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Choosing the right name for your handyman business is an important decision that can have a big impact on the success of your business. A good name should be unique, descriptive, catchy, and easy to remember. 

In this article, we provide some lists of good handyman name ideas (and handywoman names) to help get your creative juices flowing and come up with a name for your home improvement business. 

Apart from the name ideas presented below, don’t forget to check the tips section which will help you come up with a great name for your handyman business. 

Business Names for Handyman

  •  A to Z Fixers
  •  A1 Handywork Solutions
  •  All Your Needs Met Here!
  •  All-in-One Handyman Solutions
  •  All-in-One Home Maintenance Services
  •  All-in-One Home Solutions
  •  Around the House Maintenance
  •  Carefree Home Repairs
  •  Carefree Home Solutions
  •  Complete Home Care Services
  •  Construction Experts Plus
  •  Dependable Services You Can Trust
  •  Fast Fixes and More
  •  First Class Maintenance & Repair
  •  Fix it Up – Fast!
  •  Get ‘Er Done!
  •  Get It Done Right Now!
  •  Get it Fixed and Forget It!
  •  Get It Fixed Now!
  •  Great Handyman Solutions
  •  Handyman Heroes
  •  Handymen 4U
  •  Help Is On The Way!
  •  Home Improvement gurus
  •  Home Improvement Masters
  •  Home Improvement Specialists
  •  Home Repairs Delivered Fast
  •  House and Garden Care Specialists
  •  In-Home Solutions
  •  Magic Handyman
  •  Making Things Right Again
  •  Mr Fix It All
  •  Mr Fix-It All Around the House
  •  Mr Toolbox
  •  No Hassle Fixers
  •  No Job Too Small or Too Big
  •  No Worry Repairs
  •  On the Spot Solutions
  •  One Stop Shop for Handyman Requests
  •  One-Stop Handyman Shop
  •  Professional Handyman Services
  •  Professional Home Repairs & Maintenance
  •  Professional Service with a Smile
  •  Prompt Service Plus
  •  Quality Craftsmanship and Maintenance
  •  Quality Craftsmen Plus
  •  Quality Maintenance & Repair
  •  Quick Fix Solutions
  •  Quick Solutions Plus
  •  Ready To Repair
  •  Ready to Respond Anywhere!
  •  Repair and Maintenance Pros
  •  Right Now Home Repairs
  •  Simple Solutions for Complex Problems
  •  Speedy Fixes and More
  •  Swift Repairs & Fixes
  •  The All-in-One Handymen
  •  The Handyman’s Best Friend
  •  The Master Fixer
  •  The Quick Fix Guys
  •  The Quick Fix Pros
  •  The Repair Masters
  •  The Toolbox Express
  •  The Toolbox Team
  •  Trustworthy Troubleshooters
  •  Your Go-To Handyman Source
  •  Your Local Fixer Upper
  •  Your Local Handy Man
  • All Round Repairs & Fixes
  • Complete Home Care Solutions
  • Convenient Handywork Solutions
  • Fix It Now! Handyman Services
  • Fix It Quick Services
  • Fix Right Away Services
  • Home Repair & Maintenance Specialists
  • Home Repair Specialists Plus
  • No Worry Home Repairs
  • Quality Results Guaranteed
  • Rapid Repair Pros
  • Repair & Maintenance Masters
  • The Go To Guys
  • The Handy Guy Team
  • The Handyman Express
  • The Reasonable Handymen
  • The Repair Experts
  • The Toolman Team
  • Tool Pro Solutions
  • Top Notch Home Repairs and Maintenance
  • Total Home Care Services

Handywoman Business Names

  • All Around Handywoman 
  • At Home Handywoman 
  • Fix It Women 
  • Handywoman Express 
  • Handywoman Helpers 
  • Handywoman Home Services 
  • Handywoman Maintenance Services 
  • Handywoman on Demand 
  • Handywoman Repair Services 
  • Handywoman Repairs and Maintenance 
  • Handywoman Services and Repairs 
  • Handywoman Services and Upgrades 
  • Handywoman Services Express 
  • Handywoman Services Now 
  • Handywoman Services on Demand 
  • Handywoman Services Plus 
  • Handywoman Solutions Express 
  • Handywoman Solutions Maintenance Services 
  • Handywoman Solutions Now 
  • Handywoman Solutions Plus 
  • Handywoman Solutions Repair Services 
  • Handywoman Solutions Repairs and Maintenance 
  • Handywoman Solutions Services on Demand 
  • Handywoman Solutions 
  • Handywoman to the Rescue 
  • Home Improvement Services 
  • Home Improvement Solutions 
  • Home Improvement Specialists 
  • Home Maintenance and Repair Specialists 
  • Home Maintenance and Repair 
  • Home Maintenance and Repairs 
  • Home Maintenance and Upgrades Solutions 
  • Home Maintenance and Upgrades Specialists 
  • Home Maintenance and Upgrades 
  • Home Maintenance Services 
  • Home Maintenance Solutions 
  • Home Maintenance Specialists 
  • Home Projects Handywoman 
  • Home Repair and Maintenance Services 
  • Home Repair and Maintenance Solutions 
  • Home Repair and Upgrades Solutions 
  • Home Repair and Upgrades Specialists 
  • Home Repair and Upgrades 
  • Home Repair Solutions 
  • Home Repair Specialists 
  • Home Solutions and Maintenance 
  • Home Solutions and Repair 
  • Home Solutions and Upgrades 
  • Home Solutions Services 
  • Home Upgrades Solutions 
  • Home Upgrades Specialists 
  • Professional Handywoman Services 
  • Professional Handywoman Solutions
  • Professional Home Maintenance and Repair 
  • Professional Home Maintenance and Upgrades 
  • Professional Home Maintenance 
  • Professional Home Repair and Upgrades 
  • Professional Home Repair 
  • Professional Home Services 
  • Professional Home Solutions 
  • Professional Home Upgrades 
  • Quick Fix Handywoman 
  • She Does It All 
  • The Fix-It Lady 
  • The Handywoman Helper 
  • The Handywoman Repair Shop 
  • The Handywoman Service 
  • Women’s Handywoman Services 
  • Women’s Home Maintenance 
  • Your Home Maintenance and Repair Solutions 
  • Your Home Maintenance and Upgrades Solutions 
  • Your Home Maintenance Solutions 
  • Your Home Repair and Upgrades Solutions 
  • Your Home Repair Solutions 
  • Your Home Solutions 
  • Your Home Upgrades Solutions 
  • Your Professional Home Maintenance and Repair 
  • Your Professional Home Maintenance and Upgrades 
  • Your Professional Home Maintenance 
  • Your Professional Home Repair and Upgrades 
  • Your Professional Home Repair 
  • Your Professional Home Solutions 
  • Your Professional Home Upgrades 

Words to Include in Your Business Name

There are several words that you might consider including when shortlisting the ideal business names for handyman services. The most appropriate choices of words will depend on the focus of your services and the target audience for your business.

Here are a few options to consider:

“Handyman” is an obvious choice, as it clearly communicates the nature of your business and the services you offer.

“Repair”: If a significant portion of your work involves fixing things that are broken or in need of repair, this word might be a good choice.

“Maintenance”: If you offer services that help to maintain the condition of homes and businesses, such as regular inspections, cleaning, and upkeep, this word might be a good fit.

“Home”:If you primarily serve residential customers, this word can help to emphasize that focus.

“Services”: This word can be a good choice if you offer a wide range of services and want to emphasize the fact that you can handle a variety of tasks.

“Professional”: If you want your name to instil confidence and emphasise the quality and reliability of your work, this word can be a good choice.

“Solutions”: If you focus on finding practical solutions to problems and helping customers get things done you might want to include this word in your business name.

Ultimately, the best words to include in your handyman business name will depend on the specific focus and target audience of your business.

Now let’s get back to some more home maintenance and improvement business name ideas.

Home Improvement Business Names

  • Better Living Solutions 
  • Home Improvement Consultants 
  • Home Improvement Experts 
  • Home Improvement Express 
  • Home Improvement Masters
  • Home Improvement Professionals 
  • Home Improvement Pros 
  • Home Improvement Services 
  • Home Improvement Solutions International 
  • Home Improvement Solutions Plus 
  • Home Improvement Solutions 
  • Home Improvement Specialists 
  • Home Maintenance Masters 
  • Home Makeover Solutions 
  • Home Modification Services 
  • Home Repair Plus 
  • Home Solutions 
  • Home Upgrades 
  • Perfect Home Design 
  • Quality Home Upgrades 

Home Service Company Name Ideas

  • Handyman Home Services
  • Home Care Experts
  • Home Care Professionals
  • Home Care Services
  • Home Care Solutions
  • Home Care Specialists
  • Home Comfort Professionals
  • Home Comfort Services
  • Home Comfort Solutions
  • Home Comfort Specialists
  • Home Improvement Professionals
  • Home Improvement Pros
  • Home Improvement Services
  • Home Improvement Solutions
  • Home Improvement Specialists
  • Home Maintenance Experts
  • Home Maintenance Masters
  • Home Maintenance Services
  • Home Maintenance Solutions
  • Home Maintenance Specialists
  • Home Repair & Maintenance
  • Home Repair & Restoration
  • Home Repair Solutions
  • Home Restoration Experts
  • Home Restoration Pros
  • Home Restoration Solutions
  • Home Restoration Specialists

Fun Handyman Business Names

  • Fix It All 
  • Get It Done Man 
  • Get It Right Handyman 
  • Hammer King Handyman Services 
  • Hammer Time 
  • Handy Dandy Man 
  • Handyman Care 
  • Handyman Central 
  • Handyman Connection Deluxe 
  • Handyman Connection Plus 
  • Handyman Connection 
  • Handyman Express Services 
  • Handyman Express 
  • Handyman Express 
  • Handyman Extraordinaire 
  • Handyman Heaven 
  • Handyman Heroes Plus 
  • Handyman Heroes 
  • Handyman Jack 
  • Handyman Matters Plus 
  • Handyman Matters 
  • Handyman on Call 
  • Handyman on Demand 
  • Handyman Pro Services 
  • Handyman Pros 
  • Handyman Repair Specialists 
  • Handyman Service Express 
  • Handyman Services Deluxe Plus 
  • Handyman Services Deluxe 
  • Handyman Services Group 
  • Handyman Services Plus 
  • Handyman Services Pro Plus 
  • Handyman Services Pro 
  • Handyman Services Unlimited 
  • Handyman Services 
  • Handyman Solutions Express 
  • Handyman Solutions LLC 
  • Handyman Solutions Plus 
  • Handyman Solutions Pro 
  • Handyman Solutions Unlimited 
  • Handyman Solutions 
  • Handyman Specialists 
  • Handyworks Express 
  • HandyWorks 
  • Home Handyman 
  • Jack of All Trades 
  • Just Fix It 
  • Mr. Fix It 
  • Mr. Fix-It Services 
  • Mr. Fix-It 
  • Mr. Fixit’s Express 
  • Mr. Fixit’s 
  • Mr. Handy 
  • Mr. Handyman Plus 
  • Mr. Handyman 
  • Mr. Repair Man 
  • Mr. Repair 
  • Mr. Wrench 
  • Power Handyman 
  • Repair-It-All 
  • The Fixer Upper 
  • The Fix-It Shop 
  • The Handyman Company 
  • The Handyman Company 
  • The Handyman Solution 
  • The Handyman Specialists 
  • The Handyman Squad 
  • The Handyman’s Helper 
  • The Handymen 
  • The Home Repair Experts 
  • The Home Repair Guys 
  • The Home Repair Man 
  • The Right Tool for the Job 
  • The Tool Guru 
  • The Tool Guy 
  • The Tool Guys 
  • The Tool Kingz 
  • The Tool Maniac 
  • The Tool Shed Express 
  • The Tool Shed 
  • The Toolbox Express 
  • The Toolbox Guys 
  • The Toolbox 
  • The Toolman Co. 
  • The Toolman Express 
  • The Toolman 
  • The Toolmaniacs Express 
  • The Toolmaniacs 
  • Tool King 
  • Tool Maniacs 
  • Tool Master Express 
  • Tool Master Handyman 
  • Tool Master 
  • Tool Time Handyman Services 
  • Tool Town Handyman Services 
  • Tool Town 
  • Toolworks Handyman Services 
  • Top Notch Handyman 
  • Wrench Wizard 

How to Choose a Good Handyman Business Name

There are several things you can do to come up with a good name for your handyman business:

Start by brainstorming: Make a list of words that are related to your business, such as “repair,” “maintenance,” “handy,” “fix,” “improve,” etc. Then, try combining these words in different ways to see what sounds good.

Consider using your own name: If you have a unique or memorable name, you might consider using it as the basis for your business name. For example, if your name is Bob Smith, you might call your business “Bob’s Handyman Services.”

Use a thesaurus: If you’re struggling to come up with words that describe your business, try using a thesaurus to find synonyms. This can help you come up with more ideas and find words that you might not have thought of on your own.

Keep it simple: A short, easy-to-remember name is often the best choice for a business. Avoid using complex words or phrases that might be difficult for people to remember or spell.

Make it catchy: A catchy name can help your business stand out and be more memorable. Consider using wordplay or a play on words to create a name that is both interesting and descriptive.

Consider your target audience: Think about who your target customers are and what type of name might appeal to them. For example, if you are targeting older homeowners, you might want to use a name that is more traditional and conservative.

Check for availability: Once you have a few potential names in mind, do some research to make sure the names are available to use. Check to see if the names are already being used by another business or if they are available as a website domain.

Use keywords: Including keywords that describe your business in your name can help customers understand what you do and make it easier for them to find you online.

For example, having the word ‘handyman’, or something similar, like ‘home service’, makes it stronger from an SEO standpoint.

From a digital marketing perspective having the words handyman, or handyman services in your business name will get you search engine results faster, and this is especially true within google my business. You ca

Looking at the search volumes, people google the words ‘handyman’, or ‘handyman near me’ more than anything. They don’t look for the search term ‘home repair’, as much though. 

Some professionals in the home services industry believe that there’s a negative connotation to having the word handyman in your business name. 

In my opinion, the word handyman is getting back to where it should be, that is referencing professional repairs and maintenance services, and so I don’t think there is any kind of negative connotation about having the word handyman in your business brand name. 

In any case, from a pure search engine ranking perspective you want to have the word handyman in your company or business name. 

I won’t get into how to advertise you handyman services in this post, but I did come across a very good article about marketing for handyman services, during the research of this blog post which you can find here.

Make it memorable: A memorable name can help your business stand out and be more easily remembered by potential customers. Consider using a unique spelling or incorporating a memorable phrase or slogan into your name.

Consider using an acronym: Acronyms can be a good choice for a business name because they are easy to remember and often catchy. Just make sure the acronym you choose is easy to pronounce and spell.

Avoid using numbers: Numbers can be confusing and hard to remember, so it’s generally best to avoid using them in your business name.

Get feedback: Once you have a few potential names in mind, ask friends, family, or other trusted advisors for their thoughts and feedback. This can help you narrow down your options and choose a name that you feel confident about.

Test it out: Before settling on a final name, try it out in a few different contexts to see how it feels. Introduce yourself and your business using the name to see if it feels natural and appropriate.


In conclusion, choosing the right name for your handyman business is an important step that can have a big impact on the success of your business. By following the tips provided above, you can come up with a great name that is descriptive, catchy, easy to remember, and available to use. name, Remember to keep it simple and catchy, and get feedback on your potential names before making a final decision. 

With a little bit of thought and creativity, you can come up with a name that perfectly captures the essence of your handyman business and helps it stand out in a crowded market.

For more inspiration check out our full category of Business Name ideas.


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