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Welcome to our Book Club names page. In this guide, we’ll walk you through a detailed process to help you choose the perfect name. We’ll share expert tips, creative strategies, and real-life examples to inspire you. 

But before we go into all this, if you’re just looking for some book club name ideas that me and my team have compiled for you. 

In the following sections you will find a list of unique and creative book club names, of different genres. Feel free to use these for your reading group or just to spark your imagination. 

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Clever Book Club Names

To come up with clever book club name ideas you can draw inspiration from the types of books you’ll be reading, the atmosphere of your meetings, or even the personalities of your members.

Wordplay, puns, and creative combinations of words can result in a name that’s not only unique, but also fun and memorable. 

Here are 165 clever and creative book club name ideas.

  • Eternal Stories
  • Bookish Wonders
  • Page Prowlers
  • Clever Library
  • Readability Club
  • Voyage into Books
  • Literary Lair
  • The Reading Lounge
  • Textual Treats
  • Cardboard Chronicles
  • Novelist’s Nook
  • Story Seekers
  • The Bookshelf Club
  • Wordsmiths World
  • Novelty Natives
  • Reading Rioters
  • Pages of Pleasure
  • Textual Time-out
  • Readaholics Anonymous
  • Dreamy Literature
  • Elite Bookworms
  • The Reading Room
  • Bibliophile’s Bastion
  • Libretto Lovers
  • Literature Havens
  • Written Word Wonders
  • Page Passionistas
  • Reader’s Realm
  • Literary Luxury Club
  • Literary Journeys
  • Bookish Bliss
  • Prose Provocateurs
  • Tale Tales
  • Script Seekers
  • Stories to Savor
  • Printed Parlor
  • Ink Enthusiasts
  • Written Wordsmiths
  • Hermine’s Library
  • Storyland Superstars
  • Classic Connections
  • Book Fondue
  • Reading Renegades
  • Tomes of Treasures
  • Page Turners Club
  • Literary Legends
  • Tales and Treats
  • Novella Nation
  • Readers Rejoice
  • Printed Pleasures
  • Volume Villa
  • Literary Luxury Club
  • Legends Of Literature
  • Delightful Digressions
  • Bookworm’s Bazaar
  • Perfect Penmanship
  • Thrilling Reads
  • Pages of Possibilities
  • Readers Rendezvous
  • Storytime Summits
  • Book Lovers Lair
  • Phrasefinder’s Paradise
  • Epic Escapades
  • Textual Temptations
  • Written Wanderlusts
  • Literature Chateau
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Storytelling Sanctuary
  • Ink Inspirations
  • Literary Lions
  • Epic Escapades
  • Bibliophile’s Bounty
  • Reading Rendezvous
  • Bookish Blessings
  • Tales of Triumphs
  • Page Pals
  • Word Warriors
  • Written Wonders
  • Literary Luxe
  • Compelling Characters
  • Reader’s Refuge
  • Ink Immortalizers
  • Readability Regiment
  • Novelists Nirvana
  • Bibliophiles Banana Boat
  • The Reading Retreat
  • Scribble Squad
  • Written World Wonders
  • Fantastic Fiction Factory
  • Bookworm’s Bazaar
  • Prose Parties
  • Novelty Nation
  • Library Lovers League
  • Pages of Pleasure
  • The Rhyme Room
  • Clever Cardboard Club
  • Story Seekers Society
  • Prose and Cons
  • Literary Legends
  • Plot Twisters
  • Chapter Chasers
  • Page Pioneers
  • Novel Navigators
  • Book Busters
  • Epic Explorers
  • Fiction Fanatics
  • Tale Trailblazers
  • Story Seekers
  • Prose Pursuers
  • Narrative Nomads
  • Book Buccaneers
  • Novel Knights
  • Page Pirates
  • Story Spartans
  • Tale Titans
  • Bookish Brigade
  • Fiction Fellowship
  • Prose Patrol
  • Narrative Network
  • Chapter Champions
  • Epic Enthusiasts
  • Story Scholars
  • Bookish Brotherhood
  • Novel Nexus
  • Page Pioneers
  • Tale Tribe
  • Fiction Force
  • Prose Posse
  • Narrative Ninjas
  • Chapter Collective
  • Epic Empire
  • Story Squadron
  • Bookish Battalion
  • Novel Nomads
  • Page Pack
  • Tale Troop
  • Fiction Fleet
  • Prose Platoon
  • Narrative Navy
  • Chapter Clan
  • Epic Ensemble
  • Story Squad
  • Bookish Band
  • Novel Nucleus
  • Page Posse
  • Tale Team
  • Fiction Family
  • Prose Party
  • Narrative Network
  • Chapter Crew
  • Epic Entourage
  • Story Society
  • Bookish Bunch
  • Novel Neighbors
  • Page Party
  • Tale Troupe
  • Fiction Friends
  • Prose Pals
  • Narrative Nook
  • Chapter Circle
  • Epic Echoes
  • Story Symposium
  • Bookish Buddies
  • Novel Nexus
  • Page Peers

Funny Book Club Names

A fun or funny book club name can add a dash of humor to your reading group and an element of fun to your meetings. 

Wordplay, puns, and clever twists on common phrases can result in a name that’s not only unique, but also funny and memorable. 

Here are 182 funny and witty book club name ideas.

  • Page Turners
  • Word Warriors
  • Read-A-Holics
  • The Novelists
  • Fiction Fiesta
  • Storytelling Society
  • Book Babes
  • Chapter Chasers
  • Page Flippers
  • Readaholics Anonymous
  • Literary Lunatics
  • The Bookworms
  • Story Seekers
  • Pages & Pints
  • Plot Twisters
  • Book Buddies
  • Reading Rioters
  • Open Book Club
  • The Written Word
  • The Lit Lovers
  • Read or Die!
  • Characters & Cocktails
  • Library Ladies
  • Quick Readers Club
  • Bookish Banter
  • Bookmarkers Club
  • Page Raiders
  • Wordsmiths
  • Novel Ideas
  • Word Wranglers
  • Shelves & Spirits
  • Authors Anonymous
  • Creative Characters
  • Cover to Cover Club
  • Reading Righteousness
  • The Bookaholics
  • Story Sippers
  • Pages and Flights
  • Bibliophiles Unite
  • Textual Tasters
  • Books and Brews
  • Written Wonders
  • Turn the Page Club
  • All About Words
  • Character Chatters
  • Bookish Banter
  • Pleased to be Reading
  • Soft Cover Socialites
  • All About Authors
  • Read and Relaxation
  • Book Lovers Lounge
  • Tale Tellers Club
  • Pages & Pinot
  • Writers’ Romp
  • Read-a-Loud Bar
  • Coffee & Classics
  • Happy Hour Heroes
  • Book Club Bliss
  • Reads and Refreshments
  • Witty Wordsmiths
  • Writer’s Block Party
  • Sip & Scripts
  • Characters & Cocktails
  • Paged Perusals
  • All About Words
  • Open Bookers Club
  • Pages & Pinot Grigio
  • Novels & Nosh
  • The Lit Crowd
  • Literary Libations
  • Plotlines and Pitchers
  • Story Swap Society
  • Clique & Classics
  • Read-a-Thon Club
  • The Chapter Chasers
  • Bibliophiles Society
  • Pen and Paper Pals
  • Pages with a Punch
  • Tales on Tap
  • Wordy Wednesday’s
  • Bookworms Basement
  • Writers & Waves
  • Literary Libationers
  • Story Swap Shop
  • Books and Brewskis
  • Novel Nuts
  • Full House Reading Club
  • Written Word Wonders
  • Chapter Chuggers
  • Book Bunch Buddies
  • Prose Before Bros
  • Literally Lit
  • Puns and Roses
  • The Book Was Better
  • Read It and Weep
  • Between the Covers
  • Shelf Indulgence
  • The Plot Thickens
  • Wine About Books
  • Reading Between Wines
  • Tequila Mockingbird
  • For Whom the Book Tolls
  • The Great Gats-read
  • Fahrenheit 451 Degrees
  • A Novel Idea
  • The Book Stops Here
  • The Page Turners
  • The Book Addicts
  • The Bookaholics
  • The Bookworm Bunch
  • The Novel Nuts
  • The Fiction Fix
  • The Literary Loonies
  • The Chapter Chompers
  • The Story Stalkers
  • The Prose Posse
  • The Tale Twisters
  • The Epic Enthusiasts
  • The Book Bingers
  • The Novel Nibblers
  • The Fiction Feasters
  • The Literary Lunatics
  • The Chapter Chewers
  • The Story Snackers
  • The Prose Peckers
  • The Tale Tasters
  • The Epic Eaters
  • The Book Buffet
  • The Novel Noshers
  • The Fiction Foodies
  • The Literary Lickers
  • The Chapter Crunchers
  • The Story Sippers
  • The Prose Pickers
  • The Tale Tidbits
  • The Epic Epicureans
  • The Book Bites
  • The Novel Nibbles
  • The Fiction Flavors
  • The Literary Licks
  • The Chapter Chews
  • The Story Sweets
  • The Prose Pieces
  • The Tale Treats
  • The Epic Eclairs
  • The Book Biscuits
  • The Novel Nougats
  • The Fiction Fudge
  • The Literary Licorice
  • The Chapter Chocolates
  • The Story Sundaes
  • The Prose Puddings
  • The Tale Truffles
  • The Epic Eclairs
  • The Book Brownies
  • The Novel Nutella
  • The Fiction Fondue
  • The Literary Lollipops
  • The Chapter Cupcakes
  • The Story Sorbets
  • The Prose Pastries
  • The Tale Tarts
  • The Epic Eton Mess
  • The Book Baklavas
  • The Novel Napoleons
  • The Fiction Flans
  • The Literary Lamingtons
  • The Chapter Cheesecakes
  • The Story Strudels
  • The Prose Profiteroles
  • The Tale Tiramisus
  • The Epic Eclairs
  • The Book Buns
  • The Novel Neapolitans
  • The Fiction Fritters
  • The Literary Lemon Bars
  • The Chapter Cannolis
  • The Story S’mores
  • The Prose Pies
  • The Tale Toffee
  • The Epic Eclairs
  • The Book Biscotti

Reading group members deciding on the book club name

Erotic (Dirty) Book Club Name Ideas

If your book club focuses on erotic and adult literature, then the name you give it should have elements of words that evoke a sense of mystery, allure, and sensuality. 

You might want to hint at the provocative nature of the books you’ll be reading, the open-mindedness of your members, or the exciting discussions that your meetings will spark. 

We have compiled a list of 125 sensual and provocative name ideas for a dirty book club.

  • Sinful Pages
  • Raunchy Reads
  • Story Sirens
  • Naughty Nights
  • Lustful Literature
  • Filthy Folio
  • X-Rated Chapters
  • Smut Slices
  • Vile Verses
  • Indecent Ink
  • Soft Spot Sinners
  • Scandalous Scripts
  • Wicked Wordsmiths
  • Love Lessons
  • Red Room Readers
  • Gritty Gatherings
  • Devious Digests
  • Sizzling Sessions
  • Taboo Tales
  • Unholy Union
  • Scintillating Scrolls
  • Saucy Soirees
  • Infamous Illuminations
  • Sexy Scriptures
  • Vivid Vignettes
  • Dirty Dozen
  • Sultry Scribes
  • Lewd Library
  • Lustful Legends
  • Slice & Dice
  • Naughty Novels
  • Frisky Fables
  • Wicked Wordslings
  • Kinky Kikis
  • Saucy Scripts
  • Forbidden Folios
  • Bawdy Biographies
  • Burlesque Books
  • Irreverent Inklings
  • Sensual Sentences
  • Lusty Lingo
  • Filthy Fiction
  • Deliciously Dirty Dialogue
  • Racy Reads
  • Mischievous Manuscripts
  • Steamy Subscriptions
  • Tempting Tales
  • Nasty Novelties
  • Unconventional Chapters
  • Erotic Expressions
  • Bodice Books
  • Perilous Pages
  • Smoldering Scrolls
  • Lusty Literature
  • Rapturous Reads
  • Sinful Sagas
  • Kinky Kindle
  • Wanton Writers
  • Private Parties
  • Lustfully Literate
  • Forbidden Flirtations
  • Sexy Sermons
  • Chapter Chasers
  • Exciting Editions
  • Vivid Vernacular
  • Tawdry Texts
  • Erotic Expressions
  • Foul Funnies
  • Flirty Folios
  • Lusty Lexicons
  • Carnal Chapters
  • Sensual Story Seekers
  • Provocative Page Turners
  • Erotic Epic Explorers
  • Alluring Novel Navigators
  • Risqué Readers
  • Passionate Prose Pursuers
  • Lusty Literary Legends
  • Seductive Story Scholars
  • Naughty Narrative Nomads
  • Bawdy Book Busters
  • Racy Reading Revelers
  • Steamy Story Spartans
  • Intimate Idea Insiders
  • Titillating Tale Titans
  • Sensational Story Society
  • Daring Drama Devotees
  • Passionate Plot Pursuers
  • Lascivious Literature Lovers
  • Risqué Reading Rendezvous
  • Saucy Story Stalkers
  • Provocative Prose Posse
  • Erotic Epic Enthusiasts
  • Alluring Adventure Addicts
  • Naughty Novel Nucleus
  • Bawdy Book Brigade
  • Racy Reading Rascals
  • Steamy Story Squadron
  • Intimate Idea Insiders
  • Titillating Tale Tribe
  • Sensational Story Squad
  • Daring Drama Devotees
  • Passionate Plot Pioneers
  • Lascivious Literature Legion
  • Risqué Reading Rebels
  • Saucy Story Scholars
  • Provocative Prose Patrol
  • Erotic Epic Empire
  • Alluring Adventure Army
  • Naughty Novel Network
  • Bawdy Book Battalion
  • Racy Reading Rangers
  • Steamy Story Society
  • Intimate Idea Insiders
  • Titillating Tale Team
  • Sensational Story Squad
  • Daring Drama Detachment
  • Passionate Plot Platoon
  • Lascivious Literature League
  • Risqué Reading Regiment
  • Saucy Story Squadron
  • Provocative Prose Posse
  • Erotic Epic Ensemble
  • Alluring Adventure Alliance

Innovative Kindle Book Club Names

For a Kindle Book Club, try and incorporate words that reflect the digital, innovative, and accessible nature of reading on a Kindle. 

You might want to hint at the convenience of reading anywhere, the interactive features of the Kindle, or the wide range of books available. 

Here are 103 innovative and engaging Kindle Book Club name ideas.

  • Kindle Krew
  • Page Pilgrims
  • Bound Buddies
  • Read Raiders
  • Book Keepers
  • Cover Crusaders
  • Story Seekers
  • Text Troopers
  • Lit Lovers
  • Library Legends
  • Novel Nation
  • Tome Tribe
  • Chapter Champions
  • Word Warriors
  • The Inklings
  • Page Pirates
  • Paragraph Posse
  • Library Lions
  • Volume Voyagers
  • Composition Crew
  • Read Rebels
  • Script Seekers
  • Print Pioneers
  • Alphabet Army
  • Dialog Daredevils
  • Phrase Friends
  • Writing Wizards
  • Ink Idolizers
  • Verse Vanguards
  • The Bibliophiles
  • Text Troupe
  • Word Wizards
  • The Bookworms
  • Line Leaders
  • Read Ruffians
  • Rhyme Raiders
  • Sentence Soldiers
  • Character Crushers
  • Poetry Posse
  • Plot Pioneers
  • Story Seekers
  • Vocabulary Voyagers
  • Genre Geeks
  • The Pen Pals
  • Prose Pirates
  • Grammar Goons
  • Author Appreciation Club
  • Novel Ninjas
  • Typewriter Troopers
  • Narrative Nomads
  • Read Rangers
  • Page Protectors
  • The Bibliophiliacs
  • Quotation Queens
  • Grammar Gangsters
  • Book Buddies
  • Copy Cats
  • Fiction Flyers
  • Diction Detectives
  • Subscription Scribblers
  • Kindle Kindred Spirits
  • Digital Page Pioneers
  • E-Ink Enthusiasts
  • Byte-Sized Bookworms
  • Pixelated Prose Posse
  • E-Book Explorers
  • Virtual Verse Voyagers
  • Downloadable Drama Devotees
  • Screen Story Seekers
  • Lit-Up Literature Lovers
  • Glowing Page Gatherers
  • Backlit Book Bunch
  • Touchscreen Tale Tribe
  • Wi-Fi Word Wizards
  • E-Page Epicureans
  • Screen-Lit Scholars
  • Digital Chapter Chasers
  • E-Read Reading Rebels
  • Kindle Komrades
  • Byte Book Brigade
  • Pixelated Prose Patrol
  • E-Ink Epic Explorers
  • Virtual Verse Voyagers
  • Downloadable Drama Detachment
  • Screen Story Society
  • Lit-Up Literature Legion
  • Glowing Page Guild
  • Touchscreen Tale Titans
  • Wi-Fi Word Warriors
  • E-Page Epic Enthusiasts
  • Screen-Lit Scholars
  • Digital Chapter Champions
  • E-Read Reading Rangers
  • Kindle Komrades
  • Byte Book Battalion
  • Pixelated Prose Posse
  • E-Ink Epic Empire
  • Virtual Verse Vanguard
  • Downloadable Drama Division
  • Screen Story Squadron
  • Lit-Up Literature League
  • Glowing Page Group
  • Touchscreen Tale Team

Corporate and Work Book Club Name Ideas

Finding the perfect name for your corporate or work book club can be tricky. It needs to reflect the character of the group and set expectations for what it’s meant to achieve. 

When searching for inspiration, try and use words that reflect the professional setting, the goal of personal development, and the spirit of teamwork. You might want to hint at the industry you’re in, or the skills you’re looking to develop.

Here are some name ideas for your work book club.

  • ReadGrowth
  • NovelsInsight
  • TheKnowledgeables
  • EngageLearners
  • BookBuddies
  • WiseReaders
  • FictionThinkers
  • WordWizards
  • StorySharers
  • Chapterers
  • LiteratiLovers
  • ThePageTurners
  • ReadAlongs
  • BookExplorers
  • ExpertReaders
  • TheBookGurus
  • FictionalFriends
  • PageNavigators
  • NovelistsNest
  • WordsmithsClub
  • BookChasers
  • NovelGleaners
  • VerseEnthusiasts
  • ReadRescuers
  • TextTribalists
  • StorySavants
  • TheBookJumpers
  • WrittenWordsters
  • ChaptersClub
  • TheReadersCoven
  • CreativeScribes
  • ReadingRevolutionaries
  • VerseVoyagers
  • WritersWeavers
  • LiteratureLovers
  • BookBards
  • WrittenWellWishers
  • EpicEnthusiasts
  • TheBookStans
  • FictionFamilies
  • WrittenWanderers
  • TaleTellers
  • ReadRiveters
  • NarrativeNomads
  • BookBeatniks
  • TheScribes
  • LiteracyLegionnaires
  • PoemPilgrims
  • InkedInnovators
  • GrammarGurus
  • BookwormsGroup
  • ReadRacers
  • StoriesSociety
  • BookConnoisseurs
  • LiteratureLuminaries
  • TheBookMagnets
  • FictionFrenzy
  • ChaptersCrafters
  • StoryScavengers
  • ReadRangers
  • AuthorAppreciators
  • WrittenWanderers
  • FictionFolks
  • TheBookHounds
  • LiteraryLeaders
  • NovelNomads
  • ProsePioneers
  • WordWarriors
  • Corporate Chapter Chasers
  • Teamwork Tales
  • Leadership Literature
  • Office Odyssey
  • Business Book Bunch
  • Work Wisdom Words
  • Enterprise Epics
  • Boardroom Bookworms
  • Cubicle Chronicles
  • Desk-side Dramas
  • Executive Epistles
  • Management Manuscripts
  • Profitable Prose
  • Synergy Stories
  • Venture Verses
  • Collaboration Chronicles
  • Innovation Incantations
  • Strategy Sagas
  • Productivity Pages
  • Growth Gospels
  • Success Scripts
  • Ambition Anthologies
  • Motivation Manuscripts
  • Visionary Volumes
  • Aspiration Anthologies
  • Performance Pages
  • Efficiency Epics
  • Progress Prose
  • Achievement Anthologies
  • Excellence Epistles
  • Quality Quill
  • Benchmark Books
  • Goal-Getter Gospels
  • Pinnacle Pages
  • Triumph Tales
  • Milestone Manuscripts
  • Peak Performance Prose
  • Victory Verses
  • Winning Words
  • Breakthrough Books
  • Advancement Anthologies
  • Pacesetter Pages
  • Frontier Fiction
  • Pioneer Prose
  • Trailblazer Tales
  • Vanguard Volumes
  • Pathfinder Pages
  • Innovator Incantations
  • Groundbreaker Gospels
  • Trendsetter Texts
  • Gamechanger Gospels
  • Change Catalyst Chronicles
  • Disruptor Dramas
  • Revolution Reader
  • Paradigm Prose
  • Transformation Tales
  • Evolution Epics
  • Shift Stories
  • Progress Pages
  • Leap Literature
  • Breakthrough Books
  • Momentum Manuscripts
  • Acceleration Anthologies
  • Drive Dramas
  • Push Prose
  • Sprint Scripts
  • Hustle Histories
  • Grind Gospels
  • Strive Stories
  • Ambition Anthologies
  • Tenacity Texts
  • Persistence Prose
  • Resilience Reads
  • Grit Gospels
  • Perseverance Pages
  • Determination Dramas
  • Fortitude Fiction
  • Stamina Scripts
  • Endurance Epics
  • Resilience Reads
  • Tenacity Tales

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Subscription-Based Book Club Names

For the process of naming a subscription-based book club, you might want to hint at the convenience and joy of receiving a new book each month, coupled with the specific genre or theme of the books. 

Here are some unique name ideas for your subscription-based book club.

  • Dive Into Books
  • Explore New Genres
  • Journey Through Stories
  • Adventure Awaits
  • Read by the Sea
  • Colorful Words
  • Clear Skies Ahead
  • Beyond The Page
  • Endless Literature
  • Book Lovers’ Club
  • Uncover Hidden Mysteries
  • Mystery Masters
  • Weekend Whodunnits
  • Suspenseful Stories
  • Fantastic Fables
  • Heroes & Heroines
  • Enchanted Tales
  • Magical Reads
  • Dreamers & Dragons
  • Fairytale Adventures
  • Romance Rendezvous
  • Love at Last
  • Passionate Pages
  • True Love
  • Adventure Romance
  • Heartfelt Reads
  • Poets & Pages
  • Creative Writing
  • Novel Beginnings
  • Ageless Stories
  • Young Adults’ Club
  • Kids’ Corner
  • Envisioning Books
  • Fly High Reads
  • Open Minds & Horizons
  • Out of the Box Ideas
  • Life Lessons & Books
  • Inspiring Pages
  • Better Yourself Club
  • Discovering Knowledge
  • Business & Beyond
  • Money Matters Reads
  • Investing Insights
  • Taking Control
  • Financial Freedom
  • Money-Saving Strategies
  • Home & Health Books
  • Healthy Living Reads
  • Foodie Adventurers
  • Natural Beauty Books
  • Spiritual Journeys
  • Cultivating Calmness
  • Artistic Imaginings
  • Paint & Paperbacks
  • Crafty Creations
  • Photography Pages
  • Sewn Stories
  • Artsy Fartsy Reads
  • Handmade & Homemade
  • Music & Literature
  • Rock ‘n Roll Reads
  • Jazzed Up Books
  • Country Classics
  • Music Legends Club
  • Theatre Reads
  • Stage & Screen
  • Film Fanatics
  • Movie Magicians
  • Retro Reads
  • Classic Collections
  • History Buffs Book Club
  • Mystery Monthlies
  • Romance Readers Club
  • Sci-Fi Subscriptions
  • Young Adult Yarns
  • Self-Help Selections
  • Business Book Box
  • Curated Classics Club
  • Monthly Mystery Box
  • Romantic Reads Subscription
  • Sci-Fi Stories Club
  • Youthful Yarns Box
  • Self-Improvement Selections
  • Business Bibliophiles Club
  • Classic Curations Monthly
  • Mystery Mavens Club
  • Romance Revelers Subscription
  • Sci-Fi Savants Club
  • Young Adult Adventures
  • Self-Help Scholars Club
  • Business Bookworms Box
  • Classic Connoisseurs Club
  • Monthly Mystery Mavens
  • Romance Readers Box
  • Sci-Fi Surprises Club
  • Youthful Yarns Monthly
  • Self-Improvement Subscriptions
  • Business Book Bounty
  • Classic Curations Club
  • Mystery Month Box
  • Romantic Revelations Club
  • Sci-Fi Subscription Box
  • Young Adult Yarn Box
  • Self-Help Savants Club
  • Business Bibliophile Box
  • Classic Connoisseur Subscriptions
  • Monthly Mystery Masters
  • Romance Revelers Box
  • Sci-Fi Savvy Subscriptions
  • Youthful Yarn Subscriptions
  • Self-Improvement Scholars Box
  • Business Book Bounty Club
  • Classic Curations Box
  • Mystery Maven Subscriptions
  • Romantic Reads Club
  • Sci-Fi Surprises Box
  • Young Adult Adventure Club
  • Self-Help Savvy Subscriptions
  • Business Bookworms Club
  • Classic Connoisseurs Box
  • Monthly Mystery Box
  • Romance Revelations Club
  • Sci-Fi Savants Box
  • Youthful Yarn Club
  • Self-Improvement Selections Club
  • Business Bibliophile Bounty
  • Classic Curations Subscriptions
  • Mystery Masters Club
  • Romantic Readers Box
  • Sci-Fi Surprises Subscriptions
  • Young Adult Adventure Box
  • Self-Help Savvy Box
  • Business Book Bounty Subscriptions
  • Classic Connoisseur Club
  • Monthly Mystery Maven
  • Romance Revelations Box
  • Sci-Fi Savvy Club
  • Youthful Yarn Subscriptions
  • Self-Improvement Scholars Subscriptions
  • Business Bibliophile Box
  • Classic Curations Club
  • Mystery Masters Box
  • Romantic Readers Club
  • Sci-Fi Surprises Club
  • Young Adult Adventure Subscriptions
  • Self-Help Savants Box
  • Business Bookworms Bounty
  • Classic Connoisseur Subscriptions
  • Monthly Mystery Club
  • Romance Revelers Subscriptions
  • Sci-Fi Savvy Box
  • Youthful Yarn Club
  • Self-Improvement Selections Box
  • Business Bibliophile Bounty Club
  • Classic Curations Box
  • Mystery Maven Club
  • Romantic Reads Subscriptions
  • Sci-Fi Surprises Subscriptions

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Educational Book Clubs

If you’re setting up an Education book club then the name you choose should reflect the pursuit of knowledge and the joy of learning. 

Maybe mention the academic disciplines you’re focusing on, or the skills group members can develop through your book club.

We’ve compiled a list of 100 names to inspire your educational book club title. 

  • LearnAmaze
  • DiscovEdify
  • ExplorEdu
  • EducateQuest
  • MasteryMinds
  • HistoReaders
  • LitLovers
  • ChemPals
  • MathMates
  • ReadInnovators
  • BrainBuddies
  • TheInquirers
  • EducateBlast
  • LearnFury
  • DiscovEngage
  • ExplorEdge
  • MasterThinkers
  • HistoSeekers
  • LitExplorers
  • ChemMentors
  • MathGeniuses
  • ReadRelators
  • BrainGurus
  • TheEduChasers
  • LearnConnects
  • DiscovUnite
  • ExplorHeroes
  • EducateExcite
  • MasterySparkle
  • HistoTruths
  • LitVibes
  • ChemGalore
  • MathWhizKids
  • ReadLuminaries
  • BrainGrowers
  • TheEdutainers
  • LearnJourneys
  • ExplorLeaders
  • EducateVoyagers
  • Knowledge Navigators
  • Learning Luminaries
  • Wisdom Whisperers
  • Intellect Innovators
  • Brainwave Brigade
  • Insight Incubators
  • Thought Thinkers
  • Mindful Mentors
  • Cognition Collective
  • Enlightenment Enthusiasts
  • Discovery Devotees
  • Scholarly Seekers
  • Education Enthusiasts

kids at a book club enjoying reading books

Kids Book Club Names

You will need to really make an effort to attract kids to your book club, and the name of your club is the first step. So, consider words that reflect the joy of reading, the spirit of adventure, and the magic of imagination. 

Maybe you can use words that convey the fantastic world of stories, or the excitement of discovery, in your book club name for Kids. 

Wordplay and creative combinations will be extremely important here. We have come up with the following list of potential names for Kids book clubs. 

  • StoryTime Club
  • Read It Again!
  • Kids Book Circle
  • Story Station
  • The ChapterMakers
  • Discovery Book Club
  • PageTurners
  • Little Readers League
  • Imagination Ark
  • ScribbleNation
  • Word Explorer
  • Read-A-Thon
  • Fiction Frenzy
  • Storytelling Club
  • Page Crusaders
  • The Booklovers’ Club
  • Kids Literary Alliance
  • Brainiacs Book Club
  • Story Spinners
  • Reading Rangers
  • Enchanted Library
  • Word Warriors
  • Bookworms Unite
  • Little Critic’s Club
  • Spellbinding Books
  • Chapters & Cheers
  • Page Partners
  • Creative Storytellers
  • Writing Wizards
  • Reading Revolution
  • Book Buddies
  • The Book Brigade
  • Kids Novel Network
  • Creative Imaginations
  • Young Wordsmiths
  • Story Seekers
  • The Adventurers Club
  • Tales & Treats
  • Word Explorers Club
  • Junior Libraries
  • Bookish Friends
  • Imagination Brigade
  • Writing Explorers
  • Storytelling Society
  • Kids Lit Club
  • Read & Recite
  • The Page Breakers
  • Fun with Fiction
  • Word Crafters Club
  • Reading Rockstars
  • Little Literati
  • Booklovers Haven
  • The Book Ninjas
  • Brainiacs Book Club
  • Read-A-Lot
  • Kids Reading Garden
  • The Story Seekers
  • Bibliophiles’ Club
  • Clever Readers Club
  • Page-Turning Club
  • Word Warriors
  • Read & Relax Club
  • Bookworms Anonymous
  • Storytelling Station
  • Junior Authors Club
  • Lively Lit Lovers
  • Reading Rascals
  • Creative Readers Group
  • Imagination Junction
  • Wordsmith’s Circle
  • The Reading Room
  • Tales & Talkers
  • Word Wizards Club
  • Writing & Rewriting
  • Literati Kids
  • Book Explorers
  • Lit Lovers Club
  • Fairy Tale Friends
  • Story Explorers
  • Adventure Readers
  • Book Buccaneers
  • Tale Trekkers
  • Page Pioneers
  • Reading Rangers
  • Story Seekers
  • Bookworm Buddies
  • Page Pirates
  • Reading Rascals
  • Story Surfers
  • Book Busters
  • Tale Trackers
  • Reading Rebels
  • Story Sprinters
  • Book Braves
  • Page Pals
  • Reading Racers
  • Story Spinners
  • Book Bouncers
  • Page Prancers
  • Reading Rovers
  • Story Stompers
  • Book Bikers
  • Page Paraders
  • Reading Ramblers
  • Story Strollers
  • Book Balloons
  • Page Planets
  • Reading Rockets
  • Story Stars
  • Book Bubbles
  • Page Penguins
  • Reading Rainbows
  • Story Snowflakes
  • Book Butterflies
  • Page Peacocks
  • Reading Rabbits
  • Story Squirrels
  • Book Bears
  • Page Puppies
  • Reading Raccoons
  • Story Seahorses
  • Book Birds
  • Page Pandas
  • Reading Rhinos
  • Story Sharks
  • Book Beavers
  • Page Parrots
  • Reading Robins
  • Story Snakes
  • Book Bats
  • Page Panthers
  • Reading Ravens
  • Story Swans
  • Book Beetles
  • Page Pumas
  • Reading Reindeers
  • Story Salamanders
  • Book Badgers
  • Page Porcupines
  • Reading Rats
  • Story Stoats
  • Book Bobcats

How to Choose a Clever Book Club Name

The name you choose for your book club will set the tone for your club and can play a big role in attracting like-minded members. 

In this part of this post, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step process to help you choose a unique and clever name for your new book club.

Understanding Your Book Club

Choosing a name for your book club is a process and should not be taken too lightly. The name of your book club should ideally reflect the club’s identity, so first off you should have this identity clear in your mind. 

A book club name that clearly reflects the identity of the people in the group will help attract the right members and will set the tone for your meetings

Define your book club’s identity

To define your book club’s identity you need to ask yourself the right questions. The aim is to identify what your book club is all about. So ask yourself:

  1. What is your mission? Why are you setting up this book club?
  2. What types of books will you be reading? 
  3. What is the atmosphere you want to create within the reading group? 

Having answers to these questions will help you define your book club’s identity, and this will guide you in the naming process.

Consider the genre or types of books you’ll be reading

The genre or types of books your reading group will focus on can be a great source of inspiration for your name. 

For example, if you’re focusing on mystery novels, something like ‘The Mystery Book Club’ or ‘The Whodunit Reading Group’ could be fitting.

Think about the members of your book club

Consider the demographics of your book club members. Are they young adults, seniors, professionals, students, or a mix? 

By understanding your audience you can come up with a name that resonates with them and helps attract new members.

Brainstorming Book Club Name Ideas

So once you have identified the real identity and scope of your book club it’s time to start brainstorming name ideas. 

At this point you should just be jotting down any Book club name ideas that come to mind. So don’t overthink it. We will clean up the list later on.

Here are some tips to help you with this process

Gather ideas from members

If you already have some members, involve them in the brainstorming process. They might come up with ideas you hadn’t thought of. Plus, they’ll feel more invested in the book club if they help name it.

Use book titles or author names

Think about titles from your favorite books or the names of authors you prefer. These can be included as part of your book club name. 

Just be sure to check for any copyright or trademark issues first.

Use literary terms or locations

Literary terms or famous locations from books can also provide inspiration. 

Names like ‘The Metaphor Society’ or ‘Pemberley Book Club’ can be unique and immediately signal your love of literature.

Use a Book Club Name generator

Book club name generators can be a fun and easy way to get the creative juices flowing. 

These online tools generate a variety of names based on keywords or categories you input. Don’t expect them to give you the perfect name, but, if anything, they will help you come up with new ideas and help you think outside the box. 

Remember, the goal of brainstorming is to generate as many ideas as possible. Don’t judge or dismiss any ideas at this stage. From my experience, even the most outlandish suggestions could eventually lead to a great name.

Tips for Choosing Your Book Club Name

Now that you have a list of potential names that you brainstormed in the previous step, you can proceed to the next step of the process. This is where you refine your list of brainstormed names to create a shortlist of 4 or 5 names. 

This is where you’ll start to consider other factors, such as your book club’s identity, target group members and so on.

Here are some tips and considerations to keep in mind as you whittle down your list.

Reflect Your on Group’s Personality

I know I already mentioned this at the start of this section, but that’s how important this step is!

Your book club’s name should be a reflection of your group’s personality. If your meetings are formal and structured, a serious, traditional name might be best. 

If your meetings are more casual and social, a fun, quirky name could be a better fit. 

So take a good look at your list and ask yourself which names best capture the spirit of your club.

Simplicity is Key

It might be tempting to choose a really clever and complex name, but as a naming consultant with a few years of experience under my belt, I can assure you that  it’s better to keep things simple. 

You want a name that’s easy to remember and pronounce, and one that can be easily searched for online. 

I therefore suggest you cross off any names on your list that are too complicated or difficult to spell.

Creativity is important for a Book Club Name

Creativity is the spice that will give your book club name its flavor. It’s will help make your club stand out and get potential members interested to know more about it. 

There are various creative strategies you can use when refining your list of potential book club names. Here are a few of my go-to creativity hacks:

  • Wordplay and puns can add a fun and playful element to your book club name. They can be especially effective if your book club has a light-hearted, social atmosphere. For example, a club that reads mystery novels might choose a name like ‘The Plot Thickens’ or ‘Cliffhanger Crew’. If your reading group focuses on romance novels you might go for something like ‘Love at First Page’. Don’t be afraid to get a little silly here. 
  • Combining words is another good method to get more creative. This could involve merging parts of different words, or simply putting two whole words together. For example, a book club that reads science fiction could combine ‘galaxy’ and ‘readers’ to create ‘GalaxyReaders’. Or, a club that reads historical fiction might combine ‘past’ and ‘pages’ to create ‘PastPages’. The possibilities are endless really.
  • Feel free to create new words. You don’t have to be limited by existing words. You could alter an existing word, or invent something completely new. Creating a new word can give your book club a unique, memorable name that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Creativity is all about breaking the rules and thinking outside the box, so don’t be afraid to take risks and try something new. 

Longevity of Your Book Club Name

With longevity, I mean, think about whether the name will still be relevant and appropriate a few years down the line. 

To ensure this, you want to avoid trendy phrases or words that might get out-dated quickly. In other words, you want a name that will stand the test of time, so consider whether each name on your list meets this criterion.

After going through the list and taking account of the tips mentioned above you should now have a short-list consisting of a handful of possible book club names. In the next section we conclude the process by going through some final exercises to select the final name.

Finalizing the Book Club Name

Before you start printing any leaflets, or creating banners about your book club, make sure that the chosen name is definitely the one.

Here are three final steps to ensure this.

Test the Name Out

Say it out loud, write it down, and ask others for their opinion. 

Does it sound good? Is it easy to spell and pronounce? This can be a fun activity to do with your book club members. 

You might be surprised at the feedback you receive, and it could help you narrow down your list even further.

Vote on the best name

Once you’ve got a shortlist, have your members vote on their favorite name. This ensures everyone feels involved in the decision-making process.

Register or reserve the name if necessary

If you plan on creating a website or social media pages for your book club, you’ll want to check if the name is available. You may also want to consider registering the name to protect it.

It’s crucial to check their availability across various online platforms for various reasons.

Avoiding Confusion: You don’t want your book club to be mistaken for another club or, worse, a completely unrelated business. 

Trademark Infringement: You need to ensure that your chosen name isn’t infringing on any existing trademarks. Infringement can lead to legal issues and could force you to change your name down the line.

Consistency Across Platforms: Having the same name across all online platforms helps in building a strong, recognizable brand. It makes it easier for potential members to find and engage with your club online.

Here’s a quick process you can follow to conduct a research on your chosen name.

  1. Start with a simple Google search of your potential book club names. This can help you see if there are any other clubs or businesses using the same or a similar name.
  2. Check popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Even if you don’t plan on using all of these platforms right away, it’s a good idea to reserve your name on them for future use.
  3. If you plan on creating a website for your book club, you’ll need to check if your desired domain name is available. Websites like GoDaddy, Namecheap, or Bluehost allow you to search for domain names. Ideally, you should aim for a ‘.com’ domain as it’s the most recognized and trusted domain extension. If your book club is specific to a certain country, then a country-specific Top-Level Domain like ‘’ for the United Kingdom or ‘.ca’ for Canada could also be suitable.
  4. Check trademark databases to ensure your chosen name isn’t trademarked. In the United States, you can use the USPTO’s trademark database. 

You might think that this last step is an overstretch, but if you want to ensure that you won’t be going through this whole process once again in a few months’ time then it’s worth taking the time to research and ensure that your chosen name is unique, available, and legally sound. 

Real-Life Examples of Great Book Club Names

Let’s take a look at some real-life examples of book club names. Each of these names is effective in its own way, and we’ll discuss why they work so well.

If you want to see other examples of popular book clubs check this site out.

Guilty Pleasures Book Club

This name works well because it immediately conveys a sense of fun and relaxation. It suggests that this book club is a place where members can enjoy books that they might consider their ‘guilty pleasures’. 

This name works for various genres, be it romance novels, thrillers, or other light-hearted reads. Apart from this, the name is also catchy, and easy to remember.

The History Buffs

This is a great example of a name that clearly communicates the club’s focus. It’s immediately clear that this book club is for lovers of history. The name is simple, straightforward, and it effectively targets a specific audience.

Between the Wines

This clever play on words suggests that this book club is as much about socializing as it is about reading. The name implies that the club meetings might involve a glass of wine or two, making it clear that this is a relaxed, friendly group that enjoys good books and good company. 

It’s a fun, catchy name that’s likely to appeal to people looking for a social book club experience.

The Sci-Fi Scribes

This name works well for a book club focused on science fiction. The alliteration of ‘Sci-Fi Scribes’ makes the name catchy and memorable. 

The use of the word ‘Scribes’ suggests a deep appreciation for the craft of writing, which might appeal to more serious readers or aspiring writers.

The Page Turners

This is a great general name for a book club. It suggests a sense of excitement and anticipation. That feeling of not being able to wait to turn the page and find out what happens next. 

This name would work well for a club that reads a variety of genres, as it doesn’t specify a particular type of book.

There you have it. Some real-life book club name examples that are effective, creative and unique. We hope these examples can inspire you to choose a similarly adapted name for your own reading group. 

Now it’s up to you. But before we leave you to it, here is a good guide for starting your book club. I’ve also a great video from Tanya Dalton with tips on how to run a successful book club.


Choosing the perfect name for your book club should be seen as an exciting process that allows you to shape the identity of your group and lay the foundation for your book club. 

Consider it as an opportunity to engage your creative side, and reflect on what your club stands for, the unique members it will represent, and the books you will be reading together.

The process might take some time, and don’t try and rush through it too quickly. Take your time, involve your members, and enjoy the process. 

The right name, one that encapsulates the spirit of your club, will emerge naturally as you navigate this process.

In the end, the name you choose will become a symbol of your shared passion for literature, a representation of your group and hopefully, a source of fond memories for years to come.

For more name idea inspirations check out our other categories here.


I am a branding and naming consultant with 16 years of experience. I believe in building a strong brand name that identifies your visions and that of your business. A brand identity motivates you and your team to achieve success.