Construction Company Name Ideas

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Coming up with a great name for your construction company can help you attract the right clients and get you on your way to success. 

A clever title that clearly conveys why customers should choose your contractor company over the competition can help you stand out from the crowd and draw in more clients. 

But coming up with a memorable and catchy name that captures everything your organization stands for isn’t always easy. 

With the following list of construction company name ideas and some helpful tips further below, I hope I can make your life easier and inspire you to brainstorm the perfect name for your new construction business.

Construction Company Name Ideas

  • Dependable Building Supplies
  • Economical Renovations & Upgrades
  • Fast & Steady Builders Inc
  • Groundbreaking Construction Services Ltd
  • High Tech Building Materials Supplies
  • Innovative Remodelers & Designs Co
  • Professional Builders & Installers Inc
  • Quality Design Services
  • Ready-Made Construction Supplies
  • Structural Enhancements Solutions
  • Structural Solutions Professionals
  • Unparalleled Design Services
  • Valuable Home Improvement Concepts
  • Wall Shapers Group
  • Xtreme Building Supplies
  • Youthful Energy Designs
  • Acclaim Construction
  • Acclaimed Construction
  • Acclaimed Designers Team
  • Accurate Construction
  • Accurate Solutions Construction
  • Ace Construction
  • Ace Solutions Construction
  • Achievable Cost Plans Developers
  • Action Construction
  • Advanced Construction
  • Advantage Construction
  • Air Line Installations
  • All Pro Construction
  • All Star Construction
  • All-in-One Construction
  • Amazing Construction
  • Apex Construction
  • Assured Construction
  • Atlas Construction
  • Attention to Detail Construction
  • Award Winning Construction
  • Blue Chip Construction
  • Blueprint Home Improvement Ideas
  • Bold Construction
  • Boundless Construction
  • Brightside Construction
  • Bullseye Construction
  • Catalyst Construction
  • Central Construction
  • Champion Construction
  • Choice Construction
  • Classic Construction
  • Clear View Construction
  • Concrete Construction
  • Connected Construction
  • Construct Masters
  • Constructors
  • Contemporary Structural Solutions
  • Cornerstone Construction
  • Corporate Construction
  • Creative Construction
  • Crown Construction
  • Cutting Edge Construction
  • Dependable Construction
  • Designers Construction
  • DreamWorks Construction
  • Dynamic Construction
  • Elite Construction
  • Esteemed Construction
  • Expert Construction
  • First Class Construction
  • Foremost Construction
  • Frontline Construction
  • Future Construction
  • Generation Construction
  • Grand Construction
  • Hammer and Nail Construction
  • Home Builders Construction
  • Home Construction Specialists
  • Ideal Construction
  • Impressive Construction
  • Innovative Construction
  • Instinct Construction
  • Justified Structures Group
  • Keystone Construction
  • Knowledgeable Contractors & Designers
  • Legacy Construction
  • Luxury Construction
  • Magnificent Renovations Ltd
  • Majesty Construction
  • Master Craft Construction
  • Masterpiece Construction
  • Maximum Efficiency Home Maintenance
  • Monumental Construction
  • Neoteric Structural Enhancements
  • On Point Construction
  • On Time Developments
  • Paramount Construction
  • Peak Construction
  • Perfection Construction
  • Professional Construction
  • Quality Construction
  • Remarkable Construction
  • Resort Construction
  • Right Angle Construction
  • Royal Construction
  • Select Construction
  • Skillful Construction
  • Sovereign Construction
  • Supreme Construction
  • Surefire Construction
  • Technique Construction
  • Tenacious Construction
  • The Property Management Software Support Services
  • Timely Building Solutions Co
  • Top Notch Construction
  • Total Construction
  • Tower Construction
  • Trendsetter Construction
  • Trendy Construction
  • Ultimate Construction
  • Unparalleled Construction
  • Versatile Construction
  • Vibrant Construction
  • Wall Street Construction
  • Well Known Construction
  • Well Planned Construction
  • Workman Construction
  • Works of Art Construction
  • Zealous Renovation Experts Incorporation
  • Able Structural Solutions
  • Accent Construction
  • Acclaimed Builders Team
  • Acclaimed Building Professionals Team
  • Acclaimed Cost Estimators Team
  • Acclaimed Design Services
  • Acclaimed Structural Plans Team
  • Accurate Building Resources
  • Achievable Architectural Designs
  • Achievable Cost Plans Designers
  • Achievable Home Restorations Developers
  • Achievable Structural Enhancements Developers
  • Achievable Structural Plans Developers
  • Achievable Structural Solutions Developers
  • Adroit Construction
  • Advanced Building Designs
  • Advanced Building Professionals
  • Advanced Home Maintenance Installations
  • Advanced Home Maintenance Installations.                                         
  • Air Tight Home Maintenance
  • Airline Architects
  • Airtight Home Designers
  • All in One Construction
  • All Pro Builders
  • Alpha Builders
  • Alpha Builders, Inc.
  • Apex Construction Solutions
  • Artisan Construction
  • Blue Print Construction
  • Blue Ridge Builders
  • Blue Ridge Building Solutions
  • Blue Sky Construction Solutions
  • Blueprint Cost Estimators & Supplies
  • Blueprint Craftsmen
  • Blueprint Designers & Installers
  • Blueprint Designers & Upgrades
  • Blueprint Designers & Upgrades.    
  • Bravo Construction
  • Bravo Construction Company
  • Bricks & Mortar Builders
  • Build It Right
  • Build It Right Construction
  • Builders By Design
  • Builders Club
  • Builders Connection
  • Builders Empire
  • Builders Group
  • Builders Kingdom
  • Builders Nation
  • Builders Paradise
  • Builders Plus
  • Builders R Us
  • Builders Universe
  • Builders World
  • Building Blocks Contractors
  • Building Solutions
  • Bulldozer Construction
  • CapitalWorks
  • CapitalWorks Construction
  • Castle Construction
  • Charlie Construction
  • Charlie Construction Services
  • Citadel Construction
  • Concrete Structures Inc
  • Construction by Design
  • Contemporary Home Enhancements
  • Contractor’s Choice Construction
  • Craftsman Construction
  • Craftsman Contracting
  • Craftsman Contracting Services
  • Creative Construction Solutions
  • Creative Cost Estimates Solutions.  
  • Creative Designers Ideas
  • Creative Home Improvements Solutions
  • Creative Structures & Designs
  • Decked Out Construction
  • Dedicated Contractors Group
  • Delta Development
  • Delta Development Group
  • Dependable Construction Group
  • Dependable Construction Services
  • Dependable Contractors Services
  • Dependable Remodelers & Upgrades
  • Diamond Development
  • Diamond Development Company
  • Directional Building Designers
  • Echo Enterprises
  • Echo Enterprises, Inc.
  • Economical Installation & Supplies
  • Economical Installations & Repairs
  • Economical Remodelers & Upgrades
  • Economical Structural Solutions
  • Elegant Structures & Designs
  • Elite Building Solutions
  • Elite Construction Group
  • Elite Construction Group, Inc.
  • Elite Structures
  • Express Construction
  • Fabulous Foundation Repairs
  • Fast Forward Builders Inc
  • Fast Track Builders Incorporation
  • Fast Track Contractors Incorporation
  • Fast Track Structural Solutions Incorporation
  • Firm Footing Builders
  • Firm Foundations
  • Foundations Construction
  • Foxtrot Construction
  • Foxtrot Construction Company
  • Fusion Builders
  • Fusion Builders, LLC
  • Generous Structures Co
  • Glorious Structure Pros
  • Gold Star Construction
  • Golden Gate Construction
  • Golden Gate Construction Company
  • Golf Construction
  • Golf Construction Services
  • Grand Designers
  • Ground Level Developments Ltd
  • Groundwork Construction
  • Hallmark Construction
  • Hammer & Nail Developers
  • Hammerhead Constructors
  • Handy Building Supply Store
  • High Performance Building Materials Ltd
  • High Performance Constructions Ltd
  • High Performance Installations & Repairs
  • High Performance Remodelers Materials Ltd
  • High Rise Construction
  • Home Aid Construction
  • Home Pride Construction
  • Home Solutions Construction
  • Home Team Construction
  • Home Works Construction
  • HomeGrown Construction
  • HomeStar Construction
  • HomeStyle Construction
  • HomeTown Construction
  • Horizon Homes
  • Horizon Homes, Inc.
  • Hotel Construction
  • Hotel Construction, Inc.
  • HouseFellers Construction
  • India Construction
  • India Construction Company
  • Infinity Construction
  • Infinity Construction Services
  • Ingenious Construction Concepts
  • Ingenuity Developers & Contractors
  • Innovative Building Professionals Ideas
  • Innovative Cost Estimators & Supplies
  • Innovative Home Improvement Solutions
  • Innovative Home Improvements Co
  • Ironclad Building Company
  • Jigsaw Architects
  • Joint Forces Development Group
  • Juliet Construction
  • Juliet Construction Services
  • Just in Time Deliveries
  • Just Right Home Enhancements
  • Justified Cost Plans Co
  • Justified Home Maintenance Co
  • Justified Renovations Co
  • Keystone Building Company
  • Keystone Building Company, Inc.
  • Keystone Contractors
  • Keystone Innovations
  • Kilo Construction
  • Kilo Construction, Inc.
  • Knowledgeable Building Professionals
  • Knowledgeable Construction Group
  • Knowledgeable Installation Group
  • Knowledgeable Renovations Group
  • Leaders of Construction Industry
  • Legacy Construction, Inc.
  • Legendary Builders Corp
  • Level Line Construction
  • Level Line Installations & Repairs
  • Level-Up Construction
  • Lima Construction
  • Lima Construction Company
  • Magnificent Building Services Ltd
  • Magnificent Cost Plans Services Ltd
  • Magnificent Designers Services Ltd
  • Magnificent Remodelers & Designs
  • Magnum Contractors
  • Master Builders Ltd
  • Maximum Efficiency Architects Plans
  • Maximum Efficiency Designers Ideas
  • Maximum Efficiency Renovations
  • Meridian Construction
  • Meridian Construction Services
  • Meticulous Construction
  • Midway Construction
  • Mike Construction
  • Mike Construction Services
  • Miller’s Construction
  • Mother Nature’s Construction
  • Nailed It Renovations
  • Nature’s Best Construction
  • Neat & Tidy Installations
  • Neoteric Construction Ideas
  • Neoteric Installation Enhancements
  • Neoteric Structural Solutions
  • Nova Development
  • Nova Development Group
  • November Construction
  • November Construction, Inc.
  • Nuts & Bolts Architects
  • Oceanview Construction
  • Oceanview Construction Company
  • On Point Structures
  • On Time Builders & Installers
  • On Time Designs & Solutions
  • On-Site Builders Incorporation
  • On-Target Installers
  • On-Time Builders Corp
  • Oscar Construction
  • Oscar Construction Company
  • Pacific Construction
  • Papa Construction
  • Papa Construction Services
  • Paramount Builders
  • Paramount Builders, Inc.
  • Peak Performance Builders
  • Perfectly Planned Installations
  • Powerhouse Construction
  • Precision Building Solutions
  • Prime Time Construction
  • Pro Builder Construction
  • Professional Builders & Designers
  • Professional Building Services
  • Professional Cost Estimators Professionals Inc
  • Professional Home Maintenance Inc
  • Professional Installation Professionals Inc
  • Professional Maintenance Professionals Inc
  • Quality Construction Experts
  • Quality Construction Services
  • Quality Contractors & Builders
  • Quality Designers & Supplies
  • Quality First Construction
  • Quality Foundation Designers
  • Quality Home Improvement Contractors & Supplies
  • Quality Quarters
  • Quality Quarters Construction
  • Quality Renovations & Upgrades
  • Quebec Construction
  • Quebec Construction, Inc.
  • Rapid Response Home Restorations
  • Ready & Set Remodelers
  • Ready-Made Contractors Improvements
  • Ready-Made Home Improvements Supplies
  • Ready-Made Structural Solutions Improvements
  • Redwood Construction
  • Redwood Construction, LLC
  • Reliable Building Solutions
  • Right Angle Contractors
  • Rock Solid Construction
  • RockSolid Construction
  • Romeo Construction
  • Romeo Construction Company
  • Royalty Construction
  • Sierra Construction
  • Sierra Construction Services
  • Skyline Construction
  • Skyline Structures
  • Skyline Structures, Inc.
  • Specialized Building Solutions
  • Steel City Construction
  • StoneMakers Construction
  • Strong Hold Engineers
  • Structural Solutions Architects
  • Structural Solutions Developers
  • Suburban Construction
  • Summit Construction
  • Summit Construction Company
  • Sure Solutions Structural Specialists
  • Tango Construction
  • Tango Construction, Inc.
  • Terra Firma Development
  • Terra Firma Development Group
  • The Addition Company
  • The Addition Company, Inc.
  • The Build Team
  • The Build Team, Inc.
  • The Building Company
  • The Building Company, Inc.
  • The Concrete Company
  • The Concrete Company, Inc.
  • The Construction Crew
  • The Construction Crew, Inc.
  • The Construction Lawyers
  • The Construction Lawyers, Inc.
  • The Construction Specialists
  • The Construction Specialists, Inc.
  • The Design-Build Firm
  • The Design-Build Firm, Inc.
  • The Development Company
  • The Development Company, Inc.
  • The Electrical Contractors
  • The Electrical Contractors, Inc.
  • The Environmental Consultants
  • The Environmental Consultants, Inc.
  • The Flooring Specialists
  • The Flooring Specialists, Inc.
  • The Home Builders
  • The Home Builders, Inc.
  • The Home Improvement Pros
  • The Home Improvement Pros, Inc.
  • The Home Repair Team
  • The Home Repair Team, Inc.
  • The HVAC Experts
  • The HVAC Experts, Inc.
  • The Kitchen & Bath Remodelers
  • The Kitchen & Bath Remodelers, Inc.
  • The Land Surveyors
  • The Land Surveyors, Inc.
  • The Landscaping Crew
  • The Landscaping Crew, Inc.
  • The Lighting Designers
  • The Lighting Designers, Inc.
  • The Painting Pros
  • The Painting Pros, Inc.
  • The Plumbing Team
  • The Plumbing Team, Inc.
  • The Project Managers
  • The Project Managers, Inc.
  • The Property Appraisers
  • The Property Appraisers, Inc.
  • The Property Insurance Specialists
  • The Property Insurance Specialists, Inc.
  • The Property Investment Advisors
  • The Property Investors
  • The Property Investors, Inc.
  • The Property Leasing Services
  • The Property Maintenance Services
  • The Property Management Company
  • The Property Management Company, Inc.
  • The Property Management Consultants
  • The Property Management Software Developers
  • The Property Management Training Providers
  • The Property Marketing Services
  • The Property Rentals Services
  • The Property Sales Services
  • The Property Tax Consultants
  • The Property Tax Consultants, Inc.
  • The Property Valuation Experts
  • The Property Valuation Experts, Inc.
  • The Real Estate Developers
  • The Real Estate Developers, Inc.
  • The Remodeling Experts
  • The Remodeling Experts, Inc.
  • The Renovation Team
  • The Renovation Team, Inc.
  • The Roofing Contractors
  • The Roofing Contractors, Inc.
  • The Safety Consultants
  • The Safety Consultants, Inc.
  • The Structural Engineers
  • The Structural Engineers, Inc.
  • The Structure Group
  • The Structure Group, Inc.
  • Timely Installations Experts
  • Total Home Solutions
  • Tough & Solid Designers
  • True Blue Constructions
  • True Building Solutions
  • Ultimate Site Services
  • Unbeatable Building Materials Supplies
  • Unbeatable Cost Estimators
  • Uniform Construction
  • Uniform Construction Company
  • United Builders
  • United Builders, Inc.
  • Univeral Construction
  • Uptown Construction
  • Valley View Construction
  • Valley View Construction Services
  • Valuable Building Materials Designers
  • Valuable Construction Services
  • Valuable Cost Plans Designers
  • Valuable Cost Plans Designs
  • Vanguard Engineering & Design
  • Victor Construction
  • Victor Construction Services
  • Vision Construction
  • Visionary Home Improvement Ideas
  • Wall Construction Experts Group
  • Wall Masters Group
  • Wall Pro Company
  • Wall Shaping Experts Group
  • Wall-to-Wall Design Group
  • Wall-to-Wall Remodelers
  • West Coast Contracting
  • West Coast Contracting, Inc.
  • Whiskey Construction
  • Whiskey Construction, Inc.
  • Xcellence Structural Engineering Co
  • X-Factor Construction Co
  • X-Ray Construction
  • X-Ray Construction Company
  • Xtreme Building Materials Co
  • Xtreme Construction
  • Xtreme Construction Company
  • Xtreme Cost Plans Co
  • Xtreme Home Maintenance
  • Xtreme Remodelers Co
  • Xtreme Structural Engineering Co
  • Yankee Construction
  • Yankee Construction Services
  • Yellow Brick Road Construction
  • Yellow Brick Road Construction, Inc.
  • Yokeline General Contractors
  • Young & Old Builders
  • Young & Old Home Maintenance
  • Young & Old Remodelers
  • Young & Old Renovators
  • Youthful Energy Structures
  • Zealous Building Contractors Incorporation
  • Zealous Construction Contractors Incorporation
  • Zealous Construction Incorporation
  • Zealous Renovation Experts
  • Zealous Renovations Contractors Incorporation
  • Zephyr Construction
  • Zephyr Construction Services
  • Zestful Innovations
  • Zulu Construction
  • Zulu Construction, Inc.

Funny construction company name ideas

  • Hammer Time Construction
  • Leveled Out Builders LLC 
  • Joist Jammers & Co 
  • Pennywise Homebuilders Ltd  
  • Sturdy Structures Ltd 
  • Sawdust Solutions Inc  
  • Unbreakable Walls Construction Group LLC  
  • Trowel Brothers General Contractors   
  • Levelheaded Building Co  
  • Deck Masters Inc 
  • Brick House Constructors  
  • Builders Bunch
  • Reinforced Reality   
  • Hammerheads & Co 
  • Foundation Facilitators LLC 
  • Hardhats and Heels Homebuilders Ltd 
  • The Nailery Constructors Ltd 
  • Build It Right Construction Works Ltd  
  • Rebar Rockstars LLC  
  • Frame Workers Inc  
  • Cement City Builders Group   
  • A-1 Building Solutions   
  • All Nailed Up 
  • Put Your Best Wall Forward Construction Services  
  • Steel City Sturdy Structures Company  
  • All Bricked Up Masonry Contracting Group Corp    
  • Ace Rebuilders Inc  
  • DIY Divas Construction Co 
  • Framed It Right Construction Company LLC  
  • Nailmasters Homebuilders Group Ltd  
  • Hard Hat Heroes Building Solutions Corp   
  • TruBuilders General Contractors 
  • Saw Dust Dreams Constructors 
  • The Foundation Factory 
  • Martin’s Building Masters Inc 
  • Lasting Structures Works Co  
  • Levelheaded Builders and Designers Ltd  
  • Solid Ground Buildings & Homes 
  • Hammer Down Homebuilders Corp   
  • Brick Layers Unlimited Inc   
  • Wreck-It Renovations & Repairs Ltd    
  • Stairway to Heaven Home Improvement Services LLC 
  • Trowelers and Toolbelts Works Group  
  • Plaster Perfect Homebuilders Inc   
  • Screwball Construction 
  • The Right Foundation Contractors Corp
  • Get ‘Er Done Building Co 
  • Jackhammer John’s Builders 
  • Build It Better Crew 
  • Sledgehammers and Studs Inc 

Deciding on Construction Company Names

I want to share a few insights or tips that I have on naming your contracting business. Before you get started you should take the time to make sure you are picking the right name for your construction or contractor business. 

Here are a few tips on how to go about the naming process. 

Clarity Work 

First you have to do the clarity work, and with this I mean you have to sit down and take the time to understand what it is that you want to stand for in your construction business.

If you want to stand for high quality then the name you choose for the Construction Company must portray that meaning. 

I once met a contractor at a Home Show that was telling me how their business was all about really high quality work at a premium price, however, they have the word affordable in their construction business name. 

The problem with this is that there’s a disconnect between the name of their contractor business and what their business mission is, that is, to offer a premium high quality construction service.

So it’s important to start the business naming process by doing a clarity exercise. Really take the time to understand what image you want to portray with your construction company. 

The business name and branding should tell your company’s story. Maybe you grew up in a family of contractors, and you’re a third generation contractor and you want to convey this in your construction company name and branding, because it gives out an element of trust and experience. 

Maybe you just got out of college with a degree in construction management and you want to start a company that specializes in green homes. Your construction company will be known for environment friendly and energy efficient building constructions. You will want this to come out clearly in your business name and branding. 

These are the values that your construction company holds dearest to itself and whatever those values are you want to share it with your customers through your business name and branding. 

Very often this clarity exercise on its own will lead you to a good name for your construction business. 

man thinking of construction company name ideas for his new contractor business.

Avoid Initials in the Construction Company Name

One thing you want to stay away from is putting your initials in the construction business name. Initials are boring, they’re confusing and there’s nothing memorable or unique about them. 

Only the big corporations can get away with using initials as a good business name, such as KB Homes, or LGI Homes. 

Choose a Descriptive Name for your Business

Another thing you want to keep in mind, is to choose a name that is relevant to the type of construction or contractor business you have. 

For example, there is a painting franchise called ‘Wow One Day Painting’. While the name may be too long, it is very descriptive. The company name says it all. It is relevant to what they do. The business name, in this case, describes that they do paint jobs, of quality work (hence the word Wow) and they want to portray that they have a quick service by using the words ‘one day’ in their name. 

So try and add a descriptive word in your contractor business name that clearly identifies what it is that the company does. Words like, construction, roofing, excavation, contractors, or any other name that conveys what you are specialized in.

Not only will this help potential clients immediately understand if you are the right company for their needs, but it also makes it easier for people to find you on search engines, like Google or Yahoo, as your service will be in your construction website name.

So when people are looking for constructions companies near me, for example, there is a better chance that your website will come up on search engines if it has the word construction in the name.

Keep the Construction Name Simple

The next thing that you want to consider when naming your construction business is to choose something that is simple to say and easy to spell. 

Don’t try any cute mis-spelling with your construction business name. For example using the number 4 in place of the word for (Construction4You or anything similar). That’s cute but not practical at all. So don’t do it for your business name. 

As much as possible you want a simple name so that it can be easy to remember, easy to spell when potential clients are looking for you, and easy to say so that your construction company can be mentioned to others as a recommendation. No-one will recommend a construction business that they cannot pronounce!

Practice Saying the Name

This might sound silly but I always recommend that entrepreneurs who are in the process of choosing a new name for their business spend some time saying it and hearing it out loud. This will give you a better indication of how the name fits within your construction business operations.

I suggest you do the following:

  • Try and say the name out loud a few times and make sure it easily rolls off the tongue. 
  • Ask a few people to say it out loud to you, so you can hear how it sounds and ensure it’s easy for others to pronounce,
  • Practice answering the phone using the new construction company name, just as you would do in your day-to-day work.

So, is it easy to say? Does it roll off your lips? If not, you are going to have some problems later, so you might want to reconsider it.

Choose a Memorable Name

You want your construction company name to be as memorable as possible for people who come across the name on billboards, adverts, or anywhere else it is displayed.

For example, a few years ago I came across a construction company that was named Jalapeno Building Contractors. I still remember it because the name was memorable, and to top it off, they had a logo with a pepper included on the side of their trucks. 

Now, usually memorable means unique. So your construction company name must be as unique as possible. Seth Godin calls this, being a purple cow in your industry. 

Take a moment to reflect and see what your competitors are naming their companies. You will notice a lot of similarities within construction company names. How can these companies stand out from the crowd?

You don’t want to be like one of the many other construction businesses. You want to be the purple cow in the construction industry, and your company name is the first thing people see, and will be the factor that initially makes you stand out from your competitors. 

Hopefully the quality of your work will help you grow that name into a reputable and well-known brand within the construction business industry. 

Check that the Construction name is Available

When you shortlist a few potential names for your construction business, the next thing you want to do is go to and make sure that the names that you’re choosing are not already trademarked by somebody else, be it a construction business or not. 

The last thing you want to do is invest a lot of time, money and effort on branding and then realize that you can’t trademark it, or even worst, you can’t use it at all and you will have to go through a whole rebranding exercise at a very early stage of your construction company’s life. You’re better off spending this time and money on your new business.

Check if the Domain Name is Available

The domain name will be your construction company’s internet presence. Even though you might not be looking to build a website for your construction company at first, you should still check if the url for the business name is available. Trust me you will want an online presence eventually. Somewhere for potential clients to find your construction company information, contact details and so on.

Ideally you can get the domain that is an exact match to the construction business name you will be using and furthermore a domain that has a dot com, in the end. So if you name your construction company Black Bear Contractors, for example, you don’t want your business domain to be It would be better to have the exact name, instead. 

Same goes for social media accounts. See if you can set up accounts for your construction business with the exact name so that clients can easily identify your business on social media.

Think of the Branding Element for your Contractor Business

The last thing you want to do once you short-list a few construction names, is to try and envision a logo that would go well with these names. How easy is it to apply a memorable and relevant logo to the name you chose.

Once you settle on the final name for your construction business I recommend that you hire a professional graphic designer to help you with your company’s brand identity. 

This person will help you, not only to design your logo, but all your business images, associated colors, text fonts, etc. 

The branding of your construction business will help you communicate what your business stands for. 

When it comes to creating your identity, your website and all your business social media accounts you want to be consistent with your branding so that customers or potential clients recognize your construction company name immediately wherever you are present. 

What constitutes the brand identity of your construction company?

A brand identity consists of different parts.

  • It consists of your logo. This is almost as important as the name you will give to your construction company. The logo should convey what what your construction business is about. 
  • The colors. Different colors have different meanings, so you might want to do some research before you pick one that will be reflected across your construction company’s branding.
  • The fonts. The font is a major part of a brand. In fact very often, the font is an integral part of the logo. So you want to make sure that you pick out a font that best represents your company’s character. 

Ultimately you want customers to trust you, so the whole point of a brand is to get customers to understand the values of your construction business and this will go a long way in creating trust with potential customers. 

Concluding Remark About Your Construction Business Name

Brainstorming the perfect name for your construction company doesn’t have to be stressful. It can even be fun.

Just remember the main points:

  • Convey the Purpose of your construction business in the name
  • Make the name Memorable
  • Check that the Name is available
  • Invest in a good domain name for your construction business web presence
  • Ensure that the name and the remaining branding elements are in sync.

With these tips in hand, go forth and get started on creating a moniker for your construction business that will stand out from the competition.

For more inspiration check out our full category of Business Name ideas.


I am a branding and naming consultant with 16 years of experience. I believe in building a strong brand name that identifies your visions and that of your business. A brand identity motivates you and your team to achieve success.