Dog Walking Business Names

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Choosing the right name for your dog walking business is as important as choosing the right leash for a spirited pup. It might seem simple, but the name you select could play a significant role in attracting clients and making your brand memorable. 

In this post, we’ll give you hundreds of dog walking business name ideas that you can take inspiration from. I also walk you through my step-by-step process for selecting a fetching name that will have your business leading the pack (all puns intended!!).

Dog walking business names

If you’re a dog walker and animal lover, brainstorming name ideas for your new dog walking business, then it shouldn’t be difficult for you to come up with words and phrases that reflect the joy, trust, and care you feel dog walking. 

Consider words related to dogs (like ‘bark’, ‘paw’, or ‘tail’), movement (‘trot’, ‘stroll’, ‘wander’), and positive emotions (‘happy’, ‘joy’, ‘fun’). You can also play with words that describe your neighborhood or the beautiful places you’ll explore with your furry clients.

Keeping your business name up to a maximum of four words, can ensure it remains catchy, easy to remember, and clear in its message. Let’s dive into some unique and creative dog walking business name ideas:

  • Paw Prints Trails
  • Pup Parade Walks
  • Wandering Woofs
  • Sunshine Stroll Pups
  • Happy Hounds Hikes
  • Jolly Jogging Mutts
  • Woof Walk Wonders
  • Barky Steps Brigade
  • Canine Cardio Club
  • Cheerful Chihuahua Trails
  • Wagging Walkabouts
  • Fetching Fido Walks
  • Trotting Tails Trek
  • Breezy Boxer Walks
  • Rambunctious Rover Routes
  • Golden Gait Retrievers
  • Perky Poodle Parade
  • Charming Corgi Capers
  • Vibrant Voyages Walks
  • Dapper Dog Strolls
  • Happy Tails Trek
  • Whiskers & Walks
  • Canine Commute Club
  • Lively Labradors Trails
  • Romping Rottweiler Rambles
  • Trotting Terrier Tours
  • Fun Fur Journeys
  • Paws on Pavements
  • Doggy Day Trek
  • Leash and Explore
  • Pup’s Day Out
  • Hound’s Happy Hikes
  • Walk Wag Love
  • Barking Buddy Strolls
  • Hiking Hounds Walks
  • Canine Caper Club
  • Sunny Snout Strolls
  • Pooch Pacing Parade
  • Neighborhood Bark Brigade
  • Friendly Furball Frolics
  • Puppy Pitter Patter
  • Whisker Wanderlust Walks
  • Sturdy Paws Strolls
  • Joyful Jogs Canine
  • Sniff and Stride
  • Wiggly Wag Journeys
  • Pup Prance Parade
  • Sniff Snout Strolls
  • Furry Feet Adventures
  • Howling Hikes Club
  • Dashing Doggy Drives
  • Dog Days March
  • Tiptoeing Terrier Trails
  • Wander Woof Way
  • Happy Hike Hounds
  • Pooch Parade Path
  • Jumping Jack’s Journeys
  • Joyful Journeys Dogs
  • Canine Caring Capers
  • Boundless Bark Walks
  • Playful Pup Parade
  • Walkabout Woofs Way
  • Paws and Paths
  • Four-Legged Frolics
  • Sniffing Spaniels Strolls
  • Striding Snouts
  • Leash Leisure Laps
  • Barky Buddy Boulevard
  • Lively Leash Lanes
  • Pooch Pacing Park
  • Sunshine Sniffs
  • Waggy Walks Way
  • Paws and Go
  • Prancing Pup Path
  • Doggy Daycare
  • Furry Friends Walks
  • Pet Pals Jaunts
  • Woofs & Wiggles
  • Pup & Go
  • Doggy Trekkers
  • Ruff ‘n’ Ready
  • Barky Bounces
  • Pup Parade
  • Best Paw Forward
  • Dog Jogs
  • Bark Around Town
  • Wag Along
  • Walk & Wag
  • Paw Pros
  • Pawfect Steps
  • Trotting Tails
  • Pawsome Pups
  • Pup Strut
  • Canine Cruisers
  • Doggy Doodles
  • Dog Adventures
  • Doggy Walks
  • Paws On Patrol
  • Doggy Steps
  • Puppy Prowlers
  • Paw-sitively Strolling
  • Doggy Trots
  • Paws & Claws
  • Barkin’ Boots
  • Doggy Jaunts
  • Pup Pals
  • Doggy Outings
  • Pup Trekkers
  • Puppy Power
  • Doggy Desires
  • Wagging Tails
  • Doggy Hikes
  • Pet Trekkers
  • Pup Patrol
  • Tail Waggers
  • Doggy Dashes
  • Doggy Daydreams
  • Pup Pursuits
  • Pup Professionals
  • Pet Promenades
  • Doggy Walks Plus
  • Waggy Walks
  • Pup Pals & Walks
  • Doggy Escapades
  • Dog Tromps
  • The Doggy Walkers
  • Pawfect Walks
  • Doggy Joggers
  • Paws Abound
  • Paw Pursuits
  • Doggy Excursions
  • Doggy Delights
  • Doggy Roamers
  • Paw Patrol Joggers
  • Pup-Trotters
  • Doggy Adventures
  • Ruff & Ready
  • Doggy Rambles
  • Puppy Paws
  • Doggy Days Out
  • Dog Walking Buddies
  • Doggy Trails
  • Furry Feet
  • Doggy Wonders
  • Pup & Stroll
  • Doggy Paws
  • Doggy Strolls
  • Doggy Scamper
  • Doggy Rovers
  • Pup-Trotting
  • Doggy Steps Out
  • Strolling Paws
  • Doggy Strides
  • Dog Lovers Walks
  • Dog Walks & Wags
  • Doggy Walks Galore
  • Pup & Prance
  • Doggy Walks & Wags
  • Paws & Tails
  • Doggy Steps & Strides
  • Urban Pet Trekkers
  • Tail Waggers Walkers
  • Fur-ocious Strides
  • Unleashed Adventures
  • Doggie Darlings Strolls
  • Pedigree Promenades
  • Houndy Hikes
  • Woof Walks Outings
  • Puppy Paws Adventures
  • K-9 Jaunts
  • Muddy Paw Patrol
  • Canine Cruises
  • Swingin’ Tail Strides
  • Walkies with Wiggles
  • Waggin’ Tails Trails
  • Neighborhood Noseys
  • Doggie Dash Walks
  • Hound Heaven Hikes
  • Tail Waggers Treks
  • Paw Prints Tours
  • Leashy Loop Adventures
  • Canine Caper Trails
  • Pawsome Power Walks
  • Four-Legged Friends Escapades
  • Barking Buddies Outings
  • Doggy Delight Jaunts
  • Dog Trail Blazers
  • Happy Howlers Hikes
  • Pup Tootsie Tours
  • Canine Capers Walks
  • Mutt Moseys Outings
  • Playful Pooch Patrols
  • Puppy Parade Promenades
  • Pawsome Prance Walks
  • Ruff Riders Roams
  • Doggy Daydreams Adventures
  • Leather Leash Tours
  • Tail-Waggin’ Races
  • Woofie Wanderlust Escapades
  • Wagtime Jaunts
  • Furry Friends Outings
  • Noses To The Wind Jaunts
  • Two-Legged Tailspin Treks
  • Pup Parade Patrols
  • Fluffy Feet Promenades
  • Barktastic Adventures
  • Puppy Playtime Hikes
  • Doggie Dash Tours
  • Paw Prints Roams
  • Itchy Feet Walks
  • Leash Lovers Races
  • Ruff Rides Adventures
  • Park Pooch Jaunts
  • Waggy Walks Outings
  • Woofy Wonderful Escapades
  • Pawesome Power Patrols
  • Muttly Movers Treks
  • Doggy Delight Tours
  • Furry Footprints Hikes
  • Puppers and Scampers Roams
  • Canine Commutes Walks
  • Tails-A-Waggin’ Promenades
  • Playful Pals Adventures
  • Pedigree Preachers Jaunts
  • K-9 Companions Outings
  • Fluffy Friends Races
  • Pet Paw Patrols
  • Unleashed Excursions Escapades
  • Woofy Trots Tours
  • Hound Heaven Strides
  • Walkies with Wiggles Patrols
  • Pup Pursuits Walks
  • Ruff Rides Jaunts
  • Muddy Paw Tours
  • Barking Buddies Adventures
  • Canine Cruises Roams
  • Houndy Hikes Promenades
  • Furry Feet Outings
  • Park Pooch Races
  • Pedigree Prance Walks
  • Woof Walks Escapades
  • Doggie Darlings Strides
  • K-9 Jaunts Patrols
  • Pawsome Power Hikes

dog running service offered by a man to his clients

Dog Running Service Names

When naming your dog-running service, the name should reflect the high-energy and active nature of your unique service. So consider words associated with dogs, action and movement (‘run’, ‘dash’, ‘sprint’). This helps potential clients instantly understand your service’s essence while setting you apart from traditional dog walking services.

Here are some unique name ideas for your dog running service:

  • High-Speed Hounds
  • Swift Snouts Sprints
  • Canine Cardio Companions
  • Fast and Furry
  • Bounding Bark Runs
  • Pooch Pace Setters
  • Run Ruff Rovers
  • Dash Doggo Days
  • Rapid Rovers Runners
  • Paws in Motion
  • Happy Hounds Hustle
  • Tailwind Trails
  • Sprinting Spaniels Service
  • Swift Paws Sprinters
  • Jogging Jack Russells
  • Running Rascals Rovers
  • Fleet-Footed Fidos
  • Energetic Explorers Dogs
  • Galloping Greyhounds
  • Marathon Mutts
  • Fast Paws Flyers
  • Jogging Jindos Journey
  • Zooming Zuchons
  • Pace Puppy Pursuits
  • Dash and Drool
  • Run, Rover, Run
  • Trailblazing Terriers
  • Speedy Shepherds
  • Pup’s Rapid Routes
  • Quick K9 Companions
  • Fetching Fido Flyer
  • Frisky Feet Fliers
  • Active Airedales Adventures
  • Fleet-Footed Furballs
  • Hasty Hounds
  • Energized Elkhounds
  • Racy Retrievers
  • Bounding Beagle Brigade
  • Sprightly Spaniels Sprint
  • Doggy Dashers
  • Canine Cross-Country
  • Whippet Walkers Runners
  • Rapid Rottweilers
  • Energetic Eskimo Escapades
  • Racing Ridgebacks
  • Pooch Pacers Pursuit
  • Sprinting Setters Service
  • Running Ridgebacks Races
  • Boundless Bichons
  • Racing Retrievers Run
  • Pup’s Path Pioneers
  • Hustling Hounds
  • Galloping Goldendoodles
  • Swift Saluki Service
  • Fast Foxhound Flyers
  • Rambling Rhodesian Runners
  • Fleet Footed Foxhounds
  • Galloping Greyhound Gang
  • Running Russell’s Routes
  • Bounding Boxers
  • Trotting Terrier Tours
  • Rambling Rottweiler Routes
  • Sprinting Schnauzer Service
  • Quick-footed K9s
  • Fleet Foxhound Flyers
  • Happy Hound Hustle
  • Canine Kilometer Club
  • Doggy Dash Deliverers
  • Energetic Elkhound Excursions
  • Fast Feet Fidos
  • Galloping Golden Retrievers
  • Hustle and Hound
  • Racy Rottweiler Runs
  • Rapid Run Rovers
  • Trotting Terrier Trackers
  • Zooming Zuchons Zoomies
  • Active Akita Adventures
  • Boundless Beagle Brigade
  • FastPawz
  • Runners Unleashed
  • K9 Mileage
  • Canine Dash
  • Furry Fleet
  • Hounds on Wheels
  • Barking Strides
  • Pawing Paths
  • Joggin’ Paws
  • Doggy Drive
  • Pup Joggers
  • Paws-A-Joggin
  • Trailblazing Pups
  • Doggy Racers
  • Trailhound Joggers
  • Unleashed Jogging
  • Road Warriors
  • Hound Hustlers
  • Pup Trotters
  • Unleashed Racers
  • Hound Striders
  • K9 Runners
  • Unleashed Gallop
  • Doggy Marathons
  • Rover Runners
  • Doggy Dash
  • Joggin’ Hounds
  • Pawtastic Joggers
  • Pup Marathoners
  • Runnin’ Paws
  • Tailwind Trotters
  • Feline Flyerz
  • Doggy Runners
  • K9 Races
  • Hound Rambles
  • Trotting Pups
  • Fast Furballs
  • K9 PowerPaws
  • Rover Striders
  • Unleashed Trotters
  • Tailwinds Unleashed
  • Unleashed Speedsters
  • Paw-some Pacers
  • Pawtastic Racers
  • Pup Fliers
  • Pup Runners
  • K9 Marathoners
  • Canine Racers
  • Tailwinds Trotting
  • Doggy Dashing
  • Pawz-A-Jogging
  • K9 Racers
  • Furry Flyers
  • Doggy Dash-N-Go
  • Pup Pacesetters
  • Hound Hustle
  • Pup PowerPaws
  • K9 PaceMakers
  • Unleashed Trotting
  • Furry Racers
  • Pup Striders
  • Tailwinds Dashing
  • Pup Pilots
  • K9 Joggers
  • Rover Racers
  • Canine Runners
  • Hound Racing

Dog Hiking Service Name ideas

Naming your dog hiking service presents a unique opportunity to capture the adventurous spirit and love for nature that your business embodies. Apart from words relating to dogs, consider also, nature words (‘trail’, ‘mountain’, ‘forest’), and adventure words (‘explore’, ‘adventure’, ‘trek’). 

These terms convey that your service offers more than just a walk around the block.

Here are a few catchy name ideas for your dog hiking service:

  • Trailblazer Tails
  • Paws on Paths
  • Hiking Hound Adventures
  • Canine Cliffhangers
  • Mountain Mutt March
  • Pup Peak Pioneers
  • Wilderness Woof Walkers
  • Outdoor Odyssey Dogs
  • Nature Trail Trotters
  • Forest Frolic Fidos
  • Peak Pooch Parades
  • Adventure Paws Paths
  • Valley Venture Pups
  • Wilderness Wanderer Woofs
  • Barking Boulders Brigade
  • Canine Creek Companions
  • Ridgeline Rovers
  • Pup’s Pine Pathways
  • Nature Nomad Dogs
  • Hilltop Hounds Hikes
  • Paw Prints Peaks
  • Woofs in Wilderness
  • Trail Trekker Terriers
  • Pooch Pinnacle Pioneers
  • Furry Forest Frolics
  • Outdoor Overland Dogs
  • Meadow Mutt March
  • Canine Canyon Crawlers
  • Paws & Peaks
  • Rugged Rovers Routes
  • Scenic Snout Sojourns
  • Hounds on Heights
  • Pup Passage Pioneers
  • Doggy Dale Dashes
  • Woodland Walk Woofs
  • Wanderlust Wolfhounds
  • Peak Pursuit Pooches
  • Sniff and Seek
  • Canine Crag Climbers
  • Fetching Forest Forays
  • Hillside Hound Hikes
  • Barking Brook Brigade
  • Pup’s Prairie Pathways
  • Rover’s Ridge Rambles
  • Tail Trails Trekkers
  • Adventure Awaits Dogs
  • Paws in Pines
  • Highland Hound Hikes
  • Canine Cascades Crawlers
  • Peak Pooch Pathfinders
  • Wilderness Whiskers Walks
  • Barking Badlands Brigade
  • Tails on Trails
  • Pooch Peak Pursuits
  • Sniffing Summit Seekers
  • Happy Hound Heights
  • Valley Voyager Vizslas
  • Ruff Ridge Rovers
  • Path Paws Pioneers
  • Canine Cavern Crawlers
  • Summit Seeker Spaniels
  • Doggy Dune Dashers
  • Furry Footpath Finders
  • Mountain Mutt Meanders
  • Hilltop Hiking Hounds
  • Rugged Rovers Ramble
  • Pooch Passage Pioneers
  • Tails & Trails
  • Dogs’ Dale Dashes
  • Forest Foray Fidos
  • Happy Hiking Hounds
  • Wandering Wolfhounds
  • Woodland Wander Pooches
  • Ruff Ridge Ramblers
  • Hike Pups
  • Wag Walks
  • Outbound Paws
  • Wander Hounds
  • Barking Trails
  • Paw Pack
  • Paw Tracks
  • Leash Hikes
  • Paw Trekkers
  • Pup Paths
  • K-9 Rambles
  • Paw Wagon
  • Ruff Rambles
  • Fido Forays
  • Mutt Hikes
  • Trekking Tails
  • Wandering Whiskers
  • Walkabout Pups
  • Pup Prowls
  • Doggy Explores
  • Furry Trails
  • Hiking Hounds
  • Rover Tours
  • Unleashed Adventures
  • Doggy Rambles
  • Paw Power
  • Mutt Trekkers
  • Pup Journeys
  • Ruff Adventures
  • Doggy Outings
  • Paw Strolls
  • Pup Ventures
  • K-9 Paths
  • Hound Trekkers
  • Paws in Nature
  • Doggy Discovery
  • Tail Rambles
  • Mutt Jaunts
  • Canine Trails
  • Paw Plodders
  • Fido Journeys
  • Furry Explorers
  • Ruff Ventures
  • Hound Outings
  • Tail Tours
  • Paw Trekking
  • Rover Rambles
  • Doggy Wanders
  • Pup Jaunts
  • Fido Adventures
  • Mutt Outings
  • Unleashed Trekking
  • Paw Hikes
  • Canine Forays
  • Hound Hikes
  • Pup Power
  • Tail Paths
  • Doggy Tours
  • Rover Ventures
  • Furry Walks
  • Fido Paths
  • Wag Journeys
  • Pup Explorers
  • Outbound Trails
  • Barking Walks
  • K-9 Ventures
  • Hike Trekkers
  • Tail Outings
  • Paws in Trails
  • Wag Tours
  • Furry Prowls
  • Pup Rambles
  • Rover Jaunts
  • Hound Explorers
  • Ruff Strolls
  • Paw Journeys
  • Mutt Adventures
  • Unleashed Hikes
  • Fido Prowls
  • Wag Jaunts
  • Canine Walks
  • K-9 Outings
  • Tail Ventures
  • Pup Trekking
  • Furry Paths
  • Hound Journeys
  • Ruff Explores
  • Paw Forays
  • Mutt Strolls
  • Doggy Walks
  • Unleashed Tours
  • Wag Trekkers
  • Outbound Hikes
  • Barking Journeys
  • Hike Outings
  • Nature Paws
  • Mountain Strides
  • Canine Hikes
  • Wild Waggers
  • Off-Leash Adventures
  • Trail Trotters
  • Alpine Escapades
  • Pawsmont Pathways
  • Fur Footsteps
  • Safari Sidekicks
  • Backwoods Buddies
  • Peak Perambulators
  • Hillside Hoofers
  • Explore-A-Paw
  • Natural Roamers
  • Wander Woofs
  • Critter Cruisers
  • Ruckus Ramblers
  • Jaunts & Jogs
  • Fur-ocious Frolicking
  • Woodland Wanderings
  • Boot Scootin’ Barkers
  • Trekkers and Trotters
  • Pathfinders & Pawsteps
  • Outback Paws
  • Woofer Wanderlust
  • Peak Pursuits
  • Tundra Strutters
  • Excursion Escapades
  • High Country Howlers
  • Trailblazin’ Terriers
  • Rocky Top Rovers
  • Hike It & Howl It
  • Strollin’ Strays
  • Mountain Maniacs
  • High Altitude Hounds
  • Off-Road Rompers
  • Coonhound Commuters
  • Range Rover Retrievers
  • Fetchin’ Footsteps
  • Wild Pack Walkers
  • Forest Frolics
  • Ruff N’ Ready Rovers
  • Nature’s Trailblazers
  • Paw Pals Adventures
  • Canine Countryside Cruisers
  • Furry Friends Forever 
  • Loam Lovers
  • Nature’s Pup Patrol
  • Pawtastic Pursuits
  • Puppy Playtime Pathfinders
  • Wilderness Jaunts
  • High Fliers
  • Rocky Ruff Riders
  • Trail Trekking Terriers
  • Adventurer Hounds
  • Canine Caravaners
  • Wander-paws
  • Tail Waggin’ Warriors
  • K9 Country Striders
  • Mountain Mutts & Meanders
  • Fetchin’ Forest Frolics
  • Rocky Road Rovers
  • Off-Leash Outdoor Explorers
  • Pawtreks & Paths
  • Paws Along the Trail
  • K9 Mountain Hikers
  • Fur Trekkers
  • The Great Outpawts
  • Top of the World Walkers
  • Wooded Wanderings
  • Sniff ‘n’ Seekers
  • Nature’s Best Friends
  • Doggy Day Jaunts
  • Ruffin’ It Rovers

Luxury Dog Walking Business Name ideas

A Luxury dog walking business name should reflect the premium, personalized, and high-quality service you offer. 

Consider words that convey exclusivity (‘elite’, ‘premier’, ‘exclusive’), care and attention (‘personal’, ’boutique’, ‘tailored’), and the premium nature of your service (‘luxury’, ‘platinum’, ‘gourmet’). 

These will help attract high-income clients who are looking for a more specialized service for their beloved pets.

Here are some unique and sophisticated name ideas that can be ideal for your luxury dog walking business:

  • Posh Pet Walks
  • Pampered Pup Steps
  • Luxe Dog Walking
  • High-Class Hounds
  • Upscale Dog Jaunts
  • Elite Dog Walks
  • Luxe Leash Struts
  • Elegant Dog Strolls
  • Delightful Dog Strides
  • Fine Fidos Walks
  • Refined Dog Walks
  • Magnificent Mutt Steps
  • Glamorous Pup Walks
  • Sumptuous Strutting
  • Discreet Dog Walks
  • Grandeur Pet Steps
  • Flawless Dog Strides
  • Gilded Dog Walks
  • Splendid Strides
  • Lavish Dog Walks
  • Supreme Strutting
  • Chic Pet Walks
  • Luxurious Dog Strides
  • Premium Pup Walks
  • Glorious Dog Steps
  • Majestic Dog Walks
  • High-End Hounds
  • Opulent Pet Walks
  • Fine-Tuned Strides
  • Fancy Fidos Walks
  • Spectacular Strolls
  • Splendid Pup Steps
  • Prime Dog Walks
  • Classy Canine Steps
  • Fabulous Fido Strolls
  • Luxurious Leash Walks
  • Exquisite Dog Strides
  • Graceful Pet Steps
  • Refined Strutting
  • Elegant Dog Walks
  • Distinguished Dog Strides
  • Sumptuous Pup Walks
  • Splendid Strutting
  • Upscale Pet Steps
  • Grand Pet Walks
  • Exceptional Dog Walks
  • Luxe Dog Steps
  • Elite Pup Walks
  • Majestic Strides
  • Superb Dog Strolls
  • Elite Paws Parade
  • Premier Pup Strolls
  • Luxury Leash Lanes
  • Posh Pooch Promenades
  • Exclusive Tail Tours
  • Platinum Paw Paths
  • Gourmet Canine Commute
  • Boutique Bark Strolls
  • Refined Rover Rambles
  • Deluxe Dog Walks
  • Personal Paws Parade
  • Tailored Tails Trek
  • Posh Pup Passage
  • Prestige Paws Promenades
  • Luxury Hound Hikes
  • Elite Pooch Paths
  • Distinguished Dog Walks
  • Premium Pup Parade
  • Lavish Leash Strolls
  • Posh Paws Promenade
  • Exclusive Hound Hikes
  • Deluxe Dog Days
  • Premier Paws Pathways
  • Upscale Canine Caper
  • Chic Canine Commute
  • Posh Pooch Parade
  • Upscale Tail Tours
  • Gourmet Greyhound Walks
  • First-Class Fido Walks
  • Boutique Basset Walks
  • Luxury Labradors Lane
  • Tailored Terrier Tours
  • Select Spaniel Strolls
  • Elite Hound Hikes
  • Premier Pup Passage
  • Exquisite Paws Promenades
  • Posh Puppy Paths
  • Gourmet Greyhound Gait
  • First-Class Fido Forays
  • Platinum Poodle Parade
  • Opulent Outing Dogs
  • Ritzy Rover Rambles
  • Regal Retriever Rounds
  • Prestige Pooch Passage
  • Premium Paws Promenades
  • Platinum Pup Passage
  • First-Class Canine Caper
  • Superior Spaniel Strolls
  • Elegant Hound Hikes
  • Classy Canine Commute
  • Distinctive Dog Strolls
  • Distinguished Dog Days
  • Exclusive Retriever Rounds
  • Premier Pooch Passage
  • Ritzy Rottweiler Rambles
  • Prestige Paws Passage
  • Premier Pup Promenades
  • Regal Rover Rounds
  • Superior Shepherd Strolls
  • Premier Pooch Parade
  • Exquisite Paws Expeditions
  • Ritzy Retriever Rambles
  • Select Shepherd Strolls
  • Distinguished Doggie Days
  • Regal Retriever Rambles
  • Luxury Labrador Lanes
  • Posh Pug Passage
  • Ritzy Rottweiler Rounds
  • Premier Paws Passage
  • Pampered Paw Pals
  • Fetching Fur Fam
  • Luxe Leash Walks
  • Urban Wag Ways
  • Gilded Gaiters
  • Regal Rover Runs
  • Wealthy Woofs
  • Splendid Strides
  • Refined Ruffles
  • Upscale Trots
  • Deluxe Doggy Dashes
  • Majestic Moseys
  • Glittering Gallops
  • Prestigious Pet Promenades
  • First-Class Frolicking
  • Highbrow Hikes
  • Palatial Paws
  • Sumptuous Strides
  • Luxurious Leash Trekking
  • Fabulous Footprints
  • Shiny Strutting
  • Exclusive Excursions
  • Primo Pet Paths
  • Grand Gallivanting
  • Splurge Stride Outings
  • Prime Paw Power Walks
  • Classy Canine Cruises
  • Precious Paw Parades
  • Moneyed Mutt Meanders
  • Swank Wag Ways
  • Magnificent Marching
  • Extravagant Exertions
  • Flamboyant Fur Frolics
  • Grandiose Gallivants
  • Gilt-Edge Glides
  • Uptown One-on-One Strolls
  • Plushest Paw Paddles
  • Opulence Outings
  • Highfalutin Hikes
  • Topnotch Trotting
  • Escapades with Elegance
  • Refined Rover Routes
  • Deluxe Doggy Doodles
  • Fabulous Footing Adventures
  • Suave Strut Outs
  • Royal Ruff Tours
  • Splurge Stride Adventures
  • Lavish Leash Wanders
  • Supreme Strutting
  • Luxe Leash Luxuries

Dog Walking App Names

If you’re tech savvy and managed to create a dog walking app, then the sky’s the limit in terms of business growth. This is why you have to be careful not to limit yourself with the name of the App or Platform.

In the name for your dog walking app, you want to capture the essence of what makes your platform unique. The integration of technology with pet care, the sense of community, and convenience it brings. 

Consider words that speak to this functionality (‘connect’, ‘sync’, ‘link’), words that reflect the joy and care for dogs (‘paws’, ‘bark’, ‘fetch’), and terms that suggest movement or walking (‘stride’, ‘wander’, ‘stroll’). 

Here are some unique name ideas for your dog walking app which me and my team came up with:

  • Paws Connect
  • WalkieWag
  • BarkLink
  • DogStride
  • PupSync
  • CanineConnect
  • Stride&Bark
  • FetchWalks
  • PawsomePaths
  • HoundHike
  • RoverRover
  • StrollnSniff
  • WagWander
  • PoochPortal
  • StrutSpot
  • WoofWalks
  • FetchFinder
  • TrotTrack
  • PawsPace
  • HappyHound
  • TrailTails
  • DoggyDashboard
  • BarkBuddy
  • CanineCompanion
  • PoochPathway
  • K9Konnector
  • TailTrack
  • WalkWagger
  • RoverRoutes
  • StrutSync
  • PawPath
  • LeashLink
  • HoundHub
  • StrollSpot
  • WagWay
  • DoggyDial
  • MuttMingle
  • PupPace
  • TailTrek
  • CanineCruiser
  • Bark&Stride
  • SniffSync
  • WoofWay
  • PoochPace
  • PawStride
  • WalkWoofer
  • HoundHitch
  • RoverRamble
  • LeashLinker
  • MuttMap
  • WagWalkies
  • WoofWalkways
  • PupPath
  • PawPassage
  • RoverRendezvous
  • TailTrail
  • CanineCrossroads
  • BarkBridges
  • WoofWalkers
  • StridePaws
  • HoundHiker
  • RoverRoads
  • LeashLocator
  • PupPaths
  • WagWanderers
  • WalkiesWorld
  • PoochPathfinders
  • DoggyDuo
  • HoundHighway
  • CanineCompass
  • BarkBeacon
  • FetchFusion
  • StrollStop
  • MuttMeetup
  • PupPlaza
  • TailTag
  • WoofWander
  • PawsPass
  • PupPathways
  • StrideSpot
  • CanineCrossover
  • PoochPassage
  • DogDuo
  • CanineConnector
  • WagWayfinder
  • StrideSync
  • FidoPaws
  • WalkEase
  • WalkDogs
  • WagTrot
  • DogTrot
  • DogsGoRound
  • DoggyDelights
  • RoverRuns
  • WalkingPaws
  • PawFolks
  • PawGang
  • WalkingBuddies
  • HappyPaws
  • PoochPaths
  • DogsOnBoard
  • PawMates
  • StruttingPaws
  • PupStrolls
  • DogsOnTheGo
  • LeashMeOut
  • WalkDoggyWalk
  • WalkingPals
  • DogWalkersInc
  • WalkinPaws
  • DogsOutLoud
  • FourPawsWalks
  • PawsOnParade
  • WalkingHounds
  • DogsUnleashed
  • DoggyStrolls
  • DoggyDayOut
  • PawsForJoy
  • DoggySteps
  • DogsAfoot
  • PawsOnTheMove
  • PawJoggers
  • PawPrints
  • DogsForDays
  • WalkItOut
  • PawsToGo
  • PlayfulPaws
  • DogsInMotion
  • WalkThePaws
  • DoggyGoRound
  • PawsForLife
  • PawsAbound
  • WalkingFurFriends
  • Walkies
  • WalkingWoofs
  • DoggyRambles
  • PupWalks
  • WalkAway
  • PawsPlayground
  • PawsOnTheRun
  • WalkingTheDogs
  • PawChasers
  • WalkPaws
  • WalkingDogsRUs
  • WalkingThePup
  • FurryFellows
  • FetchMates
  • PackFinder
  • DogSteps
  • GoWalkies
  • WaggleGrass
  • FurRunners
  • RoverRascals
  • PawsAway
  • LeashLeaders
  • Puptrotters
  • TailsUp!
  • StrutNStroll
  • WaggyTails
  • PawLovers
  • FleaFreePets
  • DazzlingDogs
  • StepsOnLeashes
  • PuppyMania
  • AmblePal
  • K9Klub
  • DoggyDaysOut
  • PawTracks
  • PetAloud!
  • YappyHours
  • DoggiesDelight
  • AllOuters
  • SpotThePawPrints
  • PerfectPaws
  • BowWowWalkers
  • LeashRovers
  • MuttMileage
  • FuzzyFellows
  • PawsitivelyPurfect
  • KibbleWobbles
  • WalkyTalkyPups
  • PoochesNPalz
  • PupTownExpress
  • PawtasticWalks
  • FurFeetFriends
  • SunnysideStrollers
  • PuppyPowerWalkers
  • FeetOfFurriness
  • Bow-wowBuddies
  • HoundsOnHeels

Dog Taxi Service Names

For this type of distinctive service, your dog taxi business name should highlight the unique aspects of your service: its speed, convenience, reliability, and the compassionate care of pets. 

Use words that evoke motion (‘move’, ‘drive’, ‘ride’), care (‘care’, ‘guard’, ‘watch’), and, of course, any dog-related words that clearly indicate your target audience.

Here are some catchy name ideas for your dog taxi business:

  • Paws in Transit
  • Doggy Drive
  • Canine Cab
  • Pup Pickup
  • Tail Taxi
  • Hound Hopper
  • Woof Wagon
  • Pooch Pick-Up
  • Bark Bus
  • Mutt Mover
  • Rover Ride
  • Pup Shuttle
  • Paws Passage
  • Doggy Dash
  • Canine Carrier
  • Fetch Freight
  • Pooch Patrol
  • Doggie Drive-thru
  • Waggly Wheels
  • Furry Ferry
  • Paws on Pivots
  • Pet Pathways
  • Pooch Passage
  • Doggy Destinations
  • Fido’s Freight
  • Pup Express
  • Wagging Wheels
  • Pooch Pilot
  • Bark and Ride
  • Mutt Mobile
  • Canine Commute
  • Tail Travel
  • Hound Hustle
  • Paws and Go
  • Doggie Drive
  • Wagging Wagon
  • Pup’s Passage
  • Furry Flit
  • Paws Patrol
  • Pooch Porter
  • Doggy Delivery
  • Canine Cruiser
  • Woof Wheels
  • Pet Pivots
  • Rover Rides
  • Pooch Pivots
  • Pet Patrol
  • Wag Wagon
  • Pet Porter
  • Paws Pivot
  • Furry Freeway
  • Pup Pivot
  • Fido’s Ferry
  • Paws Pathway
  • Mutt Mingle
  • Pet Passage
  • Pooch Pivot
  • Doggy Drive-thru
  • Doggie Dash
  • Doggy Express
  • Furry Ride
  • Dog Taxi
  • Waggle Wheels
  • Pawsome Ride
  • Tailor Trips
  • Rover Run
  • Canine Commute
  • Pampered Paw
  • Fido Flit
  • Bow-Wow Rides
  • K9 Express
  • Trip Tails
  • Doggie Cruise
  • Pet Chariot
  • Dog-Go-Round
  • Puppy Wheels
  • Pup-A-Ride
  • Dog-On-Wheels
  • Furry Flyers
  • Doggy Drive
  • Doggy Dash
  • Pet-A-Cab
  • Doggy Taxi
  • Fuzzy Wheels
  • Pet-A-Go-Go
  • Pup-N-Go
  • Bow-Wow Taxi
  • Doggy Duty
  • Dog-A-Trip
  • Pet-A-Trip
  • K9 Wheels
  • Pup-N-Ride
  • Pet-A-Trot
  • Doggy Travel
  • Pup-A-Lift
  • Paws-A-Round
  • Dog-N-Drive
  • Furry Transit
  • Pup-O-Go
  • Doggy Ride Share
  • Pet-Trotters
  • Dog-Go-Go
  • Canine Cruise
  • Paws-N-Ride
  • Doggy Getaway
  • Pet-A-Mover
  • Doggy Delight
  • Furry Go-Round
  • Woof-n-Ride
  • Paw Porters
  • Walk & Wag
  • Pet Wheels
  • Dogs-on-Wheels
  • ShutPaw Express
  • Doggy Limo
  • Bark Riders
  • Pet Taxi Co
  • Animal Chariots
  • K9 Commuters
  • The Pooches’ Ride
  • Rover’s Voyage
  • Fur Friends’ Road
  • Canine Carriage
  • Pet Journeys
  • Best Buddies Express
  • Fido’s Chariot
  • Paws-on-Wheels
  • Animals On-the-Go
  • Doggie Driver
  • Pet Trekkers
  • Pet Crosstown
  • Hounds in Motion
  • Puppy Bus
  • Bounding Taxi
  • Mutts’ Motorcade
  • Doggy Expressway
  • Cruisin’ Canines
  • Pets on Tour
  • Pupper Transports
  • Fur Kids’ Ride
  • Doggy Jaunts
  • Furbabes’ Voyage
  • Pet Transports
  • Animal Express
  • Furr Angels
  • Lovable Limo
  • K9 Riders
  • Canine Voyagers
  • Puppy Pilgrimage
  • Paws-a-Go-Go
  • Doggies on Tour
  • Pet Transfer Co
  • Caravans of Canines
  • Fur Friends’ Farewells
  • Pup Transport Corp
  • Happy Hound Haulers

How to come up with Catchy Dog Walking Business Names

Starting a dog walking business can be an exciting and fulfilling venture, but it all begins with choosing the right name. Your dog walking business name serves as the foundation for your branding, so it’s essential to invest some time and thought into creating the perfect moniker.

Key Points to Remember

  • A creative, catchy business name is essential for standing out in the dog walking industry.
  • Understanding your target audience helps in selecting a name that appeals to pet owners.
  • Consider future possible expansion and encompassing related services when choosing your business name.

The Importance of a Good Business Name in Dog Walking

It essentially boils down to one important aspect. A catchy, memorable dog walking business name can help you stand out from the competition and make it easier for potential clients to remember your services.

So, don’t shy away from making your business name unique and catchy. A memorable name can stick in people’s minds and create a buzz around your services. Names such as Doggo’s Day Out, Walkies with Wags, and Paws & Boots, are fun and grab people’s attention.

Let’s take this process step by step. In this section I will take you through the reasoning and process I use to come up with catchy names for businesses and hopefully this will help you find the right name for your dog walking business.

Understanding Your Dog Walking Business Target Audience

Defining your unique selling proposition (USP)

Your dog walking business should have a unique selling proposition (USP) that sets you apart from the competition. Think about what makes your service special and why people should choose your business over others. 

Consider factors like your experience, the types of dogs you service, special services you offer, or even community involvement. Maybe you offer night services for shift workers or provide personalized canine fitness programs.

Take the time to identify your USP and then make sure it’s clearly communicated in your business name. A name that reflects your USP will not only make your business more appealing but also help potential clients differentiate your offering from others.

Identifying your target audience

As a dog walking business owner, understanding your target audience is another crucial step in the naming process. Your target audience includes dog owners who require your service, so consider the demographic in your area and any specific needs they may have. 

For example, do you live in an area with a high number of senior dog owners who need help looking after their pets? Or are there busy working professionals who require consistent dog walking services during the week? Or perhaps families.

For more information on where to start a dog walking business you can check out our blog post about the states with the most number of dogs.

Once you have a clear idea of your target audience, you can tailor your business name to resonate with them and evoke a connection. The name you choose should align with their values and lifestyle.

A name that resonates with your target audience will instill trust and encourage potential clients to reach out to you for your services.

How your USP and target audience influence your name

Your dog walking business name should not only reflect your USP and resonate with your target audience but also capture the essence of your services. Keep in mind that potential clients will make a first impression based on your business name, so make sure it evokes a sense of trust, care, and professionalism.

Use relevant keywords in your dog walking business name that readily convey what you do. For example, words like ‘paws,’ ‘walks,’ or ‘tails’ can quickly give potential clients an indication of the service you offer. 

Additionally, think about how your target audience would respond to your name. For instance, a playful, fun-sounding name might be more appealing to families with young children, while a more professional-sounding name might attract busy professionals.

Stay true to your values and your audience’s needs while selecting the perfect name for your dog walking business. 

Essential Factors for Dog Walking Business Names

Now let’s look at the qualities your business name should embody:

Uniqueness and Creativity

When choosing a dog walking business name, it’s important to be unique and creative. Look for inspiration from your surroundings, your interests, and the services you offer. 

Let your creativity off the leash and steer clear of the beaten track, sidestepping clichés and common names. A distinctive, memorable name will give your business a competitive edge, leaving an indelible paw print in the minds of potential clients.


Your dog walking business name should be easy to remember. Short and meaningful words can be more effective than long, complicated phrases. Including mentions of your services or location can make your business name easier to recall. (on the other hand this may also limit your potential business expansion in the future, so you will need to strike a balance here).

In essence, the name needs to be unique enough to be remembered and spoken about.

Pronunciation and spelling

Ensure your chosen name isn’t easily misspelled or mispronounced. You don’t want potential clients to struggle to find you online.

Names that are simple to pronounce and spell tend to be more memorable and easily shared. This might seem like a minor detail, but in the age of voice search and word-of-mouth recommendations, it can make a significant difference.

Imagine you’ve chosen the name ‘Puparazzi Walks’ for your business. It’s fun and catchy, right? However, people may stumble over its spelling – is it ‘Puparazzi’, ‘Pupparazzi’, or ‘Pupperazzi’? Such confusion might complicate online searches for your business, potentially leading to missed opportunities.

Similarly, a name that’s difficult to pronounce might discourage potential clients from discussing your services because they’re unsure of the correct pronunciation. This can hinder word-of-mouth referrals, which are a valuable source of new clients for businesses like yours.

So when choosing a name, keep it clear, straightforward, and free of confusing elements. That way, when someone hears about your awesome dog walking business, they’ll find you with ease, be it on search engines, social media platforms, or business directories.

Also, the easier it is for clients to spell and pronounce your business name, the easier they can share their great experiences with their friends, family, and neighbors.

Future-proof (Scalability)

When selecting a dog walking business name, think about the future of your business. A good business name should be scalable and flexible. If you expand your services in the future, your name shouldn’t limit you.

So choose a name that can scale with your plans. 

Avoid using limiting words in your name, such as specific locations or services, that could hinder your growth potential. A scalable name allows you to maintain consistency as your business evolves.

dog taxi service with dog in the back of a car

Categories of Dog Walking Business Names

Catchy and Funny Names

When starting your dog walking business, you might want to consider using a catchy or funny name to attract attention. 

A catchy name can make your business memorable and help engage potential clients. Some examples of catchy dog walking business names include Bark in the Park, Pawsome Walks, and Waggy Tails.

Descriptive and Service-Oriented Names

Another approach to naming your dog walking business is to focus on descriptive or service-oriented names. These types of names can tell clients about the services you offer and what they can expect from your business. 

Examples of descriptive dog walking business names include Canine Companions Walks, Busy Paws Dog Walks or Anytime Dog Walking.

Animal-Inspired Names

You can also consider using animal-inspired names that showcase your love for dogs and other animals. Animal-inspired names can create a sense of connection and trust with potential clients who share your love for dogs. 

Examples of animal-inspired dog walking business names are Labracadabra Walks, Mutt Marchers, and Yuppy Puppy Walking.

Mission-Based Names

Another option for naming your dog walking business is to focus on your mission or values as a company. Mission-based names can help potential clients understand the kind of experience they can expect when they hire your services. 

If you specialize in dog hiking, for instance, something like ‘Happy Tails Hiking’ could work. However, don’t let it box you into a corner. If you plan to offer pet sitting services in the future, ‘Walkies Only’ might not be the best choice.

Using Creativity in Naming Your Business

For a dog walking business, selecting a creative and unique name is important. In this section, I’ll show you how to incorporate wordplay, puns, and combining words to create a standout business name that will catch people’s attention.

Wordplay and Puns

Using wordplay and puns in your business name can make it more memorable and fun. By playing with words, you can create a catchy and appealing name that potential clients are likely to remember. Here are some examples:

  • Pawsome Walks
  • Leash and Lunge
  • K9 Cardio
  • Collar Me Crazy

Feel free to experiment with other dog-related terms, verbs, and adjectives. Just be sure not to offend anyone or create confusion. Here are some funny dog-puns to get you started.

Combining Words

Another creative approach is combining words to form a unique and descriptive name. This can involve blending two words together, using alliteration, or even inventing a new word. Consider these possibilities:

  • BarkStride
  • WalkingWoofs
  • PawsitiveStrolls
  • TailsOnTrails

Wordplay, puns, combining words, or creating new ones can all add a dash of fun to your brand. However, be careful not to sacrifice clarity for the sake of being clever. You want to ensure your name still conveys your business’s nature and isn’t confusing to your audience.

Choosing a Dog Walking Business Name with LLC Considerations

It’s essential to think about how your business name will function under an LLC structure. An LLC (Limited Liability Company) offers you protection from personal liability in case something goes wrong in your business, such as an accident during a dog walk. 

Setting up an LLC requires selecting a unique business name compliant with your state’s naming requirements. Make sure to research and register your dog walking business name and include the ‘LLC’ designation in it.

Lastly, remember to comply with any local, state, or federal regulations related to dog walking. Ensure you have the necessary licenses, permits, and insurance to operate legally and protect your investment.

Using Business Name Generators for Inspiration

One helpful tool to consider is a business name generator. These generators can provide you with a wide range of creative, relevant, and professional name suggestions tailored to your industry.

These generators usually require you to input keywords related to your business, and they will generate a list of potential business name ideas for you to choose from or draw inspiration.

For example, you could use keywords like ‘dog walking’, ‘pet care’, or ‘paw patrol’ to generate names like ‘Waggin’ Tail Adventures’, ‘Paw-sitive Steps’, or ‘Happy Paws Walking’. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations of keywords or browse through the generated lists to find the perfect name for your business.

My personal favorite is the business name generator at Namecheap. This generator covers a variety of business names, and it’s directly linked to the domain name database.

This means that as soon as you find the right business name for your needs, you can immediately see if the domain name is also available, and buy it directly from there.

Creating a Brand with Your Business Name

When starting your dog walking business, choosing a creative and memorable name plays a significant role in establishing your brand. 

Think of your brand as the personality of your business, a unique identity that sets you apart in the market and builds an emotional connection with your customers. A well-chosen business name reflects this personality and serves as a powerful marketing tool. 

It communicates who you are, what you do, and how you do it, playing a pivotal role in shaping clients’ perceptions and expectations.

When choosing your dog walking business name with branding in mind, you should consider:

Brand Alignment: Your business name should echo your brand’s ethos, values, and promise. If your brand is all about providing high-energy dog runs, a name like “Marathon Mutts” could reflect this.

Emotional Connection: People often choose products and services based on emotional factors. A name that evokes positive emotions (happiness, trust, comfort) can help you connect with your customers on a deeper level.

Brand Recall: In an industry where word-of-mouth can be a significant driver of business, a memorable name increases brand recall, encouraging referrals and repeat business.

Visual Imagery: A business name that conjures up a vivid image can be more memorable and impactful. It also gives you something to play with when it comes to designing your logo and other branding materials.

Consistency: Your business name should fit seamlessly with other aspects of your brand, such as your logo, color scheme, website design, and even your personal style and attitude. This consistency helps to create a cohesive brand experience that can boost recognition and trust.

Remember, your business name is not just a label; it’s an ambassador of your brand. It’s often the first step in your storytelling journey, sparking curiosity and inviting potential clients to learn more about you. 

By selecting a name that embodies your brand and resonates with your target audience, you’re setting the stage for a compelling brand narrative that can drive your business success.

Checking Availability and Legality

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential names for your dog walking business, you should check their availability with the appropriate business registration and licensing agencies in your area. 

Keep in mind that your chosen name should be unique and not infringe on any existing copyrights or trademarks, as this could lead to legal disputes and costly rebranding efforts. 

You can start with a simple Google search, but also make sure to check business registry databases and domain availability. You don’t want to fall in love with a name only to find out it’s already being used by another business.

Also, understanding trademark law is crucial to prevent potential legal issues down the line. A quick search on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s website can show if your desired name is already trademarked. 

If you’re unsure about the legality of a name, it’s a good idea to consult with legal professionals or specialized trademark attorneys to guide you in the right direction.

Additionally, searching for domain names and social media handles will ensure you can create a consistent online presence for your business. Let’s dive a bit deeper into this since it’s quite an important aspect that goes hand in hand with your chosen business name.

Importance of Domain Name and Social Media Handle Availability

It is extremely important to ensure the domain name and social media handles for your chosen name are available. Securing an available domain name and matching social media handles helps in establishing a cohesive brand identity.

Selecting a domain name that is concise, memorable, and easy to spell makes it possible for potential clients to find your website quickly and enhances the likelihood of generating traffic to your site. To check domain name availability, use domain name registrars like GoDaddy or Namecheap.

Social media plays a significant role in promoting your business and connecting with your target audience. Consistent social media handles across popular platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can facilitate your online presence. It makes it easier for your audience to find and engage with your business on different platforms, helping you to expand your network and gain more clients.

Aside from creating brand consistency, securing the domain name and social media handles helps to protect your intellectual property. It prevents potential competitors from using a similar name or creating confusion among your clients. 

Registering your domain name and social media handles as soon as you finalize your business name can save you future headaches and legal issues.

Obviously these are only some aspects to consider when starting a dog walking business. Here’s a handy video with some useful tips when starting out.

Real Life Dog Walking Business Names and Why They Are Good

Analyzing successful examples from the real world can often provide valuable insights when choosing your dog walking business name. 

In this next section I go over some real-life dog walking business names and explain why they are great choices.

Wag! – This popular app-based dog walking service opted for a simple, playful name that reflects the joy of a happy, tail-wagging pup. It’s catchy, easy to remember, and immediately associated with positive dog behavior.

Rover – Another successful online platform for pet services, Rover, chose a name that evokes images of adventurous, free-roaming dogs. The name is friendly, easy to pronounce, and connects well with the pet owners looking for trustworthy pet care and walking services.

Fetch! Pet Care – This franchise-based pet care service chose a name that brings to mind one of the most classic dog games: fetch. The name implies activity and engagement, which are essential in pet care, and it’s also a name that pet owners will instantly connect with their furry friends’ playful nature.

Go Dog – Short and catchy, this name implies action and movement, which are key aspects of a dog walking service. It also suggests that your business is focused on canines.

Walkies – Based in New York, Walkies is a dog walking business that went for a name that’s both simple and fun. It’s a term that many dog owners use and dogs recognize, so it immediately appeals to the target audience and clearly communicates the service offered.

The Woof Pack – This clever play on words creates a sense of community and camaraderie as if including customers’ dogs into a special group. It effectively captures the essence of a dog walking business and is both fun and memorable.

Barkly Pets – This business combined a friendly, dog-related term (“Barkly”) with a word that implies care and affection (“Pets”). The result is a charming, memorable name that effectively communicates the brand’s commitment to providing loving care for pets.

Paws to Pavement – A Los Angeles-based dog walking service, Paws to Pavement, chose a name that creates a clear image and implies action. It reflects the essence of their service, taking dogs from relaxing at home (paws) to getting active outdoors (pavement).

Walk My Dog – A straightforward name that captures the primary goal of the business. Customers simply want their dog walked, and they deliver on that need.

All these names share several key qualities: they’re easy to pronounce, memorable, and convey something about the nature of the service or the brand’s personality. They successfully connect with the target audience on an emotional level, aligning with their love for their pets and their need for trustworthy, high-quality service. 


As you decide on your dog walking business name, consider how your business name will reflect the nature of your services, and the tone you want to convey with your business name. 

If your services are more professional and formal, names like Prestige Pet Patrolling or The Better Dog Walkers may be appropriate. On the other hand, if you want to express a more playful and fun vibe, consider names like Wagging Trails or Good Boy Dog Walks.

Finally, make sure your chosen business name is easy to spell and pronounce. This will help potential clients more easily find you when they search online or ask for recommendations from friends and family.

Remember, a good dog walking business name can play a vital role in your entrepreneurial success. So try and choose a name that accurately represents your services, is memorable, and appeals to your target audience.

For more inspiration check out our full category of Business Name ideas.


I am a branding and naming consultant with 16 years of experience. I believe in building a strong brand name that identifies your visions and that of your business. A brand identity motivates you and your team to achieve success.