Candle Company Names and Name Ideas

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Choosing a name for your candle business is an important part of creating your brand identity. After all, it’s the first thing that customers see and remember when they visit your shop or website. 

But choosing the perfect candle company name can be difficult, especially if you’re looking to make a statement. 

To help you out we personally created a list of over 100 Candle Business Names that you can use, or just as inspiration to get you started with crafting your own unique brand name.

Don’t stop there however. We’ve also curated a guide with the exact steps we use to create a brand name for our clients. Follow our process and you’ll be launching a memorable and catchy candle business name in no time.

Candle Business Name Ideas

1. Candles of the Future

2. Magically Scented

3. The Flicker Palace

4. Candlelight Expressions 

5. CandleDreams 

6. Aroma Illumination 

7. Waxen Wonders 

8. Heaven’s Glow 

9. Wixy Wonders  

10. The Scented Spot 

11. Glowing Delights 

12. Flicker Fire 

13. Wick City 

14. candleVibe 

15. The Candle Loft 

16. Colorful Flames 

17. Sunshine Wicks 

18. Fragrant Flamez  

19. Flame Empire 

20. Illuminations by Candlelight 

21. The Wax Kingdom 

22. candleCozy 

23. Charmed Candles 

24. Bright Burning Lights 

25. candleFrenzy 

26. Flicker of the Night  

27. candleMuse 

28. Castles of Wax 

29. candleAlley 

30. Candles on the Waterfront 

31. candleCraze 

32. Flame Crafters  

33. candleEase 

34. Candlelit Comforts 

35. candleGlow 

36. Aromatic Enchantments 

37. Scents of Wonder 

38. candleQueen 

39. candleVoyage 

40. candleFiesta  

41. candleMania 

42. candleTastic 

43. candleOasis 

44. candleWit 

45. Waxen Ambiance  

46. candleCharmers 

47. candlePort 

48. candleGlowz 

49. candleBells 

50. candleJam  

51. candleLit 

52. Wax Wishes 

53. candleElegance 

54. The Flamingo Candle Co 

55. candleCity  

56. Illumination Station

57. candleWise 

58. candleCove 

59. candleRush 

60. candleShine  

61. candleMania 

62. candleLuxury 

63. candleFever 

64. Candlelandia  

65. candleBuzz 

66. candleSense 

67. candleFantasy 

68. candleChic  

69. candleCrazy 

70. candleVille 

71. candleScene 

72. candlePlayground  

73. candleMagnet 

74. candleLandscapes 

75. candleFusion 

76. CandleTreats  

77. candleSpectacular 

78. candleGroove 

79. candleRhapsody 

80. candleShaman  

81. candleDelightz 

82. candleMania 

83. candleEmpire 

84. candleHeights  

85. candleDreams 

86. candleNirvana 

87. candleRiot 

88. candleFrenzy  

89. candleVisionary 

90. candleHighway 

91. candleMania 

92. candleIrresistible  

93. candleBliss 

94. candleDreamers 

95. candleGalaxy 

96. candleEnlightenment  

97. candleSpirit 

98. candleAura 

99. candleAlchemy 

100. candleMagic 

OK, so thse were a hundred ideas for Candle company names that I came up with. But during this project my team wanted to challenge me, and they came up with another 50 unique name ideas for candle businesses. Check them out here, and let me know in the comments below if you feel I’ve got some real talented people on my team.

  • Luminary Luxe
  • Wax Wonders
  • Flame Fantasia
  • Ember Elegance
  • Glow Grotto
  • Scented Symphony
  • Illumination Illusion
  • Candle Carousel
  • Beacon Bliss
  • Radiant Retreat
  • Wax Whispers
  • Luminous Loft
  • Ember Emporium
  • Glow Gallery
  • Scented Sanctuary
  • Illumination Impressions
  • Candle Cornucopia
  • Beacon Boutique
  • Radiant Rhapsody
  • Wax Wavelength
  • Luminous Labyrinth
  • Ember Enclave
  • Glow Grove
  • Scented Soiree
  • Illumination Island
  • Candle Constellation
  • Beacon Bazaar
  • Radiant Resonance
  • Wax Waterfall
  • Luminous Lagoon
  • Ember Echo
  • Glow Galaxy
  • Scented Symphony
  • Illumination Infinity
  • Candle Cosmos
  • Beacon Bliss
  • Radiant Rainbow
  • Wax Wonderland
  • Luminous Lux
  • Ember Eden
  • Glow Garden
  • Scented Serenity
  • Illumination Iridescence
  • Candle Cascade
  • Beacon Bloom
  • Radiant Radiance
  • Wax Whirlwind
  • Luminous Lyric
  • Ember Enigma
  • Glow Glimmer

Hope these candle company name ideas give you plenty of inspiration for your own brand of candle business.

To help you with the naming process, in the next part of this article I give out some tips and list out more candle business name ideas to inspire you.

How to Choose Candle Business Names

There’s a lot to consider coming up with a brand name for your candle making store. 

Here are my top tips for creating catchy candle business name ideas that stand out from the crowd: 

Keep it Simple but Memorable 

The best candle company names are often short and sweet, while still being memorable. Think of a name that’s easy to pronounce and spell, such as “The Candle Co” or “CandleLight”. 

You could also think of words related to candle-making, and include them in the name, such as “wax” or “wick”, or even alliterative phrases like “Candy Cauldron” or “Wax Wonderland”. 

Part of the process I go through when trying to come up with a brand name for my clients’ businesses, is to keep a note section on my phone for brainstorming words related to the niche the business is in. Then, whenever I get an idea, or see something that inspires a relevant word or phrase, I jot it down on that notepad. 

Once you figure out the words you want associated with your candle business, then you can use free online tools, like domain name generators, to give you different iterations of the words into a unique name for your candle business.

These tools help you come up with different formulations and combinations of the words and at the same time they will show you if the domain name associated with the candle business name idea you chose is available. 

You can also go ahead and purchase it directly from their website.

Be careful of naming your business based on words which might be a fad at that point in time. Whatever’s popular in the market now might not be popular in the next two to three years. The candle brand name should be a classic that is easy to remember and pronounce and appealing to customers. 

Let your Candle business mission and vision Inspire the Brand Name 

Take some time to brainstorm unique candle company names that capture your brand’s essence and personality. You first need to think about what it is that you want your candle brand to represent. 

Do you want your candle company name to give up a particular vibe, such as close to nature, classy, exclusive, luxurious or maybe you want to create a simplistic vintage type of candle company. 

This starting point will give you a lot of ideas of words that express what you want your candle brand name to represent and this message will flow into your candle products. 

So decide what message you want your candle company to stand for and see if you can come up with names that link to your brand message. 

Use google to come up with word ideas. So for example, if you want a vintage theme, google  the words that relate to vintage themes and then google ‘these words plus synonyms’ to find more related words and ideas.

If you want to go for a luxurious candle vibe you can search for classy words and do the same thing. 

So, play off the message and vibe you want to give from your candles to create your candle brand name. 

For example, the creator of Iridescent Candle Co says that the meaning behind her candle company name was to to give people hope and represent a new way of thinking. 

She wanted her candle brand to remind people to believe in their dreams and never give up. This message links back to the name ‘iridescent’ (meaning luminous colours that change when seen from different angles) because when you change your viewpoint of something you get a different outcome, creating a chance to learn and improve yourself. 

So the message behind her brand inspired the name of her Candle company. This message is represented through her candle labels, through her scent descriptions and so on. 

Research other Candle Company Names

If you’re still struggling to come up with candle company name ideas, try researching what other candle companies have done. Take note of the words and phrases they use and see how you can mix these up to create something original.  

While looking at your competitors can give you some inspiration and ideas for your own candle brand name, make sure you do not imitate or create a candle business name that  closely resembles that of your competitors. 

For example, imitating a popular candle company name by just changing or adding an extra letter or two to the same brand name is a big ‘No’. Like, taking the Otherland candle brand name and creating a candle business with the name OtterLand is not ethical or ideal for your own sake.

Not only does this confuse people but it makes it harder for potential clients to find your business online as the stronger and more established competitor would probably come up first if the name is very similar. So, make sure you come up with your own unique candle brand name.

Puns are an excellent way to make your candle company name stand out. Think of clever candle-related puns, such as “The Flamingo Candle Co” or “Illumination Station”. 

Consider using a Relevant Symbol

Symbols and logos can be a great way to convey your candle company’s unique identity. You could even consider incorporating it into your candle business name if you want to add an extra special touch. 

Make the Name Appealing to all Genders

Try and choose a name that is unisex. Meaning the candle brand name is appealing to both men and women. This way your product is not seen as targeting one gender over another. 

Keep in mind that men also like nice scented candles.

Take Future Plans into Consideration

What is the future direction that you want to go with your Candle company? 

You could really niche down into a specific area of candle making, and have a very niche market with your candle brand. For example you might name your business Cali Candles because you are planning an entire California themed candle line.

On the other hand you might have plans to eventually grow broader. So, keep in mind the possibility that you might want to branch out your Candle making business into other areas. 

For example, if you name your candle company, Aroma Candles Llc, then the name is closely associated with the candle business. 

On the other hand, if you give the name it a wider scope, such as Aroma Accessories. This company name won’t sound strange if further down the line you decide to start selling other scented products, such as shower gels, fragrances, diffusers etc.

Chances are that if you are going to start your candle making business, you will want to expand into other areas, such as soaps, fragrances and so on. So don’t let the brand name you choose limit you in this respect.

Remember, choose a name for your candle business that you will be able to branch off from in the future.

Consider Naming your Candle Business after Yourself. 

This is especially relevant if you are well connected in the industry, if you are an influencer, and where you have a good reputation. People will know who you are; they can identify and relate the business name to your expertise and reputation.

Making your candle company a representation of you makes sense because you are the candle maker and your candle company represents you, your story, your ideas and your thoughts.  

candle without a brand name label

More Candle Company Name Ideas

Here’s a list of over 600 candle company name ideas generated by by our system. Go through these and get inspired to create a unique name for your own Candle Store.

  • Active Create
  • Active Hobbies
  • Active Sustainable
  • Aroma Charm
  • Aroma Tilt
  • Aroma View
  • Art Blend
  • Art Blog
  • Art Care
  • Art Fit
  • Art Focus
  • Art Glow
  • Art Gram
  • Art Hill
  • Art Hub
  • Art Industry
  • Art Items
  • Art Lab
  • Art Level
  • Art Light
  • Art Safer
  • Art Scale
  • Art Scape
  • Art Sense
  • Art Space
  • Art Sprint
  • Art Stock
  • Art Store
  • Art Value
  • Art Works
  • Artal
  • Artary
  • Artic
  • Artica
  • Artify
  • Artise
  • Artism
  • Artist
  • Artist Band
  • Artist Corp
  • Artist Drop
  • Artist Feed
  • Artist Gear
  • Artist Hill
  • Artist Hive
  • Artist Inc
  • Artist Items
  • Artist Load
  • Artist Logic
  • Artist Palace
  • Artist Push
  • Artist Retails
  • Artist Scape
  • Artist Store
  • Artist Work
  • Artistard
  • Artiste Boost
  • Artiste Guru
  • Artiste Hub
  • Artiste Loop
  • Artiste Method
  • Artiste Pass
  • Artiste Plus
  • Artiste Post
  • Artiste Products
  • Artiste Scale
  • Artiste Skill
  • Artiste Sync
  • Artiste Village
  • Artiste Work
  • Artistent
  • Artistic
  • Artistic Blog
  • Artistic Care
  • Artistic Concept
  • Artistic Dock
  • Artistic Feed
  • Artistic Focus
  • Artistic Inc
  • Artistic Items
  • Artistic Mode
  • Artistic Option
  • Artistic Prime
  • Artistic Product
  • Artistic Safer
  • Artistic Space
  • Artistic Spark
  • Artistic Spot
  • Artisticeable
  • Artisticica
  • Artistity
  • Artistry Band
  • Artistry Dock
  • Artistry Fuel
  • Artistry Level
  • Artistry Light
  • Artistry Play
  • Artistry Products
  • Artistry Saga
  • Artistry Side
  • Artistry Signal
  • Artistry Skill
  • Artistryist
  • Artists Boost
  • Artists Capsule
  • Artists Care
  • Artists Case
  • Artists Corp
  • Artists Fuel
  • Artists Industry
  • Artists Kit
  • Artists Lab
  • Artists Most
  • Artists Push
  • Artists Side
  • Artists Snap
  • Artists Span
  • Artists Start
  • Artists Sync
  • Artists Village
  • Artity
  • Arts Centre
  • Arts Dash
  • Arts Drop
  • Arts Engine
  • Arts Line
  • Arts Loop
  • Arts Mode
  • Arts Palace
  • Arts Push
  • Arts Scope
  • Arts Sense
  • Arts Shack
  • Arts Ship
  • Arts Side
  • Arts Verge
  • Arts Vibe
  • Arts Work
  • Artsian
  • Artsied
  • Artsise
  • Artsish
  • Artsus
  • Artsy Barn
  • Artsy Feed
  • Artsy Fuel
  • Artsy Graph
  • Artsy Hill
  • Artsy Kit
  • Artsy Level
  • Artsy Mode
  • Artsy Most
  • Artsy Street
  • Artsy Value
  • Artwork Care
  • Artwork Design
  • Artwork Guru
  • Artwork Items
  • Artwork Line
  • Artwork Mark
  • Artwork Method
  • Artwork Now
  • Artwork Play
  • Artwork Port
  • Artwork Properties
  • Artwork Rise
  • Artwork Side
  • Artwork Storm
  • Artwork Sync
  • Artwork Tilt
  • Artwork View
  • Artworkician
  • Artworkism
  • Artworkity
  • Artworkler
  • Artworkly
  • Artworks Aid
  • Artworks Atlas
  • Artworks Band
  • Artworks Barn
  • Artworks Engine
  • Artworks Focus
  • Artworks Hub
  • Artworks Kit
  • Artworks Loop
  • Artworks Most
  • Artworks Post
  • Artworks Sense
  • Artworks Solutions
  • Artworks Sprint
  • Artworks Tilt
  • Artworks Values
  • Artworks Work
  • Artworksian
  • Brushism
  • Candility
  • Candle Capsule
  • Candle Dock
  • Candle Hill
  • Candle Hub
  • Candle Industry
  • Candle Mark
  • Candle Product
  • Candle Shack
  • Candle Skill
  • Candle Space
  • Candle Stock
  • Candle Work
  • Candleal
  • Candleked
  • Candles Grid
  • Candles Industry
  • Candles Items
  • Candles Leader
  • Candles Maker
  • Candles Ship
  • Candles Snap
  • Candles Specials
  • Candles Spot
  • Candles Stock
  • Candles Workshop
  • Candlesify
  • Candlesise
  • Ceramics Hub
  • Clear Handmade
  • Coart
  • Coarts
  • Cohandmade
  • Color Gear
  • Color Goods
  • Color Hut
  • Color Items
  • Color Pass
  • Color Side
  • Color Space
  • Color Spark
  • Color Start
  • Color Values
  • Colorfed
  • Coloric
  • Colorium
  • Colors Case
  • Colors Click
  • Colors Feed
  • Colors Logic
  • Colors Tilt
  • Colors Trade
  • Colors Vibe
  • Colors Way
  • Colorsic
  • Colorsism
  • Colorsus
  • Colour Barn
  • Colour Center
  • Colour Design
  • Colour Dock
  • Colour Flow
  • Colour Glow
  • Colour Hut
  • Colour Mark
  • Colour Port
  • Colour Scout
  • Colour Ship
  • Colour Tags
  • Colour Vibe
  • Colour View
  • Colourard
  • Colourfer
  • Colourician
  • Colourried
  • Colours Atlas
  • Colours Bay
  • Colours Center
  • Colours Deck
  • Colours Drop
  • Colours Fit
  • Colours Future
  • Colours Mark
  • Colours Port
  • Colours Scale
  • Colours Ship
  • Colours Specials
  • Colours Spot
  • Colours Stripe
  • Colours Tilt
  • Coloursens
  • Coloursfer
  • Coloursic
  • Coloursler
  • Core Candles
  • Core Create
  • Core Designs
  • Core Handmade
  • Core Studio
  • Craft Click
  • Craft Deck
  • Craft Fuel
  • Craft Industry
  • Craft Items
  • Craft Level
  • Craft Logic
  • Craft Most
  • Craft Rise
  • Craft Work
  • Craftens
  • Craftism
  • Craftled
  • Crafts Aid
  • Crafts Art
  • Crafts Blog
  • Crafts Cast
  • Crafts Items
  • Crafts Layer
  • Crafts Maker
  • Crafts Mark
  • Crafts Push
  • Crafts Scape
  • Crafts Space
  • Crafts Specials
  • Crafts Stripe
  • Crafts Type
  • Crafts Values
  • Crafts Vibe
  • Crafts Village
  • Crafts Work
  • Crafts Works
  • Craftsfer
  • Craftsian
  • Craftsic
  • Craftsism
  • Craftsist
  • Create Atlas
  • Create Base
  • Create Center
  • Create Dash
  • Create Gear
  • Create Glow
  • Create Hill
  • Create Hub
  • Create Hut
  • Create Layer
  • Create Post
  • Create Properties
  • Create Shift
  • Create Signal
  • Create Span
  • Create Specials
  • Create Trade
  • Createned
  • Creative Aid
  • Creative Atlas
  • Creative Barn
  • Creative Boost
  • Creative Capsule
  • Creative Dash
  • Creative Dock
  • Creative Fit
  • Creative Focus
  • Creative Fuel
  • Creative Hut
  • Creative Items
  • Creative Line
  • Creative Mark
  • Creative Mode
  • Creative Most
  • Creative Now
  • Creative Pass
  • Creative Play
  • Creative Scape
  • Creative Scope
  • Creative Services
  • Creative Side
  • Creative Space
  • Creative Span
  • Creative Street
  • Creative Type
  • Creative Work
  • Creative Works
  • Creativeist
  • Creativeried
  • Design Aid
  • Design Band
  • Design Future
  • Design Goods
  • Design Items
  • Design Layer
  • Design Level
  • Design Mode
  • Design Saga
  • Design Scope
  • Design Trade
  • Design Village
  • Design Workshop
  • Designard
  • Designary
  • Designful
  • Designic
  • Designica
  • Designs Corp
  • Designs Goods
  • Designs Grid
  • Designs Lab
  • Designs Plus
  • Designs Post
  • Designs Product
  • Designs Scale
  • Designs Scope
  • Designs Shift
  • Designs Store
  • Designsler
  • Designsly
  • Diiness
  • Diy Centre
  • Diy Charm
  • Diy Gear
  • Diy Signal
  • Diys Bay
  • Diys Blog
  • Diys Crew
  • Diys Kit
  • Diys Maker
  • Diys Offer
  • Diys Push
  • Diys Retails
  • Diys Rise
  • Diys Signal
  • Diys Space
  • Diys Specials
  • Diys Start
  • Diys Store
  • Diys Storm
  • Diys Tilt
  • Diys Type
  • Diys Village
  • Diyseable
  • Diysian
  • Diysist
  • Diysive
  • Doartistry
  • Doarts
  • Dobrushes
  • Docandles
  • Docanvas
  • Docolor
  • Dodiy
  • Earth Charm
  • Earth Inc
  • Enartists
  • Enartwork
  • Enclay
  • Encolor
  • Encrafts
  • Ensustainable
  • Gocandles
  • Gocrafts
  • Gohandmade
  • Gopalette
  • Green Mark
  • Handmade Atlas
  • Handmade Blog
  • Handmade Capsule
  • Handmade Case
  • Handmade Center
  • Handmade Dash
  • Handmade Glow
  • Handmade Hive
  • Handmade Hut
  • Handmade Kit
  • Handmade Lab
  • Handmade Line
  • Handmade Logic
  • Handmade Now
  • Handmade Sense
  • Handmade Shift
  • Handmade Ship
  • Handmade Signal
  • Handmade Solutions
  • Handmade Space
  • Handmade Start
  • Handmade Tags
  • Handmade Verge
  • Handmade Vibe
  • Handmade Works
  • Handmadeens
  • Handmadefer
  • Handmademed
  • Handmadeness
  • Handmaderied
  • Handmadesed
  • Herbal Capsule
  • Hobbies Atlas
  • Hobbies Bay
  • Hobbies Crew
  • Hobbies Design
  • Hobbies Flow
  • Hobbies Glow
  • Hobbies Hub
  • Hobbies Palace
  • Hobbies Prime
  • Hobbies Scout
  • Hobbies Tilt
  • Hobbies View
  • Hobbiesard
  • Hobbieseable
  • Hobbiesful
  • Hobbiesise
  • Hobbiesist
  • Hobby Base
  • Hobby Dash
  • Hobby Design
  • Hobby Grid
  • Hobby Loop
  • Hobby Palace
  • Hobby Post
  • Hobby Retails
  • Hobby Rise
  • Hobby Spot
  • Hobby Store
  • Hobby Tags
  • Hobby Values
  • Hobby Vibe
  • Hobby Works
  • Hyper Artistry
  • Hyper Artists
  • Hyper Artworks
  • Hyper Brush
  • Hyper Colors
  • Hyper Crafts
  • Hyper Illumination
  • Hyper Palette
  • Illumination Aid
  • Illumination Art
  • Illumination Most
  • Illuminationid
  • Make Artiste
  • Make Artistic
  • Make Artwork
  • Make Craft
  • Market Center
  • Market House
  • Market Shift
  • Market Space
  • Market Type
  • Market Village
  • Market Workshop
  • Marketician
  • Mart Aid
  • Mart Charm
  • Mart Crew
  • Mart Gear
  • Mart Graph
  • Mart Mode
  • Mart Plus
  • Mart Saga
  • Martary
  • Meta Artist
  • Meta Artistry
  • Meta Brush
  • Meta Brushes
  • Meta Candles
  • Meta Design
  • Meta Diy
  • Meta Handmade
  • Meta Paintings
  • Natural Hut
  • Organic Aid
  • Organic Charm
  • Organic Deck
  • Organic Guru
  • Organic Light
  • Organic Line
  • Organic Most
  • Organic Now
  • Organic Option
  • Organic Port
  • Organic Press
  • Organic Properties
  • Organic Shack
  • Organic Value
  • Organic Values
  • Organic View
  • Organical
  • Organiceable
  • Organicid
  • Organicist
  • Organicled
  • Palettely
  • Real Candle
  • Real Colors
  • Real Diys
  • Real Handmade
  • Shelf Retails
  • Shelf Scope
  • Shelf Signal
  • Shelf Works
  • Solid Candle
  • Solid Handmade
  • Studio Rise
  • Sustainable Inc
  • Sustainable Kit
  • Sustainable Properties
  • Sustainableked
  • The Candles Factory
  • The Crafts Connection
  • The Crafts Project
  • The Creative Project
  • The Handmade Connection
  • The Organic Club
  • The Wick Group
  • Upart
  • Upcrafts
  • Wick Pass
  • Wick Street
  • Wickism
  • Zen Arts

Final Thoughts 

Choosing the perfect candle company name doesn’t have to be difficult! 

With the tips and processes I recommend above, and the various candle business name examples listed above, you’re sure to find a name that captures your candle business’s essence and stands out from the crowd. 

Don’t be afraid to let your creative juices flow and be sure to have fun with it! 

However, don’t rush the process. 

Your final choice of a candle by name will not be the first first or second name you come up with. You’ll probably go through a lot of candle brand names before you find the right one.

By the way. Happy candle-making!  

For more inspiration check out our full category of Business Name ideas.


I am a branding and naming consultant with 16 years of experience. I believe in building a strong brand name that identifies your visions and that of your business. A brand identity motivates you and your team to achieve success.