored posts to product giveaways, depending on your goals and budget.

Finally, don’t forget about traditional marketing tactics such as print ads, billboards or radio spots. These can be effective for attracting local customers who might not be familiar with your business yet. 

Creating a successful marketing strategy takes time and effort, so make sure to plan ahead and stay organized. With the right approach, you can make sure your gym reaches the right audience and grows in no time. 

Other Gym Name Ideas

  • Abs Aid
  • Abs Atlas
  • Abs Blog
  • Abs Cast
  • Abs Center
  • Abs Feed
  • Abs Gear
  • Abs Grid
  • Abs Guru
  • Abs House
  • Abs Hut
  • Abs Load
  • Abs Maker
  • Abs Mark
  • Abs Safer
  • Abs Scope
  • Abs Shift
  • Abs Ship
  • Abs Side
  • Abs Sync
  • Abs Village
  • Absard
  • Absify
  • Absish
  • Absler
  • Absly
  • Absus
  • Active Fit
  • Active Healthy
  • Active Sculpt
  • Active Wellness
  • Active Zumba
  • Balance Art
  • Balance Atlas
  • Balance Blog
  • Balance Boost
  • Balance Concept
  • Balance Flow
  • Bodybuilding Aid
  • Bodybuilding Boost
  • Bodybuilding Capsule
  • Bodybuilding Charm
  • Bodybuilding Concept
  • Bodybuilding Dash
  • Bodybuilding Glow
  • Bodybuilding Saga
  • Bodybuilding Solutions
  • Bodybuilding Spot
  • Bodybuilding Vibe
  • Bodybuildingic
  • Cardio Blend
  • Cardio Care
  • Cardio Case
  • Cardio Fit
  • Cardio Flow
  • Cardio Hub
  • Cardio Level
  • Cardio Loop
  • Cardio Play
  • Cardio Plus
  • Cardiofed
  • Cardioged
  • Clear Healthy
  • Clear Sculpt
  • Clear Workout
  • Cobalance
  • Cofitness
  • Colean
  • Crossfit Atlas
  • Crossfit Band
  • Crossfit Case
  • Crossfit House
  • Crossfit Mode
  • Crossfit Option
  • Crossfit Scope
  • Crossfit Start
  • Crossfit Storm
  • Crossfital
  • Crossfitary
  • Crossfiteable
  • Crossfitin
  • Domuscles
  • Dophysique
  • Exercise Barn
  • Exercise Glow
  • Exercise Hill
  • Exercise Lab
  • Exercise Logic
  • Exercise Sense
  • Exercise Solutions
  • Exercise Space
  • Exercise Yard
  • Fit Blend
  • Fit Capsule
  • Fit Dash
  • Fit Focus
  • Fit Layer
  • Fit Line
  • Fit Load
  • Fit Scape
  • Fit Sense
  • Fit Signal
  • Fit Solutions
  • Fit Spot
  • Fit Workshop
  • Fitica
  • Fitify
  • Fitness Aid
  • Fitness Atlas
  • Fitness Boost
  • Fitness Corp
  • Fitness Lab
  • Fitness Scope
  • Fitness Spark
  • Fitness Storm
  • Fitness Vibe
  • Fitness Village
  • Fitness Yard
  • Fitnessic
  • Fitnessica
  • Goabs
  • Gobalance
  • Gocrossfit
  • Gofitness
  • Gostrong
  • Gym Bay
  • Gym Blend
  • Gym Capsule
  • Gym Center
  • Gym Corp
  • Gym Flow
  • Gym Port
  • Gym Vibe
  • Gymeable
  • Gymfer
  • Health Space
  • Health Spot
  • Healthy Hive
  • Healthy Hut
  • Healthy Line
  • Hyper Bodybuilding
  • Hyper Cardio
  • Hyper Crossfit
  • Hyper Gym
  • Hyper Sculpt
  • Hyper Workout
  • Iron Base
  • Iron Bay
  • Iron Boost
  • Iron Lab
  • Ironise
  • Ironize
  • Meta Power
  • Muscles Base
  • Muscles Bay
  • Muscles Charm
  • Muscles Corp
  • Muscles Crew
  • Muscles Dock
  • Muscles Flow
  • Muscles Hub
  • Muscles Hut
  • Muscles Inc
  • Muscles Maker
  • Muscles Shack
  • Muscles Store
  • Muscles Village
  • Physique Care
  • Physique Center
  • Physique Hut
  • Physique Spark
  • Physique Workshop
  • Power Band
  • Power Future
  • Power Guru
  • Power Hut
  • Power Inc
  • Power Line
  • Power Load
  • Power Mode
  • Power Plus
  • Power Shack
  • Power Spot
  • Power Works
  • Powerize
  • Powerled
  • Real Fit
  • Real Power
  • Sculpt Barn
  • Sculpt Crew
  • Sculpt Dock
  • Sculpt Maker
  • Sculpt Palace
  • Sculpt Pass
  • Sculpt Spot
  • Sculptard
  • Sculpteable
  • Solid Cardio
  • Solid Exercise
  • Solid Fit
  • Solid Gym
  • Solid Power
  • Solid Trainer
  • Start Abs
  • Start Muscles
  • Strong Corp
  • Strong Focus
  • Strong Signal
  • The Abs Club
  • The Abs Studio
  • The Balance Club
  • The Bodybuilding Group
  • The Cardio Company
  • The Cardio Factory
  • The Crossfit Connection
  • The Crossfit Studio
  • The Exercise Studio
  • The Fit Club
  • The Fit Factory
  • The Gym Company
  • The Gym Project
  • The Iron Connection
  • The Muscles Group
  • The Physique Studio
  • The Power Factory
  • The Power Studio
  • The Sculpt Club
  • The Wellness Factory
  • The Wellness Studio
  • Trainer Barn
  • Trainer Base
  • Trainer Bay
  • Trainer Flow
  • Trainer Hub
  • Trainer Palace
  • Trainer Solutions
  • Trainer Workshop
  • True Fit
  • True Muscles
  • Wellness Base
  • Wellness Centre
  • Wellness Concept
  • Wellness Focus
  • Wellness Line
  • Wellness Maker
  • Wellness Spark
  • Wellness Spot
  • Wellnessian
  • Workout Barn
  • Workout Port
  • Workout Shack
  • Workout Signal
  • Workout Vibe
  • Zen Balance
  • Zen Power

Summary of Steps for choosing a Gym Name

In summary, choosing the perfect name for your gym is an important step towards creating a successful business.

  • Make sure it’s memorable, easy to pronounce and evoke positive emotions.
  • Brainstorm relevant gym related words or use a gym name generator online.
  • Test potential names on friends and family for feedback.
  • Research existing gym names and trademarks to make sure you haven’t chosen something that already exists.
  • Buy the web domain name for the selected Gym name so you can ensure your online presence.
  • Create your Gym’s Brand strategy.
  • Once you’ve decided on the perfect name for your gym, spread the word. A great new name can be a powerful tool for marketing.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to come up with a great name for your gym that will make customers smile and keep them coming back. Good luck!

PS: For more inspirational names check out our full category of Business Name ideas


I am a branding and naming consultant with 16 years of experience. I believe in building a strong brand name that identifies your visions and that of your business. A brand identity motivates you and your team to achieve success.